🌙My “Good night ” for you , my Dears. Here’s the part that always gets me: everything changes while it’s stays the same -James R. Eads, www.jamesreads.com Motion by Chris McDaniel 🎶 by Triangle Park #inspiration #art #artist #love #loveyou #beautiful #beauty

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If you are looking for enlightenment first you must find alignment.           

You must understand the balance of the world is in the stability of the earth, the weightlessness of the wind, the freedom of the water, the ruthlessness of fire, and the imperfections of the soul. 

You must shed your karmic weight and cast it into the water so you may see that you are both the fool and the world. You know nothing and you know everything. 

Then you must find you as someone else. You must understand that someone else is also yourself.  

When you fully understand these things then you will see the window, and within which the reflection of your mind. As you open it light surges forth and the reflection disappears. 

On the other side you will come across the well. 

When you are ready you will climb to the bottom and you will find the vessel.
Reach inside, you will feel connected to many bodies. At first you may feel overwhelmed, but know that you will live many lives. Some lives will build you up and others will wear you down, but it is in their entirety that you will find the balance of your soul.   

Once you have chosen a body, you will come across a tree with roots reaching into a pool of water. From the water emits a beautiful light. Submerge yourself in the water and feel the supreme weightlessness of rebirth.

Know that you are greater than yourself.  

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“Shake the Shroud That Cloaks The Mind” words and art by James R. Eads

At the edge of the universe there was a spirit who contemplated the nature of the mind every day and every night. He believed that the mind is the beauty of everything in it’s purest form like the night without the darkness. 

The mind is like a turbulent storm on a still and shimmering sea something so perverse and so beautiful at the same time, the mind is unlike anything else.
When he pondered the nature of the mind he would remove the shroud that normally falls over the world and cloak it tightly around himself. 

With it he could feel the weight of the world, and in turn he would relieve us from our worries the shroud helped him understand the nature of the mind and how emotion could influence it. He learned about love and he learned about pain. These were things he had never felt as a spirit. 

So he made a map that spoke of his enlightenment, as a reminder. It was something to protect him against the weight of the shroud in case things got too heavy. He hid it at the edge of the universe underneath a white willow tree and went back to cloaking himself with the shroud. 

But little by little, night by night, without realizing it, he began to feel the worries of the world even without the shroud. Eventually the weight became too much to bear with the shroud so he threw it back into the night sky and it was then that he felt something deeper than he had ever felt before. 

He couldn’t shake the shroud from his mind, because while the weight of it was painful, it’s counterpart was bliss and they could only exist with one another.
So he walked to the edge of the edge of the universe and he sat at the end of the dock. He looked out on the endless sea and for a long time there was nothing. 

But then, there was a boat. He filled it with paintings of the things he saw at the edge and set sail for the horizon. forgetting the reminder he had left himself. 

But he knew that inside of the mind are portals for places we’ve forgotten and places we’ve never been portals for past lives and lives we have yet to live portals for loves we’ve loved and loves we’ve lost and as long as he remembered that he could become the universal traveller, and he didn’t need his map.


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