jamie nash


Getting left at the altar works in Julia Roberts movies or in Grey’s Anatomy. But in real life, that ruins you. I don’t wanna hurt Chanel. I’m not weird. I just want her to be happy. I want her to have a great wedding day.

Whatever happens down the road, I want this day to be for her.

master list

hey, friend. you’re probably wondering “wtf danielle, how did clicking ‘keep reading’ lead me here?!?!?!?!”. well, i’ll tell you.

the original post that was here (my master list) decided it was going to take out the links and not let me put them back!!!!!! so i had to make an entire new master list for my mobile friends which you can now find here!

i’m sorry if your expectations of finding any actual master list here were completely and utterly destroyed, but you know. blame tumblr.