Highrise of Holmes | James Wines

This housing structure offers apartment dwellers the unique advantages of garden space and personalized architectural identity in a multi-story condominium. The building is a steel and concrete matrix supporting a vertical community of private homes, clustered into village-like communities on each floor. One of the objectives is to offer a ‘choice, chance and change’ alternative to conventional housing blocks in the cityscape - replacing this imposed anonymity with an anti-formalist collage of indeterminacy, idiosyncrasy and cultural diversity created by the residents themselves.

Talented illustrator James Chapman (of Tumblr’s Pictures by James Chapman) created this fantastic guide to drinking around the world for F&W. His favorite discovery was ‘goku goku’ in Japanese. “It’s so different from sounds I’d normally associate with drinking, but somehow I can relate to it,” he says. “Also the tea she is drinking looks particularly delicious.”