TOADLER - the Helpful Pokemon

Height 1'01" Weight 10.0lbs

Toadler are often helping those around it, finding food, making nests, etc. They find great joy in the service of others.

SERVITOAD - the Service Pokemon
Height 1'11" Weight 27.5lbs

When people get lost in forests that it inhabits, Servitoad will flock to their rescue to provide berries and water from nearby sources. Servitoad will insist on carrying your things.

MAITRETOAD - the Butler Pokemon
Height 5′10" Weight 141.0lbs

Maitretoad often interact with an air of professionalism. Maitretoad seek out Princesct to serve faithfully, even protecting them in battle.

I wanted to do a Butler Pokemon to go with my Prinsect fakemon. I always liked the idea of toad butlers so there ya go.

Emerald by jamescrabb
Gender: Male
Pronouns: he/him/his
Height: 5’5”
Weapon: Star Hammer
Gem Type: Emerald
Likes: Green things, desserts, cute stuff, the Crystal Gems, singing and music, space
Dislikes: Super Sour stuff, when someone doesn’t like him
Hobbies: Enjoys singing, looking at stars, making new friends, people watching, baking
Talents/Skills: The placement of his gems on his hands allow him to swing his hammer with great strength and speed. Problem Solving! Works excellent in teams.
Personality: Emerald(nicknamed Em or Emers) is very kind. He enjoys making friends and having a good happy time. He may seem goofy or too nice - but he takes defending humanity from danger very seriously. If he’s friends with you he will bake you things for dessert! Em can often be seen just star gazing while listening to music.


COILIVE - the Live Wire Pokemon
Height 0"11" Weight 2.3lbs

Coilive are very small, but pack a large electric punch. They’re tail end glows hot when surging with electricity.

TESLAUGHT - the Live Wire Pokemon
Height 4'01" Weight 126.3lbs

Using the bolts below it’s head piece, Teslaught freely moves it’s arms to assist in battle. Teslaught must be very careful not to cross it’s arms - the explosion would be too severe.

I wanted to make a Tesla Coil fakemon lol.

jamescrabb replied to your post:Ahhh man I still can’t get over how good Bravely…

Bravely Default is good? I hear good things about it and it looks beautiful. :o

It’s suuuuper super good. It seems to do everything right, in terms of story and mechanics and not giving the player any hassle if they want to play a certain way. Like, you can adjust the encounter rate down to 0% or up to 200% at anytime if you want to, that’s insanely good convenience.

And oh gosh yeah, it’s a real pretty game too. The visuals and job outfit designs and such are all rad.

MEOWNYX - the Lunar Cat Pokemon
Height 3'11" Weight 72.5lbs

Found primarily in cities, they are often the boss of mobs of Pokemon. Their tails light up to assist their followers to see at night, and to blind opposing forces.

Here is Meoown’s evolution! I’m considering either doing another evolution,, or maybe doing a branch evolution. I’m not sure yet. :o

jamescrabb replied to your photo:I bleached my roots the other day, but I managed…

i’ve always wanted to bleach my hair so i could do something fun with it. any tips for a newbie at this shit?

Ummmmmmmmmm just get a hair lightening kit from the shop! It’ll be with the hair dye :) It’s really easy, you just mix it up, put it on your hair and boom, lighter hair! 

It’s good to let your hair get kinda greasy beforehand because the oils protect your scalp whilst the chemicals work, otherwise it can be a bit sting-y. 

Good luck!