so..i was bored..and read My Immortal
heres some of my fave lines cause lets be honest, that shit is amazing

  • Hi my name is Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair (that’s how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). (a classic)
  • “Why did you do such a thing, you mediocre dunces?”
  • “What is it that you desire, you ridiculous dimwit!”
  • “Crookshanks!” I shouted at him. Voldemort fell of his broom and started to scream. I felt bad for him even though I’m a sadist so I stopped. (im gonna start to use crookshanks as a spell)
  • He said he wud help us wif makeup if he wunted koz he was relly in2 fashin n stuff. (hes bisezual). (all bisezuals are in2 fashin n stuff)
  • Snake and Loopin were in da middle of da empty hall, doin it, and Dobby was watching!1 (jfc)
  • “Only you wouldn’t give them to me!” Lumpkin shouted angrily. (lumpkin)
  • They all got so depressed that they became goffik and converted to Stanism. (they named a cult after a guy named Stan)
  • Inside the Great Hall we could see Dumbledork.He was wearing a blak leather jackson (is leather jackson related to michael jackson?)
  • Oh my satan!
  • Suddenly dumblydore flew in on his broomstuck and started shredding at us angrily. “NO TALKING IN THE HALLS!” he had short blonde hair and was wearing a polo shirt from Amrikan ogle outfters. (sexy dumblydore)
  • I laffed statistically.
  • “Oh, datz Profesor Slutborn.” Satan said. (show that line to someone who doesnt know my immortal)
  • “Were calld XBlakXTearX. I play teh gutter. Spartacus plays da drums” he said ponting to him. “Snap plays the boss. And Jamez plays the guitar to even fo we call him Samaro, after Samara in da ring. (spartacus)
  • ”We went sexily to Potionz class. But Snap wasn’t there. Instead there
    was…………………………………………Cornelio Fuck!11111 (oh no!111 its Cornelio Fuck!!11)

also the tons of ways the author misspelled names

  • enoby, eboby, egogy, ebory, ibony
  • voldemint, volxenort
  • dumblydor, dumbledork, dumbledum, dumblydum, dUMBlydore, dumblehor
  • loopin, lumpkin
  • profesor McGoggle, preacher McGongel, profesor McGoogle
  • snake, snoop, snap, snipe
  • St Mango’s, St Manga’s

Once a year we all come together to this sacred valley. We migrate here to get inspired, to reset, and to check in with each other. We talk about our dreams, the universe, love, life, and the trials and successes of the last year. Knowing we all have this constant tradition every year is something we all truly look forward to.

The other day I was sitting around staring at all my friends and I finally figured out how to best articulate how I feel about them. They are like super heroes to me, all in their own regard. As a child we all have some super hero we aspire to be. We look up to them and are in awe of their ability. I believe this to be true about how I feel with this group. We all bring a special gift to the table. We all play an instrument in this orchestra of life.

I love you all. Thank you for giving me life. Thank you for inspiring me. Here’s to being 70 years old and all coming back here to reminisce this beautiful life we share.

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Trames being cute

Today let’s talk about Tristan and James aka Trames, which to me is one of the most underrated ships tbh I don’t know why they’re lovely together but now…

Let’s begin 

ps: None of the pics/gifs are mine credits to owners 

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One of the things that I find really cute is that as they’re almost the same height so one of them always tries to make himself smaller to hug or cuddle the other

It’s funny bc Tris looks so tall in this, I’m not sure why lol

Power Couple 

They would be such a power couple just look at them, when they’re together is like their beauty increases a 1000% if that it’s even possible 

This photo is so aesthetically pleasing 


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I would forever be grateful at James for taking so many selfies

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Honestly Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends was so Iconic like

-The coolest kid in town, Jamez Withazee.

-The episode when Terrence made a friend named Red to be an evil Bloo but then Red and Bloo become friends and Red is arguably actually nicer than Bloo.


-“No one’s allowed in the mall without money! It’s the law!”

-Imaginary Man, whose only weakness is flowers, and his archenemy Nemisister, whose weakness is messing up her flawless hair.

-The unicorn friends with the manly voices. Pretty sure one of them had a Brooklyn accent.

-“RIP-OFF ARTIST!” “Ow! My shin!”

-They always had the “duh duh duuuuuh” before commercial break and their was one episode where it was done by some random friend who was singing to his music.

-“Now we’re brother ladies!”

-“It’s hot in Topeka”

-Frankie: Hey guys, what’s all the yelling about?
All: Yes?????
Bloo: IS….
All: YEAH????????
Bloo:…….Can I get more juice?
All: NO!!!!!!!
Bloo: Okay. Mac is…..a big……. giant…… NEEEEEEEEEERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-“She’s so awesome……”
“And HOT!”
“She’s so nice……”
“And HOT!”
“She’s so cool……”
“And HOT!”

-The food friends, who were imagined by hungry kids at a weight loss camp, and hide from the rest of the friends so they don’t get eaten.

-When Bloo tried to teach Mac how to be cool by showing him boy bands, juice commercials and badly dubbed samurai films.

-Bloo always forgets Berry’s name but he’s usually at least close, but then he calls he Heather.


-Orlando Bloo.

-“Hello, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, how may I be of assistance? Is my refrigerator running? Hmm, why yes, I think it is! I’d better go catch it indeed!”

-“Maybe the other friends are right. Maybe you are ruining this party!”