This image is proof that you do not need much to produce a great image. This shot was simply myself, Heather and one light. I did a previous shoot with a male model and Heather loved the lighting and wanted to collab. We basically spent the entire day shooting several looks and just experimenting and having fun. This shoot had a $0.00 budget. She brought tons of her own clothes and shoes and did her own make-up. I find it helpful to have the model simply wet her hair and slick it back if possible when not dealing with a hair stylist. We were both able to help each other out and the results were awesome. I also learned how to salsa! They key is the leading hand.

I was approached to do a paper dress project where many talented (extremely talented) fashion students had to design a wardrobe made of 100% paper. It was very exciting to take on this two-day project. It was exciting to see all of these different creations made from things as simple as coffee filters. I worked with a very large team of designers, hair and make-up artists. Everyone was professional and ambitious and honestly, that makes for a fun shoot. The only downside that I had was one model that I was working with. For those that know me know I’m full of great (and true) stories. This particular model was scheduled to shoot with me mid-day. Lighting was already set up so all I needed to do was adjust everything according to her height. As I was doing that I happened to see her…swaying. I asked her if she was alright, but as soon as the word “alright” came out of my mouth she fell face first onto a metal boom stand. Her chin split open and she was bleeding. At this time it was only the two of us in the studio. I called for help and a professor came in and 911 was called. One of the other models was a nurse so she came in and gave her water and cheese and peanutbutter crackers (Yea, I hate ‘em too). If you’re thinking if the paperdress was ruined? yes, but her health was important. The ambulance arrived and told her that she needed stitches and she needed to ride with them to the hospital. SHE REFUSED! We all stood with eyes wide open and urged her to go to the hospital. She said that her father would take her and that the reason she fainted was becasue she hadn’t eaten in preparation for the shoot. MODELS, PLEASE EAT! What you can’t do, photoshop will. I hate leaning on photoshop, but people dont kill yourselves literally over fashion. This particualr model pictured was not her, but she was stunning!


The downside of styling your own shoots are the returns. My top two places to “borrow” clothes are H&M and Belks (shoes). H&M is stylish and inexpensive, therefore, you can create multiple looks and not break the bank. They also give full refunds and lets face it, store credit sucks. I contacted Summer on MM and we discussed doing more of a fashion sitting than an editorial shoot. The budget was very small meaning I probably spent $60 on clothes and she did her own hair and make-up. The both of us met in the studio and just got to know each other before we shot. Lighting was already ready before she arrived so we just took a few minutes to get comfortable with each other. It is very important to me that both I and the subject are comfortable with each other. Luckily, she was an enjyable person…full of spunk. As I stated before, EVERY shoot has music and I only play what the subjects want. Comfort and trust is key. With that said, this was the day I discovered Skrillex. Litterally, that was all she wanted to listen to. I set it up on youtube and we went to work. I loved her hair and I felt that her hair without any movement was just dull, so I just asked her to feel the music, swing her hair back and fourth and just pretend I wasnt there. The result was perfect! All it took was me, her, Skrillex and a softbox.