After a friend pointed out my Black Widow dress design reminded her of this movie, I just had to do it. I don’t care how many times it’s been parodied, this is now my absolute ultimate head canon. Assassins? Check. Attempted to kill each other? Check. Rekindled their romance? Check. Married? CHECK.CHECK.CHECK (*cough*1872 comics*cough)


To the first picture: I just love Leslie and Jim together ^^ nothing more to say XD

To the second one…
Yeah…I’ve been infected by the Nygmobblepot fandom >3<
Seriously, who came up with the shipping name?!
Was it not even Robin and Cory themselves? XD i do recall something like that…XD
Why not Osward, - Edwald, or …Pengler? XD Nooo you have to choose a name you can’t even spell at the first try ToT
Btw i hope i managed to give a creepy tone to this picture
because…the episodes where Oswald lives in Edwards Apartment do have a really creepy tone on them O.o
but i love them anyway XD

Cherik/McFassy AU Snk/Attack on Titan

oh have you ever thought about Charles as Captain Levi and Erik as Erwin

Humanity’s Strongest :)

Humanity’s thickest eyebrow XD

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