Every year on your birthday I try to express my feelings for you through a text but I always feel like this isn’t enough. If you have an idea of how much you changed my life Stephanie … if I like kpop nowadays it’s because of you, all began with you and I’ll be forever grateful to you and the truth is that even if you do not know about this but you saved my life. I still remember the day when I first saw you and I instantly became a SNSD fan. It wasn’t  seeing you in mv but just a simple picture of you and you were smiling, the most beautiful and genuine smile I’ve ever seen and I started looking more about you and the members, since that day every time I saw you smile I felt a lull in my heart and I dreamed about you in that same day … I just remember a saw a lot of edits of you and my heart pounded so hard that I woke up and ended up smiling and then you became my inspiration and my dream Stephanie and since then I dream to meet you and see you smiling at me. Maybe it was fate trying to tell me that I would edit pictures of you and to be honest this is like a medicine and therapy to me, I feel so happy when I see your pictures and when I edit them. When you have used one of my edits in your ig’s profile, I never felt more happy in my life and I know this is completely insane because I’m just one more fan but that meant the world to me, actually YOU mean the world to me. I can’t imagine myself without you in my life, it’s impossible because you became a part of me. Only God knows how much I love you and how much I pray for your happiness. You’re strong Stephi, you really are … you had to deal with a important lost when you were young and you decided to move to another country alone when you weren’t fluent in that language by that time and although your dad didn’t want you to go, you just said it was your dream and you went and made it! You met another 8 amazing girls and now you’re part of the biggest group of Asia. Do you have idea how proud I am of you? You went through difficult things, trained hard and continued to fight with a smile on your face to get where you are. That’s why you’re my biggest inspiration Stephanie and I have a lot of fails, I give up easily and cry almost every day but when I see you, somehow you give me strength to move on … so thank you! Thanks for being who you are and making me know a little what happiness is, I’ll have an eternal debt with you. I hope you enjoy this important day and be happy. I really wish you could read this but I just hope my words reach your heart somehow. Happy 26th birthday my Queen, I love you until the end Stephanie Young Hwang.