• Jameson Rook:I'm trying to figure out ... did I bite my own tongue when you kicked me in the face, or did you do it?
  • Nikki Heat:I want to lean on Forensics to cough up that report on Pochenko's blue jeans.
  • Rook:I don't recall getting bitten any time ...
  • Heat:Blackout probably set the lab behind on schedule, but it's been long enough.
  • Rook:Things were happening fast and, dare I say, furious.
  • Heat:I'm betting those fibers match.
  • Rook:But still ... you'd think I'd remember a bite.
  • Heat:Surveillance video be damned, somehow he got in there, I'd bet on it. I know he likes his fire escapes.
  • Rook:Am I talking too much.
  • Heat:Yes.
  • Rook:...
  • Heat:...
  • Rook:....
  • Heat:....
  • Rook:....
  • Heat:....
  • Heat:When you're done, go to the precinct and wait for me. I'll meet you there after I finish at the impound. By the way? Yes. I did bite your tongue.
Reunion sex,” he said. “Nothing like it.”
“Hotel sex? Sex on the roof? And what about that time in the back
of the squad car?”
“Oh, right. You know I’m very sorry to hear the NYPD is retiring
the noble Crown Victoria from the fleet. Fuel economy is one thing.
A spacious and, might I say, firm, backseat is another.

Raging Heat, Richard Castle

That sound you hear is thousands of fangirls whispering ‘I knew it’. 

As Nikki approached, [Rook] took her in his arms and pulled her to him. She wrapped herself around him and squeezed hard. They clung tight to each other a good while. When they finally separated, he still held her, resting a palm on each arm. “Thank God, you’re OK.”
—  Richard Castle, Frozen Heat
Nikki fought tears; coming around to kneel over Rook, she compressed the wound with one hand and stroked his face with the other. “Hang on, Rook, you hear me? Help’s coming, you hang on. Please?”
The sirens stopped right outside and flashing lights filled the hangar. “In here!” shouted Nikki. “Hurry, I’m losing him.” Verbalizing the thought crushed Heat, and she barked out an involuntary sob as his face lost more color.
—  Heat Rises by Richard Castle

Just a reminder that this happened. THIS HAPPENED. IN REAL LIFE. 

You know, we ought to have a name like that. A compressed nickname like Raley and Ochoa. Roach.” And then he added, “Only ours would be romantic. I mean there was Bennifer, right? And there’s Brangelina. We could be …”
“Done with this relationship?” She laughed.
But he kept on. “Rooki? … Naw.”
“Would you stop?”
“Or how about … Nooki? Hm, I like Nooki.
—  Frozen Heat - Richard Castle
Rook, can you come into my office for a second?”
“Of course.”
The blinds were still closed. Heat clicked the lock on the door as she closed it behind herself. She turned off the lights. “I’m sorry,” she said in a husky voice. “But there’s something I think we need to take care of.”
Then she unfastened one of the buttons on her blouse.
“We have maybe twenty minutes right now,” she said. “It’ll take at least that long for Simpson to respond to the warrant request and for Oach to get a team assembled.” She undid another button. Rook’s eyes went down to the lacy fringe of her bra and the curve of her breast.
“I know we said we’d do this tonight,” she said, with a little bit of a moan. “But I’m not sure I can wait any longer.”
One more button gone. Rook’s eyes were wide.
“Office sex?” he said, his tone reverent.
She nodded.
“Come over here,” she said, reclining on the floor on the far side of the room, by the wall. “I want you to take me right here. I’m afraid if we do it on the desk it’ll make too much noise.”
Rook practically dove on the floor next to her. She rolled on top of him.
“You have been an incredibly difficult suspect,” she said, then she pulled out a pair of handcuffs from her belt. “And I’m afraid our interrogation is about to get rough.”
“How rough?” Rook asked.
“I think it’s safe to say this will be an act of police brutality you’ll never forget,” she said.
As she slipped one half of the cuff on Rook’s right wrist, she began gnawing on his earlobe. Rook’s breath was already ragged.
“I have been so bad,” he panted. “Please, please punish me.”
“Oh, I will,” she said.
Then she quickly pulled his wrist to the side and fastened the other half of the cuffs to the leg of the radiator before rolling off of him.
Rook looked over, his comprehension growing as other parts of him were shrinking.
Heat was already hastily closing up her blouse. “Sorry,” she said. “But I can’t have you running around out there while our suspects are still at large. I’ll come unlock you later, once we have them in custody.
—  High Heat, Richard Castle