*Trump supporters when the FBI want to explore this truly scary Russia/Trump deal* “Fuck, how dare the FBI do this? Traitors!” *Trump supporters when Michelle Obama wanted kids to eat vegetables sometimes.* “THIS WILL NOT STAND. SHE IS RUINING OUR FREEDOM.”

School kids eating carrot sticks at lunch is worse than America becoming a blatant Russian puppet state, obviously. 

Then she said,“Now I am going to kiss you.”

This is for a fic called 《JAMEI》 written by 顾涩.

After a strange mission at the Temple of Anubis, Mei and Junkrat switched their body somehow.At first they couldn’t bear it and then they learned to adapt to the change and really got to know and admire each other in the process.

In another mission Junkrat saved Mei’s life and were seriously injured.They both passed out.When they woke up, it came back to normal.Junkrat asked Mei for a date.And she said yes.After a proper dinner,she kissed him.

Artist: 馒头猫Nora

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Fentrix Playlist: 

I Can’t Decide - Scissor Sisters

Witchy Woman - Eagles

Crazy Train - Ozzy Ozbourne 

Kill Of The Night - Gin Wigmore

The New Black - Moon Taxi

River - Bishop Briggs

Flesh - Simon Curtis

Emperor’s New Clothes - Panic! At The Disco

Crazy In Love (REMIX) - Beyonce 

Outta My Mind - B.o.B feat. Nicki Minaj

Forsaken - David Draiman

I Know I’m A Wolf - Young Heretics

You Are My Sunshine- Jamey Johnson

Kiss With A Fist - Florence + The Machine

Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine

The Wolf - Fever Ray

Closer - Nine Inch Nails

Topless - Breaking Benjamin 

Down With The Sickness - Disturbed 

Ultra Numb - Blue Stahli 

Soul Hacker - Fear Factory

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor - Drowning Pool

Scream - Avenged Sevenfold

Bad Moon Rising - Mourning Ritual 

I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace

I Miss The Misery - Halestorm

Mayhem - Halestorm

Blood - In This Moment

Big Bad Wolf - In This Moment

Sick Like Me - In This Moment

(( OOC: Here’s what I’ve liked so far, feel free to add… Thanks for the suggestions guys! :D 

also, just as a side note… The only reason I enjoy this (terrible) ship is because they’re both absolutely rotten people… but in no way do I think this is a relationship to look up to. Don’t aim for this children. ;) )) 


‘Spotlight’, Tom McCarthy (2015)

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse one.


Gaga was publicly criticized, called everything from a fraud to an attention seeking whore, her authenticity was questioned on a regular basis, so many people were quick to jump to say “she’s exploiting the gay community” and a song that started off just about herself and her fans and as an answer to interviewers who kept asking her about the way she dressed was over-analysed, critiqued and torn apart. After Jamey Rodemeyer’s suicide she spent time with Harvard experts studying and researching bullying and launched her own youth empowerment foundation named after her album, Born This Way. She has never backed down with the discussion, awareness and support to this day unlike so many other pop stars, even throughout everyone trying to put her down and the Russian government threatening her with imprisonment. During her 2012 tour she faced mobs of religious protesters in countries all over the world and was still defiant and truthful even risking arrest and jail several times yet somehow people still question the credibility and legitimacy of her activism. 

The Best Boys Fly (Tim Drake x Reader) Part Four

part four is now up! i apologize for this taking so long, this one was especially hard to write, but nonetheless every piece of my heart and soul was poured into this particular chapter. part five will be up today.

Summary: The fateful night where everything began and ended.

Pairing: Tim Drake x Reader

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Jamey-Bear held his vanilla ice cream from his favorite parlor in one hand, and the tiniest bouquet of flowers for Wonder Woman in the other, “And Batman is going to be there too? Wait! We didn’t get ice cream for any of them! What if Robin wants some?” James licked the last bit of ice cream from his cone, “Robin will hate me if I don’t bring him ice cream!”

Jamey finished off his kiddie cone and used his now empty hand to hold Timothy’s, “Robin could never hate you. Oh, you’ll never guess what he said about you.” Tim decided to continue when Jamey looked up with anticipation, “He said that James is the coolest person in the whole world, and that he is even better than Batman himself.”

Timothy’s eyes looked away from Jamey’s and into my own, and I couldn’t help but smile even though my boy looked so exhausted.

“No way, you’re silly! Batman is the bestest!”

Bestest? Yeah, Bestest.

The two boys droned on and on, and I couldn’t help but grin wildly as I listened to them fan over fellow vigilantes. And, ever since last night’s encounter with Red Robin, Jamey decided the loving hero was now his favorite. Little did he know, the hero was also his best friend; besides his school friend Rosy of course.

But something in the air shifted, and I felt something subtle creep up as we neared a relative alleyway. One second we were walking happily, just talking about everything and nothing at the same time.

There was a deafening crash, one that made my heart beat out of my chest in fear.

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lakshmibalan-blog  asked:

Can I have some James Sirius Potter canons?

*teacher voice* i don’t know, can you?

james sirius potter aka the boy named after the best bromance.

james sirius potter aka the boy who had the weight of two of the bravest, funniest, kindest men.

james sirius potter aka the boy who is both terrified and proud of his name. 

james sirius potter aka the boy who was the biggest history nut eva.

james sirius potter aka the boy who lived up to his name and also created some new records of his own.


you’ll never leave harlan alive - the ruby friedman orchestra // calling the maker - aimee allen // black river killer - blitzen trapper // hard time killing floor blues - chris thomas king // i will never die - delta rae // devil’s spoke - laura marling // cherry tree - the national // devil’s backbone - the civil wars // bartholomew - the silent comedy // bottom of the river - delta rae // o death - ralph stanley // rocks and water -  deb talan // arsonist’s lullabye - hozier // you are my sunshine - jamey johnson, twiggy ramirez & shooter jennings // the preacher - jamie n commons // o children - nick cave & the bad seeds // riverside - agnes obel // wolf - first aid kit // judgement day - blues saraceno // old number seven - the devil makes three // like a mountain - timber timbre // old time religion - parker millsap // oh darlin’ what have i done - the white buffalo