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Today’s drawing of the day is late some characters from the webcomic I used to do years ago (which is why the art style is different - I created this slightly simpler style for the comic). From left to right they’re Andy, Jamie, Emma and Sherilyn. The webcomic was called The Adventures of Sherilyn and Emma, and if you really want to, you can find it here. They look different in the main comic, because this is them a couple of years older than they are then (15ish rather than 12/13) I basically drew this because the idea of Andy having a ridiculous pseudo-moustache was amusing to me.

Molly, by the way, is Sherilyn’s ‘arch nemesis’, which here means they’re* this other kid who sends her coded messages and sets up elaborate pranks and puzzles for her to solve. It’s pretty symbiotic really because it means Sherilyn gets to play Kid Detective and Molly gets to have fun causing trouble. Thing is Sherilyn doesn’t know who Molly is. I was going to have Molly get Sherilyn expelled as a big plot point, but I gave up on the comic before I got anywhere near there.

*Molly might not necessarily be a girl. It’s most likely not their real name.

Previous Days

su: *only gives jamie attention once a year. doesn’t even bother to put him in the background, he just never shows up 90% of the time except for like the select few episodes that he’s been in.*

su comics: *puts jamie in almost every single one of their issues from what i’ve seen, plans to make their next comic jamie centric, gives jamie the love and attention that he deserves.*




Written by Kieron Gillen Art by Jamie McKelvie Colors by Matthew Wilson Letters by Clayton Cowles I’ve already talked a little bit about The Wicked + The Divine, but I feel like this is the right book with which to end this years reading recommendations. I think that I remained skeptical up until that last issue of the first arc as to whether this book was for me. First of all, I pretty much hate pop music, especially contemporary pop music. And I guess I was worried that this story just wasn’t going to resonate with me. However, the further into the first arc I got the more I realized how wrong I was.  Honestly, what kept me reading was McKelvie’s art. I love everything about it. I love how distinct it is. I love how creatively some of the pages are composed and that he knows how to fully utilize sequential art. And I love that it feels so contemporary. But beyond that, I just really enjoy these characters. I find the whole pantheon deal with each character representing a different god to be really interesting and I especially appreciate how diverse they all are.  So, in case anyone is unaware of what this story is about…essentially every 90 years 12 gods are reincarnated in the form of existing teenage bodies. The catch is that once they are reincarnated they only have two years to live. In their latest incarnation, they are all pop stars. So far, I think it’s been an interesting commentary on celebrity culture and the fleeting nature of pop stardom. But mostly I’m just enjoying the hell out of these characters as, for now anyway, we are introduced to each additional god.  You can find The Faust Act on Amazon.com, Comixology.com, or at your local comic shop or book store.