Lily hated Rose. Rose was and had everything Lily wanted. While Lily was a Slytherin outcast, Rose was a Gryffindor popularity queen, and while Lily was struggling to pass classes, Rose never had to study. But the two things Lily hated Rose for the most was that she had Scorpius, and that James and Albus preferred Rose over her.

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of bowling balls and true love / that modern jily!au when lily goes on a date with amos diggory [part 1]

“I seriously regret telling you this,” Marlene informs James with a sigh. Sirius snorts. “Why did you tell him?” he asks, as they watch James glower at the couple on their date. “Friendship code,” Marlene says, before pointedly saying, “that I’m pretty sure says friends don’t make their best friend stalk her other best friend on a first date with the lacrosse captain!”
James ignores this. “He’s a lost cause, McKinnon,” Sirius says casually, leaning back in his seat and Marlene makes a disgruntled noise. “He’s a lovesick wanker,” she says raising her voice again so James hears. James, again, ignores this. “Come on, Evans, you can play better than that—what is she doing?” he mutters to himself.
“Probably playing a little badly so he feels better,” Marlene shrugs. “Men have weak egos.” Sirius raises an eyebrow. “So if I played you—” he begins, before Marlene interrupts. “I’d win,” she says, eyes dancing and a cheeky grin on her face. “I don’t believe in playing easy. I play to win.” Sirius opens his mouth, but James cuts him off. “No cute banter and flirting,” he instructs grumpily, “when I’m here, dying of a broken—oh, shit, hide!”
Marlene watches in exasperation as James dives under the table; a second later, both she and Sirius are crashing beneath it, James having pulled them down. “She’s looking,” James hisses, and Marlene glares at him. “Definitely regret telling you,” she mutters. Sirius snickers.

Albus was bitten by a werewolf when he was 13 in revenge for his dad’s involvement in the war. James, Fred, and Lily worked together to become Animagi. At first, Lily wasn’t allowed to join them, but with a little blackmail Lily was allowed in on the process. It took them a few years, but they accomplished their goal. James was a Siberian husky, Fred was a fox, and Lily was a wolf.

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Flying lessons

Harry’s first flying lesson as seen by Lily and James

Lily: James it’s not normal that you are more excited than Harry is.

James: What if he’s not good? My offspring.. not a good flyer? I can’t deal with that.

Lily: I’m pretty sure he’ll do just fine.

James: Fine doesn’t cut it.

Lily: Sure it does, he doesn’t have to be as good as you are.

James: Nope. I won’t have anyone saying my boy is not a good flyer. 

Lily: Again, I’m pretty sure he’ll do just fine and if he doesn’t no one will care.

James: Ssh, it’s time.

Lily: Stop treating this like it’s a life or death matter, will you?

James: Woman if he’s not a good flyer, he won’t get into the Quidditch team. I had one dream about this boy, that he would make it into the Quidditch team and also, that he’d have my hair, completely irrelevant but yeah. One down, one to go.

*Madame Hooch tells them how to get the broom up in the air, as they climb their brooms, Neville loses control*

James: Did you see how fast his broom lifted? DID YOU?! 

Lily: *stares*

*Neville falls down*

James: Stop staring. Ouch, that must have hurt. Look Lily, little Prongs is defending his friend.. I AM HAVING A PROUD DAD MOMENT HERE, STOP STARING.

Lily: You’re weird.

James: You know what you signed up for when you said yes Evans, am I wrong? I mean, you knew I would freak out over anything related to Quidditch.

Lily: James?

James: Do you remember his little onesie with snitches on it? And the small toy broomstick Padfoot bought him? It was–

Lily: James?

James: What?

Lily: He’s flying.

James: He’s whAT? *James sees Harry fly and catch the remembrall* Did you.. Did you just see that? WHAT THE HELL? THAT WAS LEGENDARY LILY! I AM TELLING YOU THAT WAS INCREDIBLE. Oh shit McGonagall saw him. Shit shit shit.

*James continues freaking out as McGonagall takes Harry*

Lily: James? Calm down, she’s taking him somewhere. She just took him to talk to some other student.

*They both watch as McGonagall introduces Harry to Oliver Wood, making him the new Seeker of Gryffindor Quidditch Team, James is biting his nails with excitement*

James: the youngest seeker in a century? My son? 

Lily: Are you happy now?

James: Happy? Lils, I am beyond happy, this is as happy as I will get for a long while. *His eyes tear up a little*

Lily: Was that a small tear I just saw in the eyes of great James Potter?

James: No it definitely was not.

Lily: *knowing stares*

James: So what? Can’t a man be proud of his son?

Lily: Yes, yes he can baby, I’m sorry.

*James can’t be contained until Harry’s first game, he’s a little bit too happy but Lily doesn’t mess with it since she hasn’t seen him like this for a long while*

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Just a friendly reminder that Lily was born BEFORE James

Lily’s birthday is January 30 1960 and James’ was March 27 1960.

Can you imagine on Lilys birthday that she makes fun of being just barely older than him.

“Ha I’m older than you”

“That means you’ll die first”

“Not with you’re stupid adventures with Sirius.”

I mean can you see it? I can.

And then when he asks her to do stuff for him.

“Lily, it’s you’re turn to change Harry.”

“I’m older you can’t tell me what to do.”

“I’ll be the same age as you in 2 weeks-”

“And for two weeks you can’t boss me around. Go change Harry.”

“I don’t have to listen to you.”

“You do if you wanna sleep with an older girl tonight”

“I’ll be right back.”


James would do anything to protect Lily. He never dared to say she would be put in Slytherin. Later she told him and Albus that the Hat almost put her in that house. Albus and James both admitted that the Hat had done the same thing. It brought the three of them closer.

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the invisibility cloak

Harry’s first Christmas at Hogwarts as seen by Lily and James

Lily: James? JAMES! Harry’s opening his Christmas presents. 

James: *apprarently anxious and sad* But?

Lily: I know you’re checking on Remus but it’s been 4 days since the full moon. Come on, I know you don’t want to miss this. 

*James is now watching Harry with Lily, Harry starts opening his presents*

Lily: Why did Petunia and Vernon even bother with sending anything? 

James: Probably because they are assholes.

Lily: Probably. Can you think Vernon trying to tie an envelope to an owl’s leg?

James: *laughing* Yes, kind of. *doing an impression of Vernon Dursley* “Sit still you bloody bird.”

Lily: *chuckles* Pretty close. Look at that! Molly knit him a sweater, oh that woman.

James: *grinning* You didn’t like her that much when she was Head Girl.

Lily: Oh shut up.

*Harry picks up the last parcel, which contains the Invisibility Cloak*

James: Who do you think that one’s from? *excited* Do you think it could be from Moony?

Lily: I don’t think so James, you know Remus would stay away from him because of his condition. Also it’s been eleven years, if he wanted to contact him, he would have done it already.

James: I’m gonna smack him in the head when I see him. I don’t say that he should meet Harry in his wolf form. His self pity is murder, he thinks he’s full time wolf and part time human when it’s vice versa.

*Harry opens the parcel*

Lily: Is that what I think it is?

James: Is that my InvisibiLITY CLOAK? 

Lily: *freaking out a little* No, no this is not good. Who sent it?

James: Dumbledore probably, I lent it to him before– you know. Oh that old man knows how to make me happy.

Lily: *letting out a long sigh* What does he think he’s doing giving a child something like that? He was supposed to be a genius

James: You know he’s a bit crazy, too.

Lily: He knows you used that to get around school after hours using that. Why is he helping Harry break school rules?

James: *raising an eyebrow* I don’t remember you talking about breaking rules when we were getting around with it after hours? *winks* If you know what I mean.

Lily: *smacks James in the head* Fuck off, Potter. 

James: *smirking* Both cursing and using my last name, that’s a new level of annoyance.

Lily: We were Head Boy and Head Girl AND we were way older than he was. He’s the boy who lived for heaven’s sake. Shouldn’t Dumbledore be a little bit more careful?

James: Alright, alright I get your point. *pouting a little* I was just excited because he got something that belonged to me once.

Lily: James Potter, you are a grown man. Don’t you pout, you know I hate it when you pout but I’m sorry for ruining your moment.

James: You know you love it when I pout Evans.

*The night of Christmas Harry decides to use The Invisibility Cloak. He goes to The Restricted Section*

Lily: I thought he would have waited at least a few days before trying it out. Where is he going anyways?

James: Restricted Section. I mean I hope he’s not going to the library like this because it’s not worth it.

Lily: Nothing is worth it. He’s gonna get caught.

James: No he’s not, He’s my son.

Lily: And you genuinely believe you haven’t got caught!? You and Sirius are still holding the record for most detentions in a school year.

James: And I’m really very scared that those Weasley twins might take it away from us. *pauses to check on Harry* No Harry, you don’t go around opening any book you find in the Restricted Section, for the love of– *the book shrieks* Yes, he’s going to get caught.

Lily: Told you.

James: I never thought he would open a screaming book to be honest. Come on Harry, don’t get caught by Snivellus, don’t give him the satisfaction.

Lily: *exasperated* Something’s never change, do they?

*While they are arguing Harry enters the room where the Mirror of Erised is kept. I’ve already written that you can read it here.*

the vanishing glass

the vanishing glass scene as seen by Lily and James

Lily: We should have been the ones to take him to his first zoo trip.

James: *grins* In case you forgot we had a small zoo of our own Evans. You got a cat as if a rat, a wolf, a dog and a deer wasn’t enough.

Lily: Well, you guys weren’t full time animals and a deer is not a cuddly animal to be honest.

James: What? I am cuddly.

Lily: As a person, yes. More than necessary sometimes but as a deer not so much baby. It’s very hard to cuddle with your antlers.

James: I feel unappreciated.

Lily: *laughs* Don’t be ridiculous.

James: I’ll do whatever I want if it means you’ll laugh.

Lily: Still flirting in the afterlife, eh?

James: *smirks* It’s in my blood Evans, I can’t stop.

*Lily decides to check on Harry, since she was very caught up with James being cute*

Lily: Is Harry talking to that snake?

James: He’s not just talking, he’s making small talk to him. How can he? 

Lily: He speaks parseltongue? The only way I can think of is that he is tied to Slytherins somehow. Do you have Slytherin in your ancestry?

James: *offended* I most certainly do not. Do you?

Lily: James, I’m muggle-born.

James: Oh yeah, sorry.

*meanwhile all hell breaks loose as the glass of the snake’s tank vanishes* 

Lily: Oh god Harry did that, it’s because he doesn’t know he can do these. Vernon will know it was him. I know he’s going to starve him, he’s disgusting, I don’t know what Petunia sees in him.

James: You know he can sneak out of the cupboard by now Lils, please don’t upset yourself.

Lily: I know, I know he can sneak out but still he’s so tiny, it makes me sad.

James: *lying to make Lily feel better* I was like him when I was his age, don’t you always say he’s like a miniature of me?

Lily: *relieved a little, smiling* Yes, yes I do. 

James: I am curious and a little bit worried about the talking to snakes thing. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Lily: Just because he speaks to snakes doesn’t mean he’ll be a Slytherin if that’s what you worry about.

James: When did you start reading my mind?

Lily: *smiles weakly* The moment I met you. Your face gives away so much.

James: So I’ve been told. Anyways, I don’t care much in which house he is but I’m not going to lie I want him to be in Gryffindor.

Lily: You just lied to yourself.

James: *shrugs his shoulders* Yes I did, I don’t want him any house other than Gryffindor.

Lily: I knew that before he was born.

James: I know that’s how you feel, too.

Lily: No, it’s not he should be in the house Sorting Hat sees fit.

James: Now, who’s the one lying?

Lily: I am not lying.

James: Yes, you are.

Lily: I am n– *James raises an eyebrow* Oh, alright, alright. I’d rather have him in Gryffindor, too. But that’s normal right? I am not being a disgusting parent like Sirius’ family?

James: *trying to suppress his laughter* Of course not.

Lily: Good, *takes a deep breath* good.

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005. Over the summer Sirius had a dream that James and Lily were getting married. The marauders laughed about it for weeks then when they saw her at King's Cross Sirius winked and elbowed James in the ribs, "Look! It's your future wife". James froze, eyes following her as she climbed onto the train. Finally after she disappeared from view James whispered a soft "Yeah."

I really want James and Lily’s cottage house to exist in it’s broken, bittersweet glory, with the words

“On this spot, on the night of 31 October 1981, Lily and James Potter lost their lives. Their son, Harry, remains the only wizard ever to have survived the Killing Curse. This house, invisible to Muggles, has been left in its ruined state as a monument to the Potters and as a reminder of the violence that tore apart their family.”

So that when visitors come to pay tribute to the family and bring their children along, everyone can see how violence tears the world apart and how it tore this family apart.

I think the world needs that.