1. dangerdumont - Wow, looks like this is officially my favourite blog. A good blend of awesome stuff, mainly natural history, various fandoms and ferret gifs.
  2. scientificillustration - I find out a lot of interesting stuff with this blog, and the guy who runs it is very helpful and obliging with requests. Did you know that dugong skulls look awesome?
  3. prehistoric-birds - My favourite palaeontology blog. Honourable mentions include paleoillustration and fuckyeahdinoart.
  4. jamesofthrones - The side blog of a guy who mainly writes pissy responses to anyone who puts something in his ask box. His main blog soselfimportant is better, but hardly updates, so didn’t make it into my crushes.
  5. roachpatrol - Art and other cool stuffs.
  6. shirtoid - Cool shirt designs, but many of them are crappy crossovers.
  7. english-crumpet - A bro of mine. Good mix of cool stuff.
  8. supuru -  Art and other cool stuffs.
  9. dailyfossil - Does what it says on the tin. Good balance of fossils from all eras.