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Aesthetics for the Life Is Strange Characters~

Maxine Caulfield - Alexandra Daddario
Chloe Price - Kristen Stewart
Rachel Amber - Jana Molder
Warren Graham - Steven McQueen
Nathan Prescott - Jamie Bell
Kate Marsh - Taylor Swift
Victoria Chase - Jennifer Lawrance

anonymous asked:

who has the potential to be a good couple? what are some OTPs or NOTPs that you have?

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of any of these so called couples we have. Danielle and Jamie? I’m sure they were cute once, but eh. Sophia and Micah? One word: pathetic. Vince and Ajax? Who the fuck are they?

I think if I had to pick a couple that could be interesting, it would be Finn and Milo. I feel like Milo would be the perfect person to ruffle those cute little feathers of Finn’s and then he’d handcuff him to a bed and well… you can imagine the rest. 

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Dream Cast for Life Is Strange

Max Caulfield- Grace Phipps
Kate Marsh- Taylor Swift
Chloe Price- Kristen Stewart
Warren Graham- Graham Phillips
Rachel Amber- Jana Molder
Nathan Prescott- Jamie Bell
Mark Jefferson- Ryan Reynolds
Victoria Chase- Jennifer Lawrence