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Day 21: Horror movie character that describes you

I’m not even going to lie and pretend that I didn’t cry when Randy Meeks died in Scream 2.  I think anyone who loves horror films realized that there was a character finally like all of us when Scream premiered.  I remember sitting in my room and being able to relate so much with Randy.  Lord knows I love the Scream franchise, I listed it as my favorite in an earlier post.  Part of that reason was Randy.  The things he said were things we had all thoughts.  In fact, I was the one they volunteered into doing the Halloween wall at Blockbuster when I worked there.  I was the person who they would point at when a customer came in wanting a good horror movie.  In fact, I had a customer that literally wouldn’t talk to anyone else in the store about horror movies.  She was one of my favorites and always loved my recommendations.  I feel that we were on the same wave length somehow even. Granted, I don’t really think that would be the case, but I do know more than I should.  I’m no Stu, Billy, Mrs. Loomis, or any of the other killers though.  No, I’m Randy and I’m a bit of a dork and I too hope one day that this geek gets the guy.  Hell, I even once had a conversation with my cousin about how I would be the prime suspect if anything ever happened around me just based on my horror film knowledge.  Then again, I kinda hope one day I find a Randy Meeks of my own.  Then maybe I will quit having to drag my poor father to horror films.  Until then though that will be the case.