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Disrespect - Part 3 (Tyler Seguin)

Part 1  Part 2

Word Count: 966

Team: Dallas Stars

Warning/s: mention/consuming of a little bit of alcohol, mild swearing

Summary: After the horrific dinner, you avoid everyone involved but your plans get messed up when the Stars win against the Red Wings

A/n: Omg thank you for so much support! I got so many people asking me about this! It’s incredible. This is the last Part, I hope you like it. Requested by: @sergeifedorov @emmacromito @scottish-kid @juicyqueenlme

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“Oh I am so fucked.”, you groaned when you saw who had just entered the bar.

 You turned back to your friends and the bar, ordering another drink. You needed it. You really did.

You hadn’t talked to Jamie and Katie ever since that Dinner. You were so mad, you just wanted some space. Katie had called and you were pretty sure Jamie had hired Jordie to make them look less like bad friends, but you had ignored those attempts, making it clear that you didn’t want to talk about it.

But now, all of those things didn’t matter. Because half of the Dallas Stars had just entered the boy, cheering and ordering a lot of Alcohol.

“Yes you are.”, one of your friends giggled when a muscular arm was wrapped around your waist. 

“Y/n! Nice to see you here on such a fantastic evening!”, Jordie grinned, already slightly drunk.

“And why is it so fantastic?”, you laughed, gaining the attention of some of the players. Of course, they knew you, they were just confused as for why you were there. 

“Because we just kicked some Red Wings ass and this wonderful guy”, he said pointing to himself, “scored the game-winning goal.”

“Oh, well if that’s the case! Barkeeper, I’d like to order two shots. For me and the bearded wonder over here.”

You watched as the Barkeeper took your order and filled two pins in front of you, clicking your glass with Jordie’s. You downed the shot of burning liquid and waited until your throat stopped burning, but when it did, you actually smiled.

“And that’s why you are a great friend. Time to say hi to the team.”, Jordie continued, pulling you over to the players that had found a few tables at the end of the bar. 

“Jordie.”, you warned but he just chuckled and placed you directly in front of Tyler and Jamie. 

They had happy looks on their faces although Tyler’s altered slightly when he saw you grinning. He knew that the Benn’s had practically adopted you as their second sister, but he still felt some kind of jealousy, seeing you with Jordie’s arm wrapped around your waist.

“Guys, look who I found!”

“Hey.”, you greeted half-heartedly earning a glare from Tyler and a slightly happier greeting from Jamie.

“Heard you won.”

“We did. We almost lost but Jordie managed to get a breakaway goal. No idea how he did that.”, Jamie said, smiling about the fact that it looked like you were trying to start a conversation.

“Yeah, no idea how I did that either.”, Jordie laughed, pushing you down into the seat next to Tyler’s and opposite to Jordie.

 What was going on? Oh no. Jordie really was working for Jamie. Shit. you were screwed.

“Uh sorry, but I should really go back to my friends.”, you excused yourself, trying to stand up. Jordie grabbed your shoulders and pushed you back down.

“Uh you’re friends are dancing. You don’t dance. You don’t have to go.”

You couldn’t see it, but you could hear Jordie starting a conversation with Patrick Sharp behind your chair, while Jamie was standing up.

“I’m gonna get you a drink Y/n. Have fun.”, he said, leaving.

And that’s how you ended up at a table, next to Tyler in uncomfortable silence.
You didn’t want everything to escalate like it did before. So you took a deep breath and - for the first time since you had seen Tyler - actually looked at him. He was watching you, the way you were trying not to run, the blinking of your eyes. You opened your mouth to say something and Tyler’s gaze flashed down to your lips.

“I’m sorry. I was way too mean the other night.”, you apologized.

“No worries. I deserved it. It was a stupid Idea, to begin with. But I just wanted you back so…”

“Wanted?”, you asked, not showing if you thought it was positive or negative.

“Want. I still want you back.”, Tyler corrected himself. 

He saw the way your eyes immediately dropped.

“Sorry. But it’s just what I want. I miss you.”, he stated quietly.

You forced yourself to look up again, trying not to look as sad as you felt.

“You don’t have to be sorry for that. It’s just that we didn’t work the first time. Why should it work the second time?”, you sighed. 

“Because I love you. And I know that you still love me. That’s it.”

“It’s not. If nothing changes, it will end the same way it did this time.”

“No, it won’t. Because I was acting like a complete idiot. I should’ve respected you more. But I know that now, so I won’t make that mistake ever again. I will call you when I stay out. I won’t cancel dinner. Please. I know it sucks that it took you leaving, for me to realize this. But this is not over yet. All I am asking for is another shot. And if I mess up again, I’ll leave you alone for good.”, he pleaded, his eyes piercing through your skin.

You watched him for a second, your head doing the math for you. Could you do it? If he was ever that stupid again you would probably pack your stuff and move away or set his house on fire.

“Fine. One chance. I mean it just one.”, you agreed breathlessly.

Tyler let out a breath that you didn’t notice him holding before he reached out for your hand and laced your fingers with his.

“That’s all I’m gonna need.”

Christmas Prompt: Punch

Yay it’s almost Christmas!!!! May I request one for Jamie Reyes❤️ first Christmas together. They’re invited to the Christmas party at the manor. No one knew Jamie had a girlfriend, just Bart. Everyone was surprised when they saw them together. Can you make it all fluffy maybe a little bit sin but like not a lot just them getting heated in the moment. The reader was very shy so when they ended up standing under a mistletoe the YJ members noticed and cheered them to kiss. I hope I make sense 😂💙

Pairing Reader x Jaime Reyes


“Jaime stop.” You gasped with a giggle as he started kissing down your neck.”
“Yeah okay.” He sighed but a small smirk played on his lips “tonight,si?”
“Me encantaría (i’d love to) - just not with your friends around”
“But i just want to have it just you and me.”
“Just one hour you said, and it’s been 10 minutes.” You reminded him with a small kiss and he groaned
“Lo sé (i know).  Meet here again in 15 minutes?” He chuckled and put his hand onto the handle.
“If you get the potato salad, i’ll grab the cocktail sausages.”
“I’ll bring some punch too.” You giggled and waited a few minutes to leave after him.

Zipping between the members you shied away from the friendly faces, and went straight for the food table. You spotted another member talking to Jaime before he caught your eye and started going for the food table too.

As you both perused the food platter offered, you eventually met up at the punch bowl. His shoulder bumped yours and you suddenly heard wolf whistling behind you.

Loud coughing came from the girl you were told to call Artemis and you looked at Jaime with a confused look.
“Just kiss already.” You heard his best friend call out and you spotted the mistletoe hanging about the punch bowl.

He nodded at you seeking confirmation and you chuckled and leant in.
His lips landed softly on yours and cheers erupted around you, causing you to pull away quickly.
“You’d make such a cute couple.” M’gann giggled and you blushed.
“I’m glad we still do, it’s only been a year.” He nodded in agreement as he held you close.

“Hello M’gann!” The martian giggled “I was surprised to see you walk in with someone other than Impulse latched on your arm.

“Should i be worried?” You asked her with new found bravery
“You might find friendfiction of you is all.” She laughed


Imagine telling your husband, Jamie, that you’re pregnant

(A/N:To the anon(s) who requested this. I hope you enjoy it. Sorry, it’s a bit shorter than ususal. I had an unexpectedly busy day.) 

Imagine telling your husband, Jamie, that you’re pregnant

“Y/N, what are you doing here?” Jamie asked as he burst through the doors of his bullpen and saw you.

“I…” you went to say before stopping yourself, you couldn’t tell him here, not like this, “I thought I’d stop by and see if you wanted to get…um…coffee.”

“Really?” he asked, linking arms with you as he walked passed, spinning your round to the opposite direction as he dragged you to the doorway of the break room, “ You hate coffee.”

“I meant lunch.” You fumbled.

“At 11 ‘o’ clock?” he questioned.

“Brunch?!” you shrugged with a strained smile.

“Y/N.” He dragged out, stopping you both and turning to face you, “Is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine.” You tried to reassure.

“I don’t think so. You’re acting pretty strange.” He argued, holding you by the arms and looking deeply in your eyes, “What’s going on?”

As you looked at him, you realized that this couldn’t be how you told him. Sure you were worried about the whole thing and you were worried about how you would both cope but you couldn’t tell him like this. You’d come here in a panic because you didn’t know what to do and you just had to tell Jamie. But looking at him now you knew that you couldn’t just come out with it, in a busy police station while he was working.

He deserved better announcement.

And so did your baby.

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