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Hylian Aegislash.

Following on from my Honedge, Doublade and Aegislash entry, which can be found HERE.I thought it would be cool to do a small crossover. I think it turned out quite nicely, too! I could even do a kokiri Honedge and perhaps a Gerudo Doublade (ganons twin swords from WW)

quick background for the one going on instagram, but yeah! something to add to the pile of unfinished things!


Groudon is a living relic believed to be the creator of all landmass and volcanic activity. Its body is composed of incredibly thick and muscular skin that is naturally flame retardant, as is its mouth because it regularly vomits lava, spewing new land from endless stomach cavity and giving birth to Slugma. Because of the heat generated by its presence, Groudon can use electricity and has the ability to manipulate solar molecules and charge them into a beam. Kyogre is considered a leviathan and is revered in a myriad of myths for its ability to expand the seas and cause storms. Other ancient Pokemon like Relicanth flock to its presence; they react almost as one mass that follows the beast. Lugia is considered the guardian of the seas, but possesses no real water-based powers; Kyogre is an older and a stronger contender. Because of their god-like statuses, trainers are forbidden to catch them; one can try, but being within nine hundred feet of Groudon will result in massive burnings even when it’s asleep, and since the oceans are so vast, if Kyogre doesn’t want to be found, one will not be able to find it. Which is your favorite?

Groudon and Kyogre, by Jamie Flack.

Mega Gardevoir sketch.

the basic explanation is that she is a cross between an orchid mantis, a lions mane jellyfish, and partial human qualities. I wanted it to feel natural, but still ethereal, like a fairy should be.

when they mega evolve, the ‘skirt’ produces these massive ‘dress’ of fleshy frills that are used as sensory organs. Essentially it increases its power by being able to sense even the tiniest of brainwaves, changes in air currents and movements from nearby opponents. It also secondarily functions as a way to deliver more oxygen to the brain. Like jellyfish, these frills are so thin that they can directly absorb oxygen from around it, which goes to its increased heart size (the ‘open’ section on the chest)

This means massive power boosts to its psychic abilities and my thinking is that its so powerful now that it doesn’t really need to move much, so the ‘gown’ doesn’t slow it more than it can handle.

Sketch for a commission !

Deviant of the Day

Today’s featured deviant is catandcrown! It was really hard to decide which pieces to use because I personally love all of them, but I definitely had to show their versions of Realistic Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza with the Ruby and Sapphire remake announcement. The names of the pieces are displayed under the work.

Commissions 31-34

1 - Veteran Trainer Zhan - Vaporeon 2 - Pokemon trainer Azure - Flygon (inspired by Arvalis’ interpretation) 3 - Aurus Varien - Latios and Latias 4 - Technician Rosetta - Honchkrow 

#382 - Kyogre

#383 - Groudon

#384 - Rayquaza

#646 - Kyurem

Don’t forget to add them to your Deviantwatch here —> http://catandcrown.deviantart.com/


I have had these designs lying around for nearly a year now? about time i did something with them! added in a few other ones and smartened up some of the paint work. 

There will DEFINITELY be inaccuracies in the weapons, so please don’t think I don’t know XD it’s just a little bit of fun to explore some more variations and morphology in Pokemon. the original post can be found HERE. and the pokedex entries can be found below the read more line.

Hope you like the update :)

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Mega Altaria

I love the design of Mega Altaria.

its basically the fluffiest of all birds now. its hair game is almost as strong as Mega Ampharos’ now. The basics of a realistic altaria are that it generates is own localised weather system (to a certain degree) and it produces these ’ clouds’ as a way of camouflage, attack and defence, as it can alter the density of this luff as it pleases. With Mega evolution, the Altarias body emits a massive amount of thicker, more powerful cloudstuff that is closely linked to materials and organic substances found on Fairy Pokemon that renders it immune to dragon attacks, a former weakness of its typing. It becomes stronger and overall more powerful, but risks weaknesses to poisons and steels, as once the layer of cloud is stripped away, it becomes open for attack.

I’m going to need to get one of these babies when the stone is available.

I have also inserted Mega Salamence into here too, as  figured A post with both of them is easier to reblog or to like then going around rooting for them all. The information for Mega Salamence is below, taken from the original post.

Mega Salamence.

Because…jeez. I’m sorry but right at this moment i am not digging this design. Even with all the NYOOM I’m sure he will get, plus the added benefits and stat changes. This is basically me trying to justify this mega evolution to myself.

So behold, my longshot!

The basic idea is that when Salamence is exposed to the radiation of Salamencite, it undergoes a massive change like all pokemon capable of mega evolution do. In Salamences case, its body becomes more compact and its wings increase in size by a colossal amount. This gives the pokemon a massive boost in speed and the height at which it can ascend too, along with prolonging the amount of time it can send in the air without rest. 

At these new heights, Mega Salamence plummets to the ground at phenomenal speeds, dive-bombing in the position you see above. This is when another one of it’s evolutionary traits reveals itself. The Pokemon has sprouted a line of razor-sharp spines that grow on the skin of its wings, effectively functioning as a blade as it flies past, allowing it to slice through enemies, trees, and even rocks if they gain enough speed on their descent. 

From this attack, the pokemon swoops downwards before pulling up, rising high on its massive wingspan again to position itself to attack again.The manoeuvrability, sheer speed and power that are granted to this pokemon upon mega Evolution are exceptional, meaning that it is capable of gliding mere inches above the ground as it dive-bombs its opponents. 

So yeah, have a mini Dex entry with it, but the idea is that the pose you see above is its ‘attack’ form that it uses to cut through things. think like the Timberjack from How to Train Your Dragon. It’s full of terrible reasoning and its VERY far fetched, but i would be really interested to see what other people think could work. 

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you like how they both turned out!