jamie dundee

Fact Or Fiction: Did Jamie Dundee sell his half of the USWA Tag Team Championship belts to buy crack?

Fact: Another overwhelming response by the Headyverse, Jamie Dundee did in fact sell his half the USWA Tag Team Title to buy crack.

Being from the Memphis area I went out first hand to uncover the exact details of such a transaction and unearthed a bit more than I expected.

My first stop along my investigation brought me to the home of Jerry Lawler just off of Walnut Grove Road, but I was promptly asked by two Memphis Police officers to leave the site. At first I found this to be a hindrance, but upon speaking to one of the officers and informing him about what I was trying to uncover, the officer (name withheld for legal purposes) gave me a big break into the investigation. “Boom Boom”.

My next stop was Platinum Plus, a local strip club recently closed down in Memphis for “unethical operations”. Upon arrival I was very disappointed to find the building closed down with the doors chained, and with a notice on the door stating “Seized by the FBI”. Then I caught my next break, written in red lipstick on an archway was “For a good time call Boom Boom 901-***-****” .

After placing a call to Boom Boom who agreed to meet with me off the record in the parking lot down the street of Title Max, I was given the name of “Scooter” who apparently ran the Title Max Pawn shop. Once inside, he collaborated the entire incident, showed me pictures of himself with the title, and a copy of a $5,000.00 check written by Jerry Lawler to repurchase the title which had written in the bottom left corner of the check For ½ of the USWA Tag Belt.

You know, I would say ‘unbelievable’, but I’ve met Jamie Dundee. It’s actually incredibly believable.


It’s ECfuckinWednesday!

PG-13 vs Spike Dudley & Mikey Whipwreck (June 28, 1997)

This video features Rick Rude saying “crotch rot” and Joey Styles expressing his now-dead love for “Jump Around.”

Best thing here is Jamie Dundee being himself.

A story told to me by Mad Man Pondo:

Oh, I’ve got a Jamie Dundee story for ya. We were in the back at a show, getting ready. I’m tying my boots, and Jamie Dundee walks over, says, “Hey Pondo, Sid wants to know if he can use your scissors.” Sycho Sid, you know? So I said, “Yeah, I don’t give a fuck.” I got up, grabbed my scissors, and walked over to Sid. I had the blade part in my hand and the handle sticking out for him to take them, so I held them out to him without saying anything and he looks up at me. “What do you want me to do with those? Stick them up your ass?” I looked at him said, “Uh… well, no.” So, I just walked back over and sat back down, didn’t really think anything else about it until Jamie walked back over to me. “Damn, Pondo, don’t you know that he just got fired from WCW last week for stabbing Arn Anderson with a pair of scissors?!” That little motherfucker. I was like, “Man, Jamie, that shit ain’t funny!”

That night, there’s supposed to be this gauntlet run-in thing and they’re picking guys for Sid to pick off. The booker says, “Alright, him… him… and uh…” Sid stops him and points straight at me. “HIM.” I thought, “Fuck.” It comes time for the deal, first guy runs out, Sid powerbombs him. Next guy runs out, Sid powerbombs him. Out I come, he tucks me under, picks me up, and he holds me…. and I’m waiting, and I’m waiting, and then he finally just slams me. I’m laying there, and I hear him say, “What? Another?” So, he tucks my head, picks me up, holds me again, then WHAM, powerbomb number two. Again, I hear “What?! ANOTHER?” I’m thinking, “you gotta be kidding me”. He picks me up for the third time and holds me even longer before finally- and you know, it wouldn’t suck so bad if he didn’t hold me up there. My body’s tensing up just waiting for the drop to happen, but sure enough, WHAM, there’s the third one. All over fuckin’ Jamie Dundee.