jamie cosplays

l + j = yes, please.

remi and jamie were having a simple conversation until a certain someone had robbed potter from her train of thought.

remi : look at who? *turns around before rolling her eyes* oh no …

remi : you are attracted to the weirdest things, jamie. he’s just a normal person and you’re acting like he’s some sort of king … you’re not even listening to me are you?

liam : *looks in her direction*

( ooc : everyone’s been wanting me to do something marauders related so here’s my genderbent james potter! i couldn’t help but use @son-0f-a-snitch for my liam evans because wowie wow, how could i not? )

  • Me, designing Vax's armor while talking to Jamie: Well I want something that'll allow him to move. He's a dual-dagger rogue, so nothing that's one rigid piece, still covers vitals, and nothing too drapey that'll let someone grab on in a scrap. Maybe a fitted leather garment over the lower torso and a short, unattached leather breastplate?
  • Jamie: So... you wanna put Vax in a leather corset and croptop?
  • Me: I think he'd be down.