jameys law

NOH8 !

Alright I just witnessed something life changing for me tonight. I realized sometimes the world will just never be a good place. It will always have some evil and hate. To those who are homophobic, who use the term faggot. It. needs to stop. I don’t care if you don’t agree with gay marriage. That still gives you know right to hate someone and make them feel like they less of a person for who they are. Some of my very best friends are gay, people you know are probably gay and you just have no idea because they haven’t come out to you because they have to hide who they are from people who will judge them and ruin their lives. Stop the ignorance people! CHILDREN are killing themselves, kids. They’re taking their lives, because bullies use the term like faggot everyday and it offends them. You don’t have any idea what goes on in the mind of a kid being bullied. A law against it is a START to helping these kids. Obviously not everyone is going to be arrested. If your against helping a suicidal peer, the people you see in the halls at school who actual deal with bullying BADLY every single day and hate their lives and hate themselves for it, you have nothing but a heart that’s stone cold. And with that, I leave in peace. Let’s share the love, no more hatred is needed in this world. I’ve learned it’s important to express a method of love and peace. And get a message across that bullying is wrong, judging a person is wrong. It’s important to start acting now. Everyone in this world needs to stop the ignorance and the bullying. They need to stop judging and criticizing. So whether you’re white or black, fat or thin, straight or gay, ANYTHING. BE YOURSELF AND DON’T BE ASHAMED. I promise people out there love you for who you are. Be proud of who you are. And never let a bully bring you down.