jamie and dylan


Jasmine and Jafar talking about tigers, suitors, and…fish-fuckers?

Ja'far returns to the Palace to welcome a very important visiting Prince from the land of Pik-zahr, but wait! Isn’t the Princess known to sick tigers on visiting Princes?! I really hope you haven’t goofed this one up, Ja'far!


The Complete Repertory Cast of American Horror Story

Parejas de signos como parejas de pelicula

Rosie (Aries) & Alex (Acuario)- Love, Rosie

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Nadine (Piscis) & Irwin (Tauro)- Mi vida a los 17

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Samanta (Capricornio) & Lou (Cáncer)- Un invierno en la playa

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Babi (Escorpio) & H (Virgo)- 3MSC

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Wallace (Sagitario) & Chantri (Libra)- Solo amigos 

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Jamie (Leo) & Dylan (Géminis)- Amigos con beneficios

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American Horror Story: Murder House Families + Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez