jamie francis

A conversation between me and one of the kids I babysit
  • Francis(4yo): We all need to stand in order.
  • Me: What order?
  • Francis: Tallest to smallest.
  • Me: Okay, so what order is that?
  • Francis: Daddy, you, Elouise, me.
  • Me: ...You know the order, so why do we have to stand in line?
  • Francis: We don't, I just enjoy the process.

This is the only story I will ever be able to tell.

Pierre Niney as Henry Winter | Manish Dayal as Richard Papen | Jamie Walker as Francis Abernathy | William Moseley as Charles Macaulay | Bella Heathcote as Camilla Macaulay

Toby Regbo Appreciation Week: Day Five

I apologise that this post is later than normal, I had to go to the hospital so I haven’t had a chance to make this post until now.

Favourite Movie/TV Show

Everything I have seen Toby in has been great to watch but here is my favourite movie that he has been in and my favourite TV show.

Movie: UWantMe2KillHim?

The reason I love this movie is because it is a true story (and I love true movies). It is also a crazy story and has the biggest plot twist at the end, I won’t spoil it just incase anyone hasn’t seen it, but if you haven’t it is definitely worth watching.

I would just like to give a massive round of applause to Jamie Blackley (Mark) and Toby Regbo (John) for their performances in this film, they both definitely deserved the awards for ‘Best Performance in a British Feature Film‘ at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

TV Show: Reign

This has to be one of my all time favourite shows (even though it is causing me so much pain to watch at the moment). Toby’s outstanding, incredible performances in all 37 episodes that he has been in so far just make the show that much better and he is a pleasure to watch. He is the perfect Francis, but i swear that boy can do anything, he is so clever at getting us to feel different emotions along with Francis, when Francis is in pain we feel it too and when he is happy we are ecstatic, not everyone can do this, he is extremely talented.


Stuart kings

As you might know, the Scottish kings became kings of England as well after the death of Elisabeth I. They were Catholics and that bothered the English parliament. A civil war broke out and after a short period of being a republic, the monarchy was restored in 1660 by Charles II. When he died without an heir, his brother, James II (VII of Scotland) became king (the painting on the left). He was also a Catholic and the Protestant Parliament wanted to make sure the next ruler was a Protestant. As his oldest daughter was a protestant married to a protestant, this looked to be a sure thing, but then a Catholic heir was born in 1688, James Francis Edward, also called ‘James III’ and ‘Old pretender’, painting in the middle) ensuring that James II’s days as King were numbered. He abdicated when his son was just a baby in the so called Glorious Revolution, 1688. 

The ‘Old Pretender’ lived in exile in France and Italy (the painting in the middle).  He had a son, Charles Edward Louis John Philip Casimir Sylvester Maria, also ‘Charles III’, Young Pretender, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Chevalier de St George (painting on the right).

More about these gentlemen as the story moves on :)