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I love that Pac-Man is coming to Smash since he'sbeen largely on Nintendo Consoles and is a Video-Gaming icon; and I always considered Smash to be a celebration of everything that's the top of Nintendo slowly growing into the Top of Video Games. I just really, really hope that if Mr. Game 'n Watch is returning (which he probably is) he doesn't have the design in the Pac-Man trailer. His limbs are a so thin it creeps me out, and having both his legs forward makes me feel like he'll fall over!

I’m guessing G&W would have the same design as usual!

…speaking of G&W, I wonder how his Amiibo would look…

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I did a thing where I said 5 things I liked then sent it to X number of people so here you go: 'When you get this ask, list five things that make you happy then send this ask to the last 10 people that reblogged from you ^-^'

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Always a perfect reuse uwu

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Are you planning on being a Radio personality? If not, what are you plans for that degree?

Currently, no plans. Honestly the only reason I have it is because film was the only thing I was interested in. I couldn’t see myself majoring in anything else. The only reason Radio and Television are included in the title is because it was the name of the degree. I barely did anything radio related, only had to record one spot. Although TV was a lot of fun. I wouldn’t mind working on a live set some day. Like for news or something.

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I bet your Vaporeon bag would be cute! Regardless FIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT

I preordered the sketchbook, BUT THAT IS ALL.

I resisted the plush, partially because I have no idea how big/small it is, and I want to see if Pokevault will sell a set.

I have really cute fabric made from some of my backgrounds already, and now I am super excited to make a new Eeveelution set! Such cute collections always inspire me (and tempt me to spend tons of money). ;////;

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I voted for Sceptile because despite all the Pokémon Rep and Mewtwo all ready being DLC, Pokémon is one of the highest selling things Nintendo has. It would also balance out the Starters and give ORAS a little more advertisement. I'm regretting my decision, though, because of Gooey from the Kirby Franchise. He is such a neat character and he is all but gone now.

The only thing that makes me hesitant about Sceptile is Mewtwo being DLC.  I’d be surprised if a franchise got more than one DLC character.  Still, no denying that Sceptile could have a great moveset.

I really wish Gooey came back after Dream Land 3, but at this point, Sceptile might’ve been the better pick for the time being, even given what I said just now.