jamie is an octopus and i love it

an incomplete list of things I love about hockey tumblr

- the merciless yet weirdly affectionate dragging of tuukka rask

- every single photo of tyler seguin

- comparisons between jamie benn and long-lashed farm animals

- accurately subtitled gifsets that look like they’re from pre-porn actor interviews when taken out of context because hockey really is Like That

- hockey players ft. children and/or dogs

- every single story about jaromir jagr, actual living memelord



- Official Avs Tumblr Thirst ™ for gabriel landeskog

- lovingly rendered hd slow-mo gifsets of fights

- important Ass Science

- instagram reposts where someone who knows all the players’ semi-secret personal accounts has gone through the comments to add on annotated banter screenshots 

- every single callback to That Time Wilso And Latts Were Proud About Their Bargain Tomato Sauce Purchase

- the wonderful sense of community that comes from inhabiting the same trashpile