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I think I may have just started to ship James and Tali? Like…where did this come from?

But just think. James would try to protect her ALL the time, absolutely frantic with worry that her suit will rupture. She’d have to constantly remind him that the Quarians are experts when it comes to enviro suits and that he’s bothering her with all the attention. “Shut it, you bosh’tet!”

He can help but be impressed with how she handles a shotgun. She’s just so smart and brave. There’s something special about a person who’s been with Shepard since the beginning. He’s impressed and intimidated (just a little bit).

She likes bringing up the rear on missions so she can check out his booty (there are certain benefits living inside of a mask) and she somehow finds ways to make her way down to the shuttle bay when he’s in the middle of his workout routine. He’s a brilliant marine, brave and honest, and is devoted to others in ways that surprise her.

She hates when he calls her Sparks at first, but gets a small flutter in her stomach eventually when she hears him say it.

He’d give her a run for her money with trivia about Fleet & Flotilla.

I don’t know.. I might have to look into this further….

Anybody with me on this?  Or am I doomed to more rare pair hell?

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