anonymous asked:

So with the holiday of love coming up, are there any couples or potential you have your eye on this Valentine's Day?

Well word on the street has it that Niall and Holland finally took the plunge and made things official between them. But knowing their rocky history, my eye will be on them, waiting for things to take a turn for the worst once again. I mean, he’s on tour halfway around the world. Do you really think he’s going to keep his hands to himself when he has a free pass to sleep with any girl he wants, without Holland ever knowing? 
As for potential couples, there’s not too many that have caught my eye. Apparently Ansel Elgort is planning on taking Ariana Grande out on a date sometime soon. Those two were also caught getting cozy together in Aspen, so there might be something there. And of course our favorite threesome, James, Demi, and Ally. Maybe you guys can make some Valetine’s Day magic and finally have that orgy you’ve always dreamed of.