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Dark Horse Comics Lady Killer mini series (compiled into a perfect bound graphic novel edition) is written by Jamie S. Rich and Joelle Jones, and masterfully drawn by Ms. Jones herself. 

The gritty (and bloody!) story deals with a Mad Men era suburban Seattle housewife who’s actually a CIA assassin. 

Artist Joelle Jones explains how she playfully put together a series of vintage ad mockups while doing research for the project, shown above (with additional hand lettering by Crank). The mini-series is a dark delight, just as these playfully grim ads are. This isn’t a comics blog, of course. And Rich and Jones’ mini series won’t be for everyone. But the art is still terrific, and those ads are fun. The illustration style and typography is strictly now, but the coloring and general ‘feel’ are pure retro. And we’ll admit it: We love retro, and get a real kick out of seeing contemporary tweaks and twists of vintage 20th century design, illustration and photographic tropes. Check out more of Jones work at joellejones.com.


HARRY POTTER’s characters looks like in their youth

1- Severus Snape / Alan Rickman - Adam Driver 

2- Tom Riddle “Voldemort” / Ralph Fiennes - Gaspard Ulliel

3- Albus Dumbledore / Michael Gambon - Benedict Cumberbatch

4- Gellert Grindewald / Johnny Depp - Will Poulter

5- Minerva McGonagall / Maggie Smith - Felicity Jones

6- Lucius Malfoy / Jason isaacs - Jamie Bell

7- Rubeus Hagrid / Robbie Coltrane - Kit Harington

8- Arthur Weasley / Mark Williams - Adam Hicks

9- Horace Slughorn / Jim Broadbent - Sam Clafin

10- Sirius Black / Gary Oldman - Aaron Taylor Johnson

I hope you like it

Cosmo crunches the numbers, examines which of the top 100 actors working today have worked (or not worked) with women directors

Overall, it appears that leading men are generally less likely to work with female directors in their peak salary years. Mark Wahlberg hasn’t acted in a film with a woman director since Penny Marshall gave him his first film role in 1994’s Renaissance Man. Nicolas Cage hasn’t acted in a film directed by a woman since Martha Coolidge gave him his first lead role in 1983’s low-budget Valley Girl. Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., Adam Sandler, Denzel Washington, and Bruce Willis have not acted in a film directed by a woman in over two decades.

My Hollywood Wives

Daisy Ridley

Zoe Kravitz

Lily Collins

Courtney Eaton

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Krysten Ritter

Felicity Jones

Lupita Nyong’o

Jamie Chung

Elizabeth Olsen

Ruth Negga

Sophie Turner

Fan Bingbing

Queer Activists I'm angry I didn't learn about earlier

1. Harvey Milk.
Thanks to Dustin Lance Black’s film ‘Milk’, this story has gotten some more recognition in recent years. Harvey Milk was the first openly gay man elected to public office in the United States in San Francisco in 1977. He was assassinated the next year.

2. Cleve Jones.
Oh boy. This man has arguably done more for the movement than any other individual (imo). He worked with Milk in the mid-70s, made the AIDS quilt in the 80s, and has worked for the gay rights movement for decades. Watch 'When We Rise’, also from Lance Black, or read Jones’ book of the same name.

3. Jamie Lee Hamilton.
Jamie Lee Hamilton is a trans woman, former sex worker, and activist from Vancouver. She provided safe spaces for other sex workers, harassed City Hall about the dozens of women that were going missing until they listened to her, and is just an overall badass. I learned about her by reading an article by Michael Harris called 'The Unrepentant Whore.’

This is an extremely small list, but these are the three that I didn’t learn about until I started to dig into the history of the LGBT+ community, and the ones that I was shocked I hadn’t heard about earlier. I’ll probably update this as I learn more. Feel free to add your own!


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