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anonymous asked:

Please tell me your favorite 5 fanmix of star trek (any theme, any main chara and any ships are fine!)

I haven’t actually listened to all of the fanmixes that I’ve reblogged because they are usually 30-45 minutes long, and I have to be in the mood for music but these are some really good ones i’ve listened to. be sure to check out my fanmix tag, if you like! the silence between the stars by jameskirke, mirror, mirror; a tos mirror!verse space husbands fanmix by theponfarr, a dirty south bones mix by cmoleonardmccoy, swiggity swag, look who’s da capt by tomhiddleing, the city is my church (it wraps me in its blinding twilight) by spacialspock.

I can’t stop listening to this playlist by efriis (jameskirke). All I want in my next life is to be a Star Fleet Officer and to journey through space. 

Outro M83 // Second Summer (RAC Remix) Yacht // Twilight Galaxy Metric // Rampage Starkillers, Richard Beynon & Kai // Only If You Run Julian Plenti // We Come Running (RAC Remix) Youngblood Hawke // My Boy Builds Coffins Florence & The Machine // Beaste (Radio Edit) Nico Vega // Graceless The National // Child I Will Hurt You Crystal Castles // Bird Song Intro Florence & The Machine

anonymous asked:

did you see that jameskirke copied your vulcan playlist /post/71567573775/v-u-l-c-a-n-a-mix-for-a-planet-lost-forever

yeah i saw jameskirke’s playlist! i follow her! i have yet to listen to it because i’ve been working. i’m sure it’s gonna be great though bc all her playlists are

but i did look at the tracklisting and no i dont feel like she Copied My Playlist theres like? 1 song on hers that’s on mine? and 2 songs from a movie ost i used a different song from? and the rest are all different things! if you wanna see someone copy my playlists i can show you plenty lmfao, thanks for looking out for me tho!