jamia nestor

Parachutes lyrics.

Your love takes on the shape of suffering and silently I wish that I was anybody but me.” 

There’s times when I pretend you never made it home.”

Because I got tired of hiding you from the ones I love
(…at least I thought I did.)
.”- World Destroyer.

It was you or nothing
And nothing can hurt me like I hurt myself
.”- Veins! Veins!! Veins!!!

Sometimes we miss old friends, until we remember they weren’t friends.” ?

You say you want my heart, just to tear it apart.”

You can’t break me down again or change my mind on this, I’m breaking out of this, your darkness.”

Would you die for me if I lived for you?

But turn your back on me, if I continue to follow my heart?
How could you?

Throw me away, just let me be, and hate me for me
(I can’t be so, perfectly, untrue for you.)

Loving a lie, deny me my life, but I still love you…but why should I?”- They Wanted Darkness.

Is there something you wanna tell me?
Please don’t hold back now
I’ve been waiting so long for you to meet me
Please don’t turn back now
I think about it all the time, I couldn’t miss you any more than I do…
”- I’ll Let You Down.

It was a rarity that I felt emotions
Now they radiate down my extremities and it sets me on fire
It was a malady without a solution
You were my remedy
Yeah you ruined me

It was a rarity that I sensed emotions
I feel them radiate
Gave me stomachaches, you set me on fire
It was a malady without a solution
But you were my remedy
Now you’ve ruined me

Without misery thought I had nothing to offer
It was my way of carrying that weight
Until you came through,
And made me believe, I was worth being saved
.”- Remedy.

I swear I’ve loved you all along.” Sounds like he’s trying to convince the person/himself that he’s loved them all along. -Miss Me.

There’s still a part of me that needs to look the same way into your eyes…

You’re still a part of me, the only part I enjoy, and I wish I still had a hold on you like you do, until you’re blue, around my throat.”

Things don’t feel the same like they did back then but I don’t mind…
Because the past don’t mean shit to me
(Now that’s a lie.)

I’ve never been good enough for your love.”- Oceans.

Maybe you’ll find better ways to see the good in me being myself
(…and stop trying to fix me.)

Would your love run out if my heart gave out?He’s unsure if this person would really stick with him.

I feel loved, but I’m not sure if I deserve it.”- The Resurrectionist, Or Existential Crisis In C#.

I feel for the lovers, who pretend they’re fine.” He empathises with them.

Wish I could be apathetic but I’ve met love along the way.” He wishes he didn’t empathise with them, but he ‘met love along the way’ and ended up in the same situation.

My heart breaks for the artist.” One of the most suggestive lines.

Imagine you and me if we made it through the bullshit, we’d probably get so bored it make us cry.”

I’m a wreck and it’s all your fault.”- Viva Indifference.

Lyrics from Parachutes. Only chose some.

Now tell me- I’d love to know- who these lyrics are about/for/to. Because it sure as Hell ain’t Jamia. I’m up for any suggestions.

I swear just hearing the words ‘my chemical romance’ in public makes my heart stop and I’m not sure if that’s healthy…