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The Party Girl (Part One): Always a Gentlemen

Jeff Atkins (kind of?) x Reader

A/N: This is gonna be like a 10 part (maybe?) thing. That’s if I even get any feed back on this. If not I’m just gonna cut it and pretend it never happened like I do best :) 

Keg stands are fucking hard. You learned that the hard way the summer between eighth grade and high school. At the time you were new to the party scene like most of your peers. However, you were also new to that particular group of friends. While you were not a particularly outgoing person in middle school, people did know you. You were the quiet kid. At the time you mostly hung out with Tyler Down; partially because the two of you were neighbors and your mothers were friends and partially because you were too unsure of yourself to branch out and make new friends. However, halfway through eighth grade you finally developed breasts, and things started to change.

Marcus Cole noticed first. It didn’t take long until he pointed it out to any of the guys that would take the time to listen to him. The changes were small at first. Justin Foley smiling at you in the hallway. Marcus moving his seat closer to you in art. Then the changes began to be a little more invading. Zach Dempsey began sitting with you at lunch. He always asked you questions about your science class, and it seemed innocent enough. Then eventually all of them were sitting with you at lunch. Tyler was slowly forced out. His usual seat beside you filled by Kat. You two hit it off with each other well once you had a conversation that didn’t revolve around the school curriculum. She was quickly your first female friend and your biggest confidant.

By the end of the year, your friendship with Kat was solidified via friendship bracelets and matching nail polish. Being friends with Kat also meant being friends with the guys. With Justin and Zach being athletes, they already had friends in high school. Friends like Bryce Walker who had the money and the means to throw parties throughout the summer. At first, you were skeptical. You had barely been invited to birthday parties before, never mind house parties with a bunch of people you didn’t know. Kat managed to talk you into it, promising that if you didn’t like it, then you didn’t need to go to another one. But you loved it. It was better than you expected it to be. No one was criticizing you or expecting anything from you. Everyone was there to have a good time, and there was something you loved about that.

It wasn’t until the third party that you gave a keg stand a try. You’d seen other people, Kat even, do them before, but you just didn’t have it in you to give it a shot. By the third party, you were comfortable enough and drunk enough, to finally give into your curiosity. You barely lasted five seconds before you had to be put back down and another five before you threw up everywhere. Initially, you were mortified, but the feeling faded fast once you realized everyone else was clapping at your attempt. After that, you made it your mission to try and last a little longer at every party you went to.

Which is why you were currently being held upside down in Kat’s backyard.

“Y/N!” You hear Kat’s voice somewhere close to you. Letting your right leg begin to fall down, the guy holding your left leg lets go and takes a step back. Once both feet are on the ground, you take a moment to get your balance before turning to find your best friend. She is standing slightly behind you with a girl you have never seen before.

“This is Hannah! The girl I was telling you about.” She says while pointing towards the girl. The girl shifts from one foot to the other awkwardly and gives a slight smile.

“Ah, so this is the bitch trying to steal my best friend.” You snap. Hannah looks nervously at Kat before opening her mouth to try and defend herself. “I’m kidding Hannah. Kat’s not one to be claimed.”

“Fucking right!” She smiled and tilts her cup at you.

“I’m Y/N,” You hold out your hand to Hannah, who looks a lot less nervous.

“I’ve heard! A lot actually. I almost feel like I know you.” She says, “All good things of course.”

“Fucking better be, or I’ll have to kick Kat’s ass as a goodbye gift.” You state.

“Kick my ass?” Kat rolls her eyes, “After you abandoned me this summer? What kind of friend are you?”

“Abandoned? You make it sound like I wanted to go.” You reply.

“Where were you?” Hannah asks, “Kat never really explained.”

“Yeah, she likes to be vague,” You smile, “My mom was on one of her ‘spiritual enlightenment’ kicks and felt like the family wasn’t ‘connecting’ anymore. Whatever the fuck that means. She dragged us to some ridiculous family bonding seminar. Of course, we just had to stop to see my grandparents before coming back. It was hell on earth.”

“Her mom does this a lot.” Kat laughs.

“I’ll remember to keep my mom away from her then,” Hannah says.  

“Trust me, you want to!” You smile.

“Y/N!” You jump as you feel a hand tap you on the shoulder. You turn to find Montgomery and Jamie standing behind you.

“Can I help you Monty?” You ask.

“Yeah,” He smiles, “You and Sheri owe us a rematch. Now.”

“You mean you want to get your ass handed to you again?” You smirk.

“Oh please. It was beginners luck.” He scoffs.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night Cruz.” You roll your eyes, “Where’s Sheri so we can wipe the floor with you asshats?”

“She’s already at the table.” Jamie nods his head towards where you knew the beer pong table is set up.

“Ladies,” You turn to Hannah and Kat, “I have some teenage boys to go humiliate, so you’ll have to excuse me.”

“I’m gonna go introduce Hannah to some more people okay? Kick some ass Y/N!” Kat smiles while linking arms with Hannah.

“I always do Kit Kat. I’ll see you two in a little while.” You wink, and you’re your way towards the table. Once there, you find Sheri ready to go, as promised.

“Ready to eat your words, boys?” Sheri smiles.

“You wish,” Monty laughs, “now let’s get this shit over with.”


A half an hour later you are inside dancing away your victory with Sheri. It was a close game, but Sheri managed to make the game winning shot. It didn’t mean much to you but watching Monty sweat it out brought you some kind of sick joy.

Speaking of sweat, you were hot. Too hot. The alcohol and the motion of the bodies pressed so close to you did not make for a good mix. You could feel the familiar feeling swirling in your stomach as you unwound your arms from around Sheri’s shoulders. She turns to you with a confused look. You only shake your head and smile.

“I have to go to the bathroom.” You yell to her. She nods and leans closer.

“Do you need me to go with you?” She says loudly so you can hear her over the music. You shake your head at her again.

“Nah I’ll be right back.” You say and turn toward the stairs.

Getting up the stairs is trickier than you thought it would be. Obviously, you had underestimated how much you actually had to drink. By the time you make it to the top of the stairs, you feel as though you had been walking for hours. The need to throw up has only intensified, and your body feels like it is on fire despite the warm breeze flowing through the windows. You turn towards the bathroom door to find it closed. You lean against it slightly and try to take deep breaths. As you lift your hand to knock the door, it begins to open, and you stumble in slightly. The motion causes bile to rise in your throat, so you push past the person, making it to the toilet just in time.

“Jesus.” You hear the person mumble with a slight laugh.

The voice sounds slightly familiar, but you don’t have time to think about it as another wave of nausea hits you. Suddenly you feel a hand pull your hair out of your face and another rub on your back soothingly. It took another minute or two to get yourself together before you leaned back and wiped your mouth with the back of your hand. You feel the person let go of your hair, but the hand on your back continues to move in circles. You take a deep breath before turning to look over at the person and only want to throw up all over again when you realize who is sitting next to you.

Jeff Atkins is fucking perfect. Perfect parents, perfect athlete, perfect body, perfect hair, perfect smile and perfect eyes. Perfect eyes that just witnessed you throw up in your best friend’s bathroom. To say you’re mortified would be an understatement. To say that half of the female population of Liberty High is in awe of Jeff is an understatement. And you are definitely one of them. But who could blame you? The kid is perfect.

“You ok?” He smiles. The hand on your back is still moving, and you have to force yourself to nod at him.

“Mr. Atkins. Always the gentlemen. I’m fine, thank you.” You smile and move to get off of the floor. He moves as well but doesn’t let you pass once you’re both standing.

“You sure?” He reaches out and puts a hand on your arm, “I can take you home if you want. I haven’t drunk anything tonight.”

“Thank you, but I’m sleeping here tonight.” You smile.

“Alright, but we should get you some water before you end up in here again.” You nod, and he turns so the both of you can make it out of the room. He notices you wobble slightly as you near the stairs and puts his arm loosely around your shoulders.

“Let’s not have you fall down the stair tonight.” He laughs. You can only nod and smile back, but on the inside, you’re screaming. You’ve changed a lot in the years since middle school but something about Jeff makes you feel like you’re 12 and unsure of yourself all over again. Typically, you’re able to cover it well with sarcasm and vulgarity but the embarrassment of him having seen you sick tonight has you rattled.

Once in the kitchen, he leans you against the counter and turns to grab a water bottle from the fridge. You see Kat and Hannah entering the kitchen from the front hallway and straighten yourself. They come up to the island just as Jeff sets a bottle down in front of you. You grab the bottle and begin to take large gulps.

“Woah,” Jeff laughs and lowers your hand, so you slow down, “I’d go easy unless you’d like to end up back in that bathroom.”

Kat raises an eyebrow and makes pointed eye contact with you. You only widen your eyes before nodding towards Jeff.

“You’re right. I should.” You say with a smile and look you at the bottle. Before he can say anything else and voice calls his name from the other room. You continue to stare down at the water bottle and try to ignore your heart beating in your throat.

“I gotta go. Keep drinking water and try not to be sick without me. Would hate for you not to have someone to hold all that hair back for you.” He smiles and brushes his hand along your lower back before leaving the room. You make eye contact with Kat again who has an even wider smirk on her face than before.

“Excuse me,” she starts, “but wha-“

“SO have you seen anyone you like yet Hannah?” You speak over her.

“Well,” she looks a little startled to have the attention turned to her so suddenly, “I’m keeping my options open.”

Kat only snorts before looking between the two of you.

“You’re both fucking idiots. We’ll talk about this later. Let’s go dance our asses off before I kick these assholes out.” She demands.


It’s after 3 am when the three of you climb into Kat’s bed. Not wanting Hannah to feel uncomfortable, Kat and yourself pushed to the back of the bed. After twenty minutes of drunken gossip and giggling, Hannah was the first of you to fall asleep. You and Kat laid there quietly for a few more minutes.

“I’m gonna miss you, Kit Kat.” You whispered.

“I’m gonna miss you too.” She whispered back. “But you’re going to text me every day and tell me every detail of your life. It’ll be like I’m not even gone.”

“It won’t be the same.” You mumble.

“You are going to be fine.” She moves closer and takes hold of your hand. “You and Hannah are going to be fine because you’re both strong ass bitches. You’ll have each other, and I’m just a phone call away.”

You laugh slightly and nod at her.

“So, what went down between you and Atkins in my bathroom tonight?” You can hear the teasing tone in her voice, and you feel your face heat up.

“Nothing,” You mumble out, “I threw up everywhere, and he helped me. No big deal.”

“Mhm,” She doesn’t sound completely convinced, “I totally believe that.”

“You have to. It’s all that happened.” You shrug.

“It’s gonna happen. And when it does, I’m gonna come back and give you the biggest I told you, so you’ve ever heard.” She said.

“Oh shut the fuck up.” You laugh, “Now can we go to sleep before the sun rises tonight?”

“You’re so boring. I guess.” She smiles and moves slightly closer to you, “I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Kit Kat.”

It doesn’t take long before all three of you are sleeping.  

"I love you", Part 1

I wish this was off anon because this is the first request I’ve gotten, and to me that is very special. I sort of went off the topic a few times in this request, took it different directions, but I hope that is okay. In many of these, I just kinda went without how I think the gents would realistically work into it and act; I hope that shows though. 

I also broke this up into two parts because this was just getting enormous; so keep your eyes out for Genji and Soilder 76’s parts soon. Thank you and enjoy! <3

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*I’ve Missed You | PT 4* Newt x reader

Part one here! Part two here! ○ Part three here!

Synopsis: Years after Newt’s mysterious expulsion from Hogwarts, you never hear from him and your friendship fades away. You graduate and end up engaged to the current head of Aurors. One day your paths cross and the old feelings from years ago begin to rise to the surface.

Your lips parted and you met one another’s eyes. You wanted nothing more than to press your lips against his again but you knew this was wrong. 

You pushed him away as you tried to gather your thoughts. Newt looked at you and tried to move towards you but you held out your hand. He stopped and watched as your eyes filled with tears. You loved Newt. You loved Jamie. What were you supposed to do? 

You looked down to your engagement ring and realized what you had to do. You had made a promise and you were going to keep it.

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Not A Big Deal

Jamie Oleksiak x Reader

Team: Dallas Stars

Warnings: Sexual joke near the end

POV: Second 

Originally posted by brosillustrated

Your name: submit What is this?


Wait, what?

When you asked how you could repay him, you didn’t think he would say dinner. 

“Dinner?” You repeated him. 

“Dinner,” He confirmed. “I mean– if you want, you know, it’s okay if you don’t want to.” He scratched the back of his neck and looked to the floor. 

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Jamie Benn

Originally posted by leondraiisaitl

Warnings: Just fluff

Request: @bitch-marner​- Since we’re mutuals now, I feel comfortable requesting :p could you possibly do a cuddly off day with Jamie benn? Pls and thanks :))

I am so sorry that it took so long to post! Also, a huge thank you to @annalahey for proofreading this for me. 

Off days had always been your favorite, they were days when you got your boyfriend Jamie all to yourself. You were currently lying in bed with your head rested on Jamie’s chest with his arm wrapped around you securely.

“This is nice,” he places a soft kiss on your lips.

You quietly hum against his lips, “It’s different.”

“Good different?” Jamie asks, twirling a strand of your hair between his fingers.

“Very,” you give him a small smile.

The two of you lay there for a few more minutes before Jamie decides he has different plans, “Let’s have a movie day.”

“I was comfortable,” you groan as he moves out from underneath you.

“I’ll be right back. What movies do you want to watch?” he asks walking towards the door.

You bury your head under your pillow and let out a muffled, “I don’t care.”

“So I can get all horror movies?” he questions, already knowing damn well what your will be.

You shot up from your spot on the bed, “Don’t you dare, Benn.

"He holds his hands up in surrender, "Don’t worry, I would never do anything to scare the princess.”

“Shut up,” you mutter, rolling out of the bed to follow Jamie to the kitchen.

“She can actually move? That’s a shocker,” he teases as he leans down to kiss you.

You quickly turn your head and walk past him, “I don’t think so.”

He chuckles slightly, “Is that so? Maybe I should just call Tyler and see what he’s doing?”

You stop dead in hour tracks, but then decide to keep moving because you know it’ll drive Jamie crazy.

“He did mention that we needed to get together more often,” Jamie states simply, “He said since we stared dating that him and I haven’t hung out as much.”

“That’s probably true,” you nod as you open the fridge.

“He’d watch horror movies with me,” Jamie walks up behind you and closes the door you had just opened.

“You don’t even like horror movies. What do you want to do, cuddle with him?” You let out a laugh and slip around Jamie.

“No!” Jamie’s answer comes immediately.

You give him an amused glare as you place a bag of popcorn into the microwave. “What do you want to drink?” you make your way over to the fridge to retry the task Jamie ruined earlier.

Before you can process things, Jamie lightly shoves you out of the way, a small pout evident on his face, muttering he would get the drinks.

Often times when you would tease him about Tyler, this would be his response. You have become accustomed to it by now that it doesn’t bother you to the least. Jamie and Tyler were extremely close friends, you couldn’t help but take any and every opportunity you could to joke around with him of the fact.

“Hey,” you say as he walks up to the counter, “I love you.”

He glares at you as he gathers up the drinks, not saying a word. He takes the drinks into the other room, when he returns there is a small smile evident, but he tries to play it off. You were going to break down his wall one way or another, and you were doing it quite quickly. You make your way over to him and give him a slight nudge to the hip. Jamie let’s out a slight laugh, but quickly masks it with a loud cough.

“You’re a pest,” he mutters as places his hands on your hips.

“You love me though,” you give him a wide smile.

“That I do.”

Imagine being Jamie's girlfriend and going to Reagan family dinner for the first time

(A/N: Another Jamie Imagine. Hope you all enjoy. Sorry for the wait.)

Continuation of this imagine here 

Imagine being Jamie’s girlfriend and going to Reagan family dinner for the first time

“Why aren’t you nervous?” Jamie asked suspicious, looking over at you momentarily from the drivers seat.

“Should I be?” You smirked meeting his gaze for a second, looking up from your phone as you were checking your emails from the hospital.

“I don’t know. Aren’t most people when they meet their partners families for the first time?” he questioned slightly panicked.

“I guess so but I’m just not. It’s weird but I’m not worried at all.” you offered, confused yourself.

“Why is that?” he questioned.

“I don’t know. I guess I’m just focusing on the the hope that they’ll like me.” you chuckled, putting your phone down.

“They will. You great.” he nodded as if he was trying to reassure himself, “They’ll love you.”

“As much as you do?” you teased.

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Jamie Benn #3.2

This is Part 2 of the Jamie Benn #3 here. There will be a third and final part. :)

Word count: 896

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Locking yourself inside Tyler Seguin’s downstairs bathroom was not a good idea. It didn’t only make you look like you were hiding from Jamie Benn – which you were – but it also made you look like you were taking a dump – which, let’s be honest, is not far from the truth, what with the rumbling and tumbling that’s been going on in your belly.

Three loud knocks sounded before Tyler’s voice filtered in, “I’m gonna pry you out of there.”

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A baby for Jamie Benn (Requested)

“I can’t wait to meet him.” Jamie smiled, leaning down to kiss your stomach delicately. 

“Or her.” You giggled, winking as he stood up.

“Yes, or her.” He flashed you his shy grin and chuckled, “How should we tell everyone that we’re gonna have a little person?” 

“Oh god, I have no idea.” You mumbled, you made your way over to the couch. “We could just call, but that doesn’t really seem personal.”

Jamie followed, taking a seat beside you, “Yeah, who do you want to tell first? I know my mom would be crazy excited.” His cheeks blushed, “We could tell your family first if you wanted to, I don’t care, I just know my mom has been wanting a grandkid forever.” He laughed nervously. 

You kissed his shoulder and smiled, “We can tell your family first, I don’t mind.” You looked up into his soft puppy eyes and smiled. You still couldn’t fully grasp that you were pregnant, that you were actually having a baby with the man of your dreams. You and Jamie had only been married for 2 months, you hadn’t even meant to get pregnant. 

“Maybe we could fly out there?” He said timidly, uncertainty in his voice. 

Your brushed up against him, “You don’t have to be so nervous to talk about it, Jame.” He smiled as you grabbed his hand, “I think it’d be a cute idea to fly out to your mom, we could totally surprise her if you wanted.” The thought of it started to make you excited. “Maybe we could like make a special breakfast and somehow incorporate something baby related? Like, we’d do pancakes and spell out baby?” 

Jamie laughed at your idea, kissing the top of your head. “That’s a cute idea, baby. We could also buy something too, that like says “you’re going to be a grandma!” or something along those lines.” He smiled. You could see the excitement start to build in him, the way his cheeks blushed, his smile grew larger, his voice moved faster. It gave you a sense of relief, you were glad to see that having a baby wasn’t scaring Jamie at all, in reality it was bringing you closer to him. 

“Okay, mister, we need to buy plane tickets right now.” You said, excitement in your voice. You leaped off the couch, grabbed your laptop, and ran back to him. You plopped down back on the couch and flipped open your computer. “Do you think we could fly out early tomorrow? Or maybe even the last flight today.” 

“Tonight so we can actually make her breakfast tomorrow. We should probably also pick something about, I have no idea what it’d be but I mean, something that says “hey, we’re pregnant” or something.” He smiled sweetly. 

“Oh babe.” You said as you scrolled through airline tickets, “I saw this adorable way to tell someone we’re pregnant on pinterest.”

“Oh yeah, what is it?” 

You pushed your laptop to the side, “Okay so they made this little like oven box thingy and made little bite sized cinnamon rolls that had a little sign that said “we’re pregnant” on it, so it’s like a play on the whole bun in the oven. I don’t know if that’s something you want to do but it seemed really cute and your family would totally get a kick out of it.” 

Jamie laughed quietly, “Y/N, that sounds great and I love it. It’s sort of weird but original, I think they’d enjoy it. Who all are we going to give it to? Just my mom?”

“Yeah, your dad and siblings will be around, yeah?” 

“I can tell them to fly out next week, we can make it a huge family gathering.” He laughed, kissing you softly. “I’m so excited for everyone to meet our little baby.”

“So am I.” You giggled, returning his kiss. “We’re also going to have to tell my family, your team and all of the fans.” You laughed. 

“Do you think your family could fly out to us next week?”

You raised an eyebrow, “Probably not, no. We’ll just tell your family next week, mine next, our close friends and then fans. Does that sound okay?”

He smiled, “It sounds great.” 

“Perfect.” You winked, placing your laptop back on your legs, “Okay, I’m going to book plane ride for Friday at 11 a.m., that okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll text Jordie right now.” He got up off the couch to retrieve his phone. 

That whole week you could barely hold in your excitement, you wanted to tell everyone. “I’m so excited to see people’s reactions when we tell them.” You giggled as you got off the plane in Victoria. 

“I know, babe, I’m sort of getting nervous.”

“Don’t, Jame, you know that they’ll be crazy excited.” You laughed, grabbing his hand to comfort him. “Are Jordie and Jenny already here?” 

“Yeah, they got in yesterday, Jordie is actually picking us up.” 

“You didn’t tell him, did you?” You squeezed his hand as you made your way over to baggage claim. 

“Of course, I’m excited to see his reaction when we tell him.”

“Me too!” Jamie grabbed the large suitcases for you, you kissed him in return. As you waited for Jordie to arrive the nerves started to kick in, you were still excited, but reality was starting to hit. You were going to be a mom, Jamie was going to be a dad. You laughed quietly, Jamie gave you a skeptical look.

“Don’t be going crazy on me, dear.” 

You laughed again, leaning your head against his arm, “I’m not, I’m just thinknig about how crazy all this is. It’s really hitting me again, y’know, like we’re going to be parents.”

“We’ll be damn good ones.” He smiled, kissing the top of your head gently, “Everything will be okay, y/n. I promise.” 

The car ride home with Jordie was filled with laughter and memories, it made you excited to tell Jordie he was going to be an uncle. 

“You two seem way too giddy.” Jordie laughed as he pulled into his parent’s home. You smiled as he pulled in, it was such a beautiful house, you couldn’t wait for your daughter or son to spend their long summer days playing in the yard.

You laughed, “We’re allowed to be giddy.” Jamie looked behind at you and winked, you smiled back. As the boys unloaded you greeted his family, and in a sense, your family now that you were married. 

“I’m so happy you could come out!” Heather smiled, pulling you in for a hug, “You look so beautiful.” She smiled. 

“It’s great to see you.” You smiled, “We’ve been wanting to come out here for a while, I’m sure Jamie has missed it here.”

“He seems pretty happy with you.” She laughed, “Are you hungry, dear, we were right about to make some dinner.” 

“Dinner would be great.” You confessed, “Do you need any help?”

“Oh no, just come in the kitchen and keep me company.” She smiled, you followed as she made her way back, “So tell me, how have you two been?”

“We’ve been really great, married life is treating us well.” You laughed, “Everything is honestly really perfect.”

Heather smiled as she started chopping vegetables, “Well just wait till you have kids, dear, your life will have more meaning than you ever thought imaginable.”

You smiled down at the floor, you wanted so bad to just tell her now, but you knew you had to wait for Jamie. 

“What are you two to talking about in here.” Jamie appeared in the doorway, a huge smile on his face, the small oven box in his hands. “Mom, I’ve missed you.” He handed you the box and went to hug his mom. “Where is Jen and dad?”

“They’re in the garage trying to fix something, you can call them in if you want.”

“I’ll go get them right now.” He smiled, kissing you as he left. 

You saw Heather smiling as he kissed you and walked off, “You two are so in love, it’s written all over your faces.” 

Your cheeks turned a bright red, “Yeah, it’s something pretty great.” You laughed nervously. 

You heard voices come from the garage, “Okay, guys, sit here. Mom, come here, here, sit over there. Yeah, right here.” He pointed to seat in the center oft the table, everyone was surrounding here. You giggled as Jamie took charge, you could see how bad he just wanted to tell them. “Y/N, you can give it to her.” He whispered quietly, kissing your lips softly, his felt his mouth curl into a smile. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“What is all this about?” Heather asked, confused by what was happening. 

“This may explain it.” You handed her the small paper oven, you leaned against Jamie, he wrapped his arms around you, kissing your ear softly. 

“Holy shit.” You heard Jordie laughed as Heather opened the box to expose the little cinnamon roll with the words. “We’re having a baby!” 

A tear rolled down Heather’s eyes as she leaped up and pulled the two of you into a hug, “Oh my god, I can’t believe this. I am so happy for you!” She squeezed the two of you, “I am so happy right now, my god.” She laughed. 

“Surprise.” Jamie laughed, hugging his mom back. 

“Damn man, good luck.” Jordie laughed as he hugged the both of you. 

You giggled, “Good luck to you too, babysitter.” 

Jordie rolled his eyes and laughed, “I’m going to be the best uncle this kid will ever have.”

Jamie laughed as he kissed the top of your head and smiled, “We’ll believe it when we see it.” 

“I’m glad we told them finally.” You whispered once everything got back to normal, you still heard Heather talking about all her future plans with the baby, your face was starting to hurt by how much you were smiling. 

“I know, I am too.” He bent over and kissed you. “I love you y/n and I love you baby Benn.” He laughed.

New House

Hello! Just as a heads up, I have an extremely bad habit of being sidetracked by various other things online [like my current watching of House, M.D. where I’m emotionally unstable in season 6], so don’t be too discouraged if I don’t post in like one or two days.

ALSO: I am focusing myself on doing requests from players on teams other than Dallas Stars after this one since I’ve done like five Seggy’s, one Jamie x Seggy, & now one Jamie (even though it has Tyler in it). Which shouldn’t discourage sending Dallas Stars/Seggy/Jamie requests since I only have a few from other teams.

Anyways, hope you enjoy & thanks for reading!


Hey! I hope your asks are still open. Could you do a Jamie Benn where you are moving into your first house together? Thanks!


“And watch your –” Jamie groaned and you giggled, completely blind to everything with his hands covering your eyes.

“I love how you’re my guide and you somehow manage to hurt yourself,” you teased, slipping your hands over his and trying to pry them off to see what the damage was.

His hands only tightened as he chimed, “Nuh, uh, uh. This is still a surprise. I just…” His voice trailed off as he twirled you around and pressed your face into his chest, so he could pull a hand away and attend to his injury.

You managed to pull away a little, but he pressed the back of your head. “I just want to check,” you muffled against his chest.

His laughter met your ears while he slipped his arm around your waist. “I’m fine,” he dismissed. “I just really don’t want to ruin the surprise. It’s supposed to be perfect.” He turned you back around and covered your eyes before you could even capture a glimpse.

“You know I hate surprises,” you groaned. “This must’ve been Seg’s idea.”

It was,” you heard the chime from behind and rolled your eyes under Jamie’s hands.

“Ignore him,” your boyfriend muttered and kissed your bare shoulder. It was summertime and you were wearing the black tube dress Jamie took a particular liking to. You didn’t expect his best friend to tag along. “He’s just here to help with a few finishing touches after you see the house and inside.”

“Good. I was planning for us to be alone,” you muttered back and he kissed your shoulder again, saying, “I could tell.”

“You guys, please,” Tyler exclaimed from behind. “Jamie, I don’t bang my hookers in front of you, so don’t bang yours in front of mine.”


“I’m just kidding, Y/N!” Tyler quickly said, sounding nervous and jittery. “You know, if you were a hooker, you’d, uh, be the prettiest one –”

“Shut up.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Jamie snorted and continued to lead you along the sidewalk until he pulled you into a stop. “Ready? One… two… three…”

Your hands immediately shot up to your mouth while Jamie gripped your hips, pulled your back against his chest, and rested his chin on your shoulder. It was the adorable, white split-level house you joked on many occasions you wanted to get whenever you and Jamie passed it on the way from your old apartment building to the arena or his old apartment. Well, not joked – you wanted it, but never thought Jamie would be crazy enough to actually buy it.

“You like?” Jamie inquired, nervousness underlying his voice.

“You did not buy this house. Is this a prank?” You twirled your head around to look over at Tyler, who stopped beside you guys. “I will kill you if this was a prank.”

He cocked an eyebrow at you. “What if it was Jamie’s prank?”

“It would’ve been your idea and you made that hooker’s comment. Plus, I like Jamie more, so…

“It’s not a prank,” Jamie interjected, kissing your neck. He pulled slightly back and looked over at his best friend. “Stop starting fights you know you’ll never win.”

Tyler pouted and kicked a pebble on the ground. “It works on the ice.”

“For Jamie,” you chimed, sliding his hands from your hips to around your waist for a better hold of them. You looked up at Jamie and smiled, whispering, “I love it.”

He pressed his lips against yours and you turned around to wrap your arms around his neck. It wasn’t hard to forget about Tyler standing there as you now had your legs around your boyfriend’s waist and one of his hands cupping your butt and the other one caught in your hair.

“Why don’t we get the mattress in before you two have sex on the sidewalk?”

You pulled your lips away and smirked over at Tyler while Jamie’s face turned red, unable to meet Tyler’s eyes. “Sounds like a fun idea,” you chirped, jumping down and straightening out your dress. “You two do that while I explore the house.”

“Y/N –” Jamie reached out, but you were already up the stairs and into the foyer, exploring each room.

By the time you finished the first two floors, all you had was the third floor where the master room and one of two guest rooms were located. You stopped at the bottom of the stairs and grinned up at Jamie, who was mirroring your facial expression.

“Seguin’s gone.”

You climbed up the stairs and mock pouted. “Aw, boo. I’m offended with how eager he was to leave. I would’ve offered him to stay for dinner.”

The moment both your feet hit the top floor, you found yourself pressed up against the wall beside you with Jamie’s lips on yours and his hands wandering about. When you two momentarily pulled away for air, he breathed, “Thank god you didn’t.

“Wanna go check out that new bed you two just put in?”

You giggled when an eager grin spread across your adorable boyfriend’s face and he – just as adorably eager – led you to the bedroom.

(The house since I didn’t feel like describing it. I know, such a bad writer… -smacks hand-)

Imagine Mike accidentally telling your family you’re pregnant before telling you

(A/N: Slightly unbelievable but I thought it was a funny idea. Came to me dream actually. I hope you all enjoy regardless of how bad it probably is!)   

Imagine Mike accidentally telling your family you’re pregnant before telling you

“Hey Y/N!” You heard your brother Jamie call from behind you, “Wait up!”

You quickly turned around to see him jogging towards you. You both worked at the same station and you were coming back from interviewing a witness. So you were walking down what was an empty corridor heading back to the squad-room.

“What’s u…?” You went to ask as he reached you only to be interrupted.

“Hey Jamie, can I talk to you for a second?” Mike asked, after suddenly appearing behind you.

You watched utterly confused as Mike flashed you a quick smile before walking over to Jamie and leading him away from you by putting his arm around his shoulder. They walked away enough that you couldn’t hear what they were talking about. You narrowed your eyes suspiciously at them as you listen to the indecipherable whispers. You waited expectantly for an explanation as they finished and turned back to you.

“So, what’s going on?” You asked, folding your arms and eyeing them up when they turned back around to look at you, with suspicious smiles on their faces.

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Tyler Seguin Imagine

Moving to Dallas had taken quite a toll on you. You had to leave all of your friends behind in Boston, and you were lonely in Dallas. You wanted a friend, but didn’t have the energy to do so.

“I’ll see you in a few hours, okay?” Tyler hugs you one last time. He’s leaving for practice, and even though he’d only be gone for a bit, you were still going to miss him.

“Alright. I love you.” You stand on your toes and kiss him. He holds the kiss for a while, then heads out the door. You stand and wave at him, and after he’s gone, you collapse on the couch. 

I need something to do… You think to yourself, rolling on your side. 

You decide to head to the mall, then to a cafe around the corner. You walk upstairs and get ready to go. You throw on your favorite outfit, a plain green shirt, black soccer shorts, and Adidas sneakers. You throw your hair up in a ponytail and put on a Dallas Stars hat.

You hop into your car, and drive to the mall. You blast the radio, windows down, the wind blowing your hair around. You sing along to your favorite song, hitting the steering wheel to the beat of the drums. 

You reach the mall quickly, and make your way inside. You head towards the sport store, in hopes of finding a new Seguin jersey. You nod at the store clerk, then head over to the hockey section. You back up to get a better look at the jerseys, and accidentally run into someone. 

“Oh, wow. I’m sorry. I wasn’t looking.” You look up at the guy you ran into. You can’t help but feel like you know him from somewhere. 

“It’s okay…(y/n)? Is that you?” The stranger looks down at you and smiles. 

You knew he looked familiar. It was Derrick O'Neal. He was your friend up in Boston. You had been close all through high school, but had gone your separate ways when you graduated. You hadn’t seen him in years.

“Derrick?” You smile up at him. “Wow, great to see you!" 

"Yeah, you too!” Derrick pulls you in for a hug. Your head barely reaches his shoulder,  he’s always been taller than you. “How have you been?”

“I’m great. Just moved down from Boston. How about you?”

“Oh, yeah. You’re with that Seguin guy, aren’t you?”

You nod, pointing to the jersey in your hand. “Just moved down here a few months ago.”

“Great.” Derrick leans back on his heels, hands in his pockets. “You want to go get something to eat?”

“Sounds great.” You pay for the jersey, then follow Derrick to the food court. 

After you grab coffee and a bagel, you sit across from him at a table in

the corner. “So,what’s new?” You ask, sipping at your drink.

“Nothing really. Just got a new job. Working at a car repair garage. It’s pretty messy,but a lot of fun.” Derrick takes a bite of his sandwich, then starts talking again. “MY friend got me there. You remember Jor-”

“(y/n)” Someone calls out from behind you. “What are you doing here? With him?”

You turn around, and see Tyler standing behind you, Jamie standing next to him.

“Tyler!” You stand up quickly, looking between him and Derrick. “Tyler…this is Derrick. We went to school together a while ago.”

“Yeah, and how long have you been seeing him since we got here?” Tyler sounds pissed. 

“This is the first time I’ve seen him since I graduated!” You yell over at him. People in the food court are staring at you, dead silent.

“I highly doubt that.” Tyler shouts back, turning to move away. Jamie grabs his arm, holding him back. He whispers something to Tyler. He takes a deep breath, then turns to you again. “First time?”

“Yes!” You yell at him,even though the area is quiet. “I haven’t seen him in forever! Sue me if I want to have coffee with a friend and talk to someone!”

“What do you mean talk to someone?”

“I don’t have friends here, Tyler, and you know it! And you barely talk to me now that you’re here. You’re always out with the guys, and you leave me at home alone!" 

Tyler hands his bag to Jamie and walks over to you. "What do you mean?”

“I feel alone Tyler! I’m losing you! This is the first time I’ve seen someone who’s happy to talk to me!" 

"I’m so sorry. I didn’t know…” Tyler walks over to you, placing his hands on your waist. “If he’s your friend…then it’s alright.”

“Yeah, just don’t think about how long we dated!” Derrick finally says something. Anything but that…

“You dated him!?” Tyler yells, backing away from you. “When were you going to tell me that?!”

“I didn’t think it mattered! I ended up with you!" 

"That’s it. Have fun with your little friend. I’ll see you later.”

Tyler storms away, leaving you alone. Again.

Jamie Benn Imagine

Jamie Benn: NHL (Dallas Stars)

Requested by anonymous

Warnings: language

Word Count: 566


Jamie’s Point of View

“Okay, guys. Y/N is coming in here and I want you all to make her feel at home. But don’t like…creep her out or anything.” I tell the guys, using my captain voice, looking at all of them to make sure they got the message. A few of them nod in response. I nod once again and then walk back out into the hallway, where Y/N is casually leaning against the wall, surveying her surroundings.

“Hey.” I quietly say, approaching her. She looks over at me and offers me a smile that makes my heart explode. “Ready?” Y/N nods and tucks a loose strand of her hair behind her ear. I lead her into the locker room and the guys all echo a round of hellos and nice greetings. 

“Uh, Jamie? Coach Ruff wants to see you.” Our assistant coach, James Patrick, tells me. I nod and make sure that Y/N will be alright by herself for a few minutes while I’m gone. Of course, she said she will be. I nod once and then exit the room to find Coach.

Your Point of View

“So, Y/N, how long have you lived in Dallas?” Someone asks you. You turn to your right and see a smiling Tyler Seguin. 

“For about six years. I attended school here.” You say, grinning back. You had already met Tyler a few times before, but he wanted to make sure you didn’t feel awkward. Which you were extremely happy for. 

You spent the next few minutes chatting with some of the guys when somehow the conversation drifted to going out on the town.

“Yeah! Why don’t you come with us?” Tyler asks, throwing an arm around your shoulder and pulling him closer to him. You knew he didn’t mean anything by it; that it was just a friendly gesture, but unfortunately, Jamie did not. 

Jamie walked in at the exact moment that Tyler was pulling you closer to his chest.

“What’s going on?” Jamie asks, walking up to you. More venom in his voice than you had ever heard before. 

“We were just making plans to go out. They invited me along with him.” You squeak out, looking at your hands and suddenly feeling very small.

“Can I talk to you in the hallway?” Jamie asks, very tightly. You nod once and stand up, not making eye contact with anyone. You almost feel like a child being scolded for doing something they weren’t supposed to.

“What was that all about?” You ask Jamie, once the lockerroom door shuts behind you. You turn around to face him when you’re suddenlyy being pressed up against the wall. 

“Because you’re mine, and I don’t like to share.” Jamie firmly presses his lips to your and you hungrily kiss him back. 

“You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that.” You pant out, with a slight smile on your lips. Jamie smirks and kisses you once again, more gentle than before. 

“Oh thank god, finally!” Someone cheers behind Jamie and you peer over his shoulder to see Tyler and a few other teammates standing there with shit-eating grins on their faces.

“Oh fuck off!” Jamie flips them off without breaking eye contact with you. You lean up and kiss him once more, feeling happier than you have in a really long time. 

The First Dance

Two notes for today’s thing before y’all get started with reading:

  1. I am most probably not gonna post anything tomorrow. I’ll try, but tomorrow’s my birthday (& I’ll prob be celebrating with a few amigos).
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But since I felt like I had to do something in, even in the smallest way, I decided to write/post this request, which hopefully is just romantic & sweet and another thing for y’all to enjoy.<3

Thank you again!



Could you do an imagine where you and Jamie attend a wedding together as guests and seeing the happy couple so in love results in a deep conversation where you two discuss that you’re each other’s “end game”


Now it’s time for the newly wedded couple’s first dance…

You felt tears rim your eyes while you lifted your hands to your face, struggling to keep from crying. You barely noticed the arm snake around your waist as the breathtaking bride took to the floor, meeting the groom halfway.

“The party barely started and you’re already going to ruin your makeup.”

You leaned into Jamie and mumbled, “I don’t care. It’s so beautiful.”

“You know who would look even more beautiful than her?” Jamie whispered in your ear.

You found yourself smiling and the urge to cry disappearing as you lowered your hands and looked over at your boyfriend. “And who would that be?” you inquired, raising an eyebrow.

He smiled back and softly kissed your lips. “You, of course.”

You bit your lower lip – a smile still on your face – as you looked back at the dance floor. You watched the way the groom jokingly exaggerated a few dance moves, like the dips, to make the bride giggle like a school girl. They were lost in their own, little world; dancing as if it were only the two of them and no audience.

You saw the way when the groom pulled away momentarily how the bride slightly pouted as if those milliseconds apart were too long for her to bare. Then, when the groom moved back to her, how her eyes lit up as she could now see the finer details of his eyes – the finer details that only she and she alone would ever notice.

If you watched the groom instead, you’d probably witness the same thing.

You wanted that… You wanted that kind of marriage… that kind of love.

Your eyes flickered over to Jamie, who stood there in his own adorably awkward way. His lips twitched into the dorkiest smiles and his weird laughs barked out of his lips whenever the groom did something funny.

You didn’t find any difficulty swapping you and Jamie with the happily wedded couple on the dance floor and seeing you two feeling exactly what they did. You couldn’t even think for a millisecond you with someone else out there – only you and Jamie.

You turned your head away before Jamie could catch you staring. A smile rested on your lips as you watched them finish their first dance and then took Jamie, by the hand, back to your designated table.

“That was beautiful,” you breathed the moment you two were seated. You leaned closer to Jamie with your chin rested on the top of your hand. “What did you think?”

He playfully mimicked your position, so now your lips were barely five inches apart. “I still think you’d look better up there.”

You playfully raised an eyebrow and asked, “Are you proposing, Benn?”

Nope… Not yet, at least.”

You smiled at his response and pulled back, tugging his hand from under his chin. He leaned back and allowed you to play with his hand. “You really was thinking of me up there?” you asked as if it was a casual thing, though your heart did pick up in speed a little.

Uh, yeah… I was.”

You glanced up at him between lashes and noticed the light pink tint on his cheeks. “You, uh, pictured me up there with you?”

His cheeks darkened in red. “Who else?” he joked, rubbing the back of his neck, embarrassed.

“I thought the same,” you admitted, flipping his hand and trailing over the lines on his palm. “I actually find it hard to think of me with someone else… you know… in the, um, future… with… like that…”

He smiled, but your faces matched the same color of red. “Neither can I.” He leaned in and caught your lips in a sweet, but unfortunately quick kiss. “I want you to be my last girlfriend.”

“I want you to be my last love,” you whispered back. You two shared another kiss, but this time, the kiss was rudely interrupted with you being yanked away from Jamie and onto your feet.

“Save all that for your own honeymoon!” Tyler sang, taking both of your hands and dragging you onto the dance floor. “Let’s dance.”

You laughed and looked over your shoulder to find Jamie walking behind you.

“I’m gonna go get us drinks then meet you on the dance floor,” he said, kissing your cheek.

Jokingly, you said, “I guess I can see myself dancing with someone else.”

He snorted, gave your bum a quick, surprising pat, and walked off. “Sure.

Imagine #3 - Jamie Benn

   "Is it on every station?“ Jamie groans, turning the car radio off with a huff.

   ”‘Tis the season,“ you reply. "But would it kill you to be festive? For me?” You reach over and put the radio back on, turning the volume up a bit. “All I want for Christmas is you!” You point to him theatrically as you sing along.

   He scrunches up his nose with disdain, but gives in and smiles when you grab his hand in yours and kiss him on his cheek.

   "We’re here!“ You exclaim, as Jamie pulls the car into a parking space. "Time to get into the holiday spirit, Grinch,” you laugh, climbing out of the car and walking toward the Christmas tree lot. You pull Jamie along behind you.

   You two barely make it through the front gate before Jamie lets out a loud sigh.

   "What is it, babe?“ You ask, looking over as he rolls his eyes.

   "The song,” he grumbles and points upward.

   'All I Want for Christmas Is You’ is playing, drifting through the pine trees from unseen speakers. It had just started.

   "It’s my favorite, though, Jamie!“ You squeeze his hand and give him another peck on the cheek to loosen him up.

   "I know, I know,” Jamie smiles, turning to pull you into a kiss. “Now, let’s just get this tree picked out so we can go home.”

   "Fine,“ you agree, making your way to the back of the lot, where all the biggest trees are. Then you think of something that you know will get Jamie into the festivities. "I bet you I’ll find a perfect tree before you do!”

   "Oh, you think so?“ Jamie retorts playfully.

   "I know so!” You smirk at him.

   "You’re on, [Y/N],“ he laughs.

   The two of you split up and start at opposite ends of the aisle of pines, your competitive sides kicking in. 

 "What kind of tree do we usually get, baby?” Jamie hollers to you from behind a row of trees. “Douglas Fir?”

   "If I told you, it’d be cheating,“ you tease. "And, besides, it doesn’t matter, as long as it looks nice.” You come around a corner, meeting up with Jamie.

   "Well, I like this one,“ he declares, proudly presenting to you his selection.

   You circle around the tree, looking it over. "It’s nice,” you say, leaning in, “and it smells wonderful! It’s going to make the house smell lovely.” You finish your circle around the tree. “Good job, baby.” You wrap your arms around him.

   "So, does this mean I win?“ He asks you, a cheeky grin on his face.

   "Not yet! You haven’t looked at mine,” you respond, lacing your fingers through his, leading him towards your choice. “Ta-da,” you singsong, gesturing to a much bigger pine.

   Jamie looks it up and down before weighing in. “I think mine’s better. Besides, this thing is huge. Not even you could possibly have enough tinsel for this thing.”

   "Fair enough, Benn, you got me this time,“ you digress.

   "So, I win?” He asks, turning to give you a big smile.

   "Yes, you win,“ you smile back. "But, I got you into the spirit, and that’s all the win I need. You make me so happy.” You hold onto both of his hands, enjoying the look of delight on his face.

   "Tree or no tree, win or no win,“ Jamie starts, stepping closer to you, "I’d be the happiest man on earth, because,” he chuckles to himself before continuing, “all I want for Christmas is you, [Y/N], Merry Christmas.”

   "Merry Christmas,“ you reply, "I love you.”

  “I love you more,” he says, wrapping his arms around you to pull you into a kiss.

Jamie Benn Imagine

Jamie Benn: Dallas Stars

External image

Written by Bella

Requested by anonymous

Warnings: date rape drugs, language 


“I’m so proud of you!” You yell into Jamie, your boyfriend’s, ear over the loud music and noisy chatter of the bar. He turns and smiles at you widely. He presses a small kiss to your lips and then turns back to his friend and teammate, Tyler, to finish their conversation.

Jamie, alongside of his exceptional team, had just beat the Anaheim Ducks. The Stars are well on their way to having a rivalry with the Ducks. so this win was something to be appreciated.

Hence, the current setting. A crowded bar filled with happy people and happy vibes. 

You look around at your surroundings and smile to yourself, as you take the last drink of your beer. You pick up Jamie’s and find that his is also empty. 

“Do you want me to go get another round?” You tap on the back of Jamie’s neck. He turns to you and grins, widely. He digs into his pocket and drops his wallet on to the table. 

“Sure! Here, use my card.” Jamie fishes into the brown leather and pulls out a credit card from a major credit card company. You thank him, pecking his cheek and sliding out of the booth to approach the bar.

You try to get the bartender’s attention but he continues to serve people in front of you. And the longer you stand there waiting, it feels like more and more people are pushing in front of you, squeezing you out. 

“Here, I’ll help.” A rather tall guy, not particularly unattractive, takes hold of your elbow. You don’t pull away because this guy seems pretty nice, and well…he was trying to help after all, right?

So you let him lead you through the crowd, pushing people to the sides. You appear at the bar and the guy stands to your right. You tell the bartender what you need. 

“Do you want me to get you something?” The guy on your right asks, with a twinkle in his eye.

“Oh no, that’s okay though, thank you. I better get these drinks back to the guys.” You say, gesturing at the group of guys, who see you and wave. Jamie keeps his eyes trained on you, with a slight smirk on his lips. You see his eyes flicker to the guy who’s peering over your shoulder. Jamie’s jaw clenches.

“I really should be going.” You turn back and a drink has materialized on the bar top in front of you. It’s a red, fruity-smelling thing. You send a questioning look to the smiling guy.

“Oh come on, one drink won’t hurt you.” He says and you sigh, staring down at the thick liquid.

“Y/N, don’t drink that.” Jamie says, suddenly appearing behind you. You look at him.

“It’s okay, Jamie, I’ll do it just to humor him.” You say, stubbornly. You pick up the glass and just as Jamie opens his mouth to protest again, you take a giant swallow, downing half of the glass. Jamie watches you intently as you set down the glass.

The guy next to you stands and so do you. Although as you try to stand, the world turns to a slow motion fish bowl and you can’t quite make your legs do what you want.  

“Hold-hold on I got this.” You try to say, but it comes more out as “Holdshfkg iveshka gotsghffdis.” You try to walk forward a few steps but your vision goes blurry and dark, much like how it would if you stood up too fast. 

“Here let me help.” The guy who bought you the drink in the first place tries to take your elbow but you’re violently thrown towards someone else. You land into the sturdy arms of a familiar face, although his features are distorted and actually look like they are melting off of his face. 

You are so sleepy all of a sudden. 

“Hands off, asshole. You fucking drugged my girlfriend!” You hear a brooding voice yell from behind you. Then the sound of flesh connecting to flesh echoes in the now silent bar. 

You are so sleepy. 

“I just want to sleep.” You tell the person who’s holding you protectively to their chest. But all they hear is: “Ishfhfjustwwjehanna fleep.” Your eyelids start to feel so heavy that you find it more and more difficult to open your eyes.

“Come on, Y/N, stay with me. Focus, okay? This is important. HEY GET OUT OF MY WAY. MOVE FUCKER. Y/N..” The voice sounds so far away. Like they are yelling through a paper towel, cardboard tube from the far side of the world. 

“Y/N..Y/N..Y/N!” The person is yelling in your ear, shaking you, trying to keep you awake. You feel your body being jostled around and your feet are no longer dragging against the ground; you’re being carried. 

“Quick, the car.” The cardboard voice says. You feel cool leather underneath your burning skin. You no longer open your eyes. 

“Y/N…!” You feel yourself slipping into a dark cushion. You feel so cozy, so surrounded. Maybe a little nap would make you feel better. 


Maybe a part two????? Let me know! -B.