jamie beck & kevin burg

In celebration of the magical arts, Witch Weekly is featuring its third artistic series at the end of the month. Today, we hop across the pond to the United States to feature the work of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. As our previous two artists were a digital painter and an urban tagger/muralist, Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg turn back towards the more original of wizarding art - as they are photographers.

Though photographs are as common place as the pages of the Daily Prophet, Beck and Burg use their photographs to focus not on the foreground, but on the beauty in the background. While most photographs are full of life - of the subject and the background alike - Beck and Burg petrify the subjects of their photos in order to shift the focus of the eyes. This detail of their work at once draws the viewer into the full scene of the photograph, but also stills them in their gaze.

Magical critics have praised and jeered at the static elements of their photography due to its resemblance to muggle photography. Yet Beck and Burg brush the criticism off as they assert that it was only with the MUGGLE invention of the camera that the magical world was able to reappropriate the artform. Their work with both a birth of something new and a celebration of something old.

Come back tomorrow for our final featured artist of the month!