jamie maccrimmon

Great news! Not only did they release The Reign Of Terror earlier this year with the missing episodes animated, not only will they be animating the final episode of The Tenth Planet, but the BBC announced today that they’ll be animating the missing episodes 2 & 3 of The Ice Warriors! I don’t understand why there was a 7 year gap between the release of The Invasion with animated episodes in 2006 (which was fantastic) and The Reign Of Terror earlier this year, but whatever has changed at the BBC, let’s keep it up, huh? Next how about the missing episodes of The Moonbase? Or The Crusades?

I just can't get over the fact that Outlander was inspired by that Doctor Who episode where the Doctor goes back to 1745 Scotland and meets Jamie MacCrimmon.

Just goes to show how awesome and transcendent Doctor Who can be.
(Plus the actor who played Jamie Mac, his first name is Frazer. Wow.)

Classic Who: "The Seeds of Death"

Thing I especially like about Zoe and Jamie:

How clear-eyed they are about the Doctor.

There’s admiration, there’s love, but there’s also a refreshing lack of hero worship.

Zoe is (canonically) smarter then The Doctor in some areas, and he trusts her as such. She will never hesitate to question a plan if it needs doing.

And Jamie, oh Jamie. He’d walk into fire for this man, but he will never trust that the Doctor actually knows where they’re headed at any given moment. Jamie knows that most of the time the Doctor is really doing this by the seat of his pants, that he is a madman with a blue box.

Too few serials with this trio. The next one up is “The War Games”, and I am preparing my emotions for a bruising.