jamie bennett cosplay


(Telling a story with pictures: Jack visits Jamie all the time. Jamie draws, of course; he draws Jack often. They have a candy-cane fight and hang out; they’re really close. Every once in awhile, when Jack leaves, Jamie stops him and tells him he’s scared that now he’s older, someday, Jack won’t come back. Jack is ever-patient and always reassures him that he’ll keep visiting, no matter what.)

(Kowashite makes the most precious Jamie tho and nobody will tell me otherwise)


Jamie: The easter bunny is so awesome! He’s big, cool and then he has this Australian accent! Also he’s got these boomerangs! And the tooth fairy, she’s really sweet and caring, just like my mom! And Sophie likes her a lot too. Then there’s Santa, he’s way cooler than the version Coca Cola made of him. He’s big and strong, plus he’s Russian!