Update: Trip To The Hospital

So after coming back from the hospital yesterday
And being there for almost 12 hours in emergency
I found out I have a 20cm cyst on my ovary
And that is huge!
I’m finally glad they could give me something for the pain because it is pushing on the rest of my organs and causing an extreme amount of pain

I need to see the gynaecologist surgeon on Monday
And I will have surgery sometime that week to get it removed
He will more then likely have to take my right ovary also
Which means at 15 years old it decreases my chance of having children by almost 50%
Which sucks a lot
Because even though I’m young I am more then likely going to want children when I’m older but now that is going to be extremely hard if he do take the ovary

Anyway guys
That’s just an update on why I haven’t been posting for the past week almost!

Love you all❤️
~JamesTheRevSullivan (Kaitlyn)