SPN Audio Challenge
Molly Molls
SPN Audio Challenge

This is for Ellie okay.

Your name and username?

Where you’re from?

Pronounce the following words: Salt, Demon, Devils Trap, sigil, Iron, Holy water, Holy oil, Kansas, Bobby Singer, Idjit, Gank, Fire, Christo, Supernatural, Team Free Will, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Alistar, The Colt, Son-of-a-Bitch, Jerk, Bitch, Impala, Amulet, Apocalypse, Rugaru, Ghoul,  Hoodoo, Croatoan, Soul, Uriel,  Azazel, Winchester, Trickster, Ass-butt, Nutcracker, Pig ‘n a poke

Pie, Demon blood, or Hamburgers?

Pronounce the name of your favorite ship.

What Supernatural phrase do you catch yourself using in conversation?

Who is your favorite character that is not considered a main character?    

Favorite character?

What is the thing you gank a monster with?

Do you believe in the supernatural?

Would you be a Demon or an Angel? 

Have you ever experienced the supernatural in real life?

End audio post by saying any THREE words you want.