ZW/W PAS is a limited edition (200 copies —150 pages) full Riso publication about Zwart Wild by Topo Copy.

The book shows the core of the organisation: a bunch of artists, their studios and how this operation results in activities for a wide audience. It’s about an passionate group of people and the space they fill, in a contemporary urban context (Ghent.be) with their art practice as a guide.

graphic design and photography on this book was done together with James

April, 2015

‘Best Ski trip Ever’

By buying this book you support a group of independent modern pirates who are determined to help out people in need in the Dunkirk (FR) refugee camp >> Buy 10€: http://tiny.cc/4pg78x 


This is the first in a series of limited edition publications based on ready to print online photo albums we find. in our search for suitable albums there are no limitations in type of content, author or quality. The album should trigger us and have everything it needs to be a little book.

FUNKIRK — Best Ski trip Ever
based on an photo album by Stijn Malfait
Published by Topo Copy, Februari 2016
Limited to 100 Riso printed copies.