There were a lot of reasons they had survived so much as a couple. Some were, relatively speaking, superficial: he could make her insides feel gooey with one winsome smile; he could make her laugh, even when she didn’t want to; he was the first person she wanted to share news with, whether it was good or bad.
But more important than all that was the way he accepted her, no matter what condition she happened to be in when she crawled, limped, or ran toward him. In sickness or in health. Sane or crazy. When she needed him to listen, he did that.
When she needed to be embraced, he did that, too— and sometimes so, so much more, if that happened to be where things led.
She knew this was another time when Rook would take her exactly as she was.
—  Heat Storm, Richard Castle

Just a reminder that this happened. THIS HAPPENED. IN REAL LIFE. 

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Look, I know you’re going through some stuff right now. But I can help. That’s what we’re about. That’s what marriage is about.”
Heat glanced to her right, aware she had an audience. Detective squad coleaders Miguel Ochoa and Sean Raley— who went by the mash-up nickname Roach— were watching carefully. They probably thought this was just some kind of marital spat. She knew they would be cheering for Rook. And he didn’t need any more encouragement.
All she wanted was for Rook to go away. She thought about making up some wild story about how Rook had cheated on her with a Russian bimbo named Svetlana. Roach would forcibly throw Rook out of the precinct once they heard something like that. If they believed it. She doubted anyone would.
—  Heat Storm, Richard Castle

anonymous asked:

Hi! Without getting too spoilery, do you feel like 'Heat Stom' offers a satisfying conclusion to the story in case it turns out to be the last book of the Nikki Heat series?

No. One of the biggest problems with the book is we spend more time on other characters than we do on Nikki and Rook, so I’m hoping they publish at least one more book. 

I mean, it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger or anything, but the ending is hokey as all get out and it comes at the expense of some much-needed scenes and character development that I’m very annoyed we didn’t get. 

Heat hadn’t thought getting married would change anything fundamental about their union. She thought they would throw a big party, take a nice trip, and things would continue more or less as they always had.

But Captain Nikki Heat, whose instincts as a detective were seldom wrong, had turned out to be mistaken in that assumption about her personal life. Getting married had lowered the last barriers between them, allowing for an intimacy like she had never experienced before. Heat had thought she was in love with Rook before their wedding. She recognized that it was just a prolonged crush compared to what she felt now.

—  High Heat, Richard Castle
  • Jameson Rook: I'm trying to figure out ... did I bite my own tongue when you kicked me in the face, or did you do it?
  • Nikki Heat: I want to lean on Forensics to cough up that report on Pochenko's blue jeans.
  • Rook: I don't recall getting bitten any time ...
  • Heat: Blackout probably set the lab behind on schedule, but it's been long enough.
  • Rook: Things were happening fast and, dare I say, furious.
  • Heat: I'm betting those fibers match.
  • Rook: But still ... you'd think I'd remember a bite.
  • Heat: Surveillance video be damned, somehow he got in there, I'd bet on it. I know he likes his fire escapes.
  • Rook: Am I talking too much.
  • Heat: Yes.
  • Rook: ...
  • Heat: ...
  • Rook: ....
  • Heat: ....
  • Rook: ....
  • Heat: ....
  • Heat: When you're done, go to the precinct and wait for me. I'll meet you there after I finish at the impound. By the way? Yes. I did bite your tongue.
Reunion sex,” he said. “Nothing like it.”
“Hotel sex? Sex on the roof? And what about that time in the back
of the squad car?”
“Oh, right. You know I’m very sorry to hear the NYPD is retiring
the noble Crown Victoria from the fleet. Fuel economy is one thing.
A spacious and, might I say, firm, backseat is another.

Raging Heat, Richard Castle

That sound you hear is thousands of fangirls whispering ‘I knew it’.