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Mythbusters Physics: Relative Velocity

The Mythbusters tested what would happen if a ball was shot at 60 mph off the back of a truck travelling at 60 mph to see what would happen.

It became a perfect example of the relative nature of physics - showing that velocity can vectorially add together. 60 mph in one direction cancels the 60 mph in the other, meaning a net velocity of zero.


Mythbusters: herding cats. 

It’s quite possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen. 


Collision Forces: Is the Impact of a Car Travelling at 100 mph the Same as the Impact Between Two Cars Travelling at 50 mph Each?

It seems to make intuitive sense that a head on collision between two cars would be worse than a collision between a car and a stationary object. Two vehicles moving against each other would surely add to make a larger force. 

But actually, the physics says each car’s change in momentum is the same regardless of whether an object is incoming or stationary. Furthermore, while the kinetic energy increases, it’s divided between two masses and ends up being the same. 

Mythbusters tested this and it can be seen in the gif set. 

The first gif shows two vehicles colliding head on while travelling at 50 mph each. While the second gif shows a car colliding with a stationary object at 50 mph. The damage is the same.

The last gif however shows what is assumed when two vehicles travelling at 50 mph should experience - a collision of 100 mph. 

It is clear that a crash at 100 mph is far worse than the head on collision of gif 1.

mythbusters season finale: proving the existence of god

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