Guía de libros ideales para distintas situaciones basado en mi (poca) experiencia leyendo

- Si quieres leer un libro donde te enamorarás del personaje principal:
1. Un beso en París, Stephanie Perkins
2. Maravilloso Desastre, Jamie McGuire
3. Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell
4. Some Boys, Patty Blount (sólo disponible en inglés)
5. Orgullo y prejuicio, Jane Austen
6. El lado explosivo de Jude, Nicole Williams
7. Everything, Everything, Nicola Yoon

- Si quieres leer un libro con temas importantes así como la tolerancia a los grupos LGBT, el abuso, feminismo, maltrato animal, entre otros:
1. Aristóteles y Dante descubren los secretos del Universo, Benjamin Alire Sáenz (LGBT)
2. Some Boys, Patty Blount (Feminismo, abuso)
3. El único e incomparable Iván, Katherine Applegate (Maltrato animal)
4. Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur (Poesías sobre el feminismo, abuso, entre otros. Solo disponible en Inglés)
5. La lección de August, RJ Palacio (Bullying)
6. La canción de Aquiles (LGBT)

- Si quieres leer un libro que te ayude a sanar tu corazón:
1. Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur

- Si quieres leer libros donde puedas aprender más sobre distintos temas:
1. Saga Percy Jackson y los dioses del Olimpo, Rick Riordan (Mitología griega)
2. Trilogía Magnus Chase y los dioses de Asgard, Rick Riordan (Mitología nórdica, solo disponible en inglés por el momento)
3. Saga Los Héroes del Olimpo, Rick Riordan (Mitología griega y romana, se recomienda leer después de acabar Percy Jackson)
4. El teorema de Katherines, John Green (El personaje principal es un niño prodigio, por lo que continuamente hace referencias a datos científicos que se pueden encontrar interesantes)
5. La canción de Aquiles, Madeline Miller (Está centrado en la Guerra de Troya y se basa en La Iliada)

- Si quieres libros con los que llorar: 
1. Leal, Veronica Roth (Divergente #3)
2. Sinsajo, Suzanne Collins (Los juegos del hambre #3) 
3. La cura mortal, James Dashner (Correr o morir #3)
4. Un paseo para recordar, Nicholas Sparks
5. El cuaderno de Noah, Nicholas Sparks
6. Sangre de Corazón, Carlos Cuauhtémoc Sánchez
7. Si decido quedarme, Gayle Forman
8. La canción de Aquiles, Madeline Miller

- Si quieres leer nuevas sagas y/o trilogías:
1. Saga Hush Hush, Becca Fitzpatrick (Ángeles caídos)
2. Trilogía El fin de los tiempos, Susan Ee (Ángeles caídos)
3. Saga Las Crónicas Lunares, Marissa Meyer (Futurista)
4. Saga Cazadores de Sombras, Cassandra Clare 
5. Saga Harry Potter, JK Rowling
6. Trilogía Divergente (+ Cuatro), Veronica Roth 
7. Saga Correr o Morir, James Dashner
8. Saga Percy Jackson y los dioses del Olimpo, Rick Riordan
9. Trilogía Firelight, Sophie Jordan (Personajes basados en dragones)
10. Trilogía Magnus Chase y los dioses de Asgard, Rick Riordan
11. Saga Los Héroes del Olimpo, Rick Riordan
12. Trilogía Los Juegos del Hambre, Suzanne Collins
13. Trilogía Crash, Nicole Williams
14. Saga Maravilloso Desastre, Jamie McGuire

Este texto se irá actualizando cada que acabe un libro y decida ponerlo en una nueva lista.

welcometomomuniverse  asked:

Hi, I'm doing some research right now in regards to fans imagining of harry potter. you were the first blog i found to suggest the idea that harry could be Indian. Do you have any specific headcanons in regards to this? Or what it means to you to have him be Indian? It's okay if you're not comfortable answering. Thanks.

This is a really great idea! I hope your research goes well. 

Well I began to imagine Harry as being half Indian because Harry as a character reminds me of my brother (who like me is half Indian). I always saw him as looking sort of like Dan in terms of skin colour and hair colour. 

It was only through Tumblr that I really started to look more deeply into it. A lot of people had Harry as mixed race in their minds and seeing all that art and those ideas allowed me to explore my own thoughts on it. 

Reading the books again (I read them at least once a year), I realised how meaningful it was that the Dursleys had never liked or approved of James Potter. They seemed to see Lily as having lowered herself by marrying him. To me, as a child of an Indian father and English mother, I KNOW that reaction very well. Sometimes it’s not said, but it’s implied and it gets to you. People called James lazy and basically hinted that he wasn’t good enough for Lily (Snape and Petunia mostly) which is a sure sign he was brown, because as far as I can see James was a good man who adored his wife and son. A lot of people will unfortunately always go out of their way to try and make brown men look bad. Not to mention that Snape’s superiority complex was so deep that I find it hard to believe that it just came from the fact James was cruel to him at school. I honestly believe it was partly because Snape held racist beliefs (at least when he was younger). He never could take it that Lily had chosen James over him. 

The stuff about Harry’s dark, messy hair seemed to fit too, because in our family we all have dark hair that curls. My brother’s hair curls if it grows long enough, and my dad has really thick dark hair as well. 

Then there’s how the Dursleys used to try and hide Harry’s appearance from the neighbours, which implied he looked noticeably different to his family. I always got the impression the Durselys and their neighbours were UKIP sort of people. You know, the sort who wouldn’t say they were racist but would be suspicious if they saw a brown person in a shop. 

I know the reason the Dursleys don’t tell Harry about James is because of the magic, but I also like to think that part of the reason was that they wanted to bring him up like a ‘nice English boy’ and keep him from his father’s culture. Everything about them screams trying desperately to make Harry ‘normal’ and to them ‘normal’ would probably mean trying to erase his links to his heritage. He might have found power and solace in that, and they wouldn’t have wanted that.

There’s also the fact that before James was murdered, he was making sparks of light fly from his wand to make baby Harry laugh. In 1981 (the year of the murders) Diwali would have fallen on October 27th, which is only 3 days before Halloween, when James was making the sparks. I personally feel this could have been to do with Diwali, since it is the festival of lights. 

Last (that I can think of right now) is how Harry’s eyes always stand out to people. They are obviously striking, and I think him being brown skinned and dark haired and having his mother’s green eyes would make that more prominent. My brother has green-ish eyes (inherited from our mother), despite the fact most of our Indian family (me included) all have dark brown. It’s definitely noticeable and something you might comment on. 

Thanks for the question by the way! These aren’t all my original headcanons, but I can’t really source them because they’ve come about through reading the ideas of lots of people and forming my own ideas for Harry through them. 


crave you

summary: highschool au//popular boy jefferson is pining over studious alex super hard and alex doesn’t notice him (yet) (mention of past jeffmads)

words: 1,140

warnings: none! super fluffy

this is totally incomplete but we can change that ;-)

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  • Lucie: What is going on with you and Cordelia?
  • James: Come on, Lucie, not this again.
  • Lucie: You gotta admit there's a spark.
  • James: How many times do I have to say it? She's like a sister.
  • Lucie: That's what Luke said about Leia.

Or “This is what it feels like”

august @jilychallenge | @acciododie vs @tadasgay

The first wizarding war + “james thinks lily has moved on when he returns from a long order mission and she’s pregnant but omG he’s fATHERED a child”

Her heart is catching in her throat, twisting like a thousand snakes, and her fingers are numb as she presses them into his. It’s got to be like this. They all have a part to play, but it’s not supposed to be like this. There’s always the risk of dying, but Lily knows that she can’t let him die.

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anonymous asked:

what's 'mianite'? i get so confused whenever it's brought up ;;

oh god

ok so

essentially it’s this semi long minecraft series that was started a couple years ago. it followed four main people being captainsparklez, syndicate, jericho, and omgitsfirefoxx (jordan, tom, tucker, and sonja) it started out with tom wanting a server to fuck around on and tucker was like lmao ok. eventually jordan and sonja started playing too, along with some other people, like waglington, or james.

at first it was just good ol fun but then there a mianite (a god) and dianite (another god; they’re related) dianite was bad and mianite was good and that was it for awhile until jordan started playing. he didn’t want to join a side so he was like lmao team ianite boi and eventually she became an actual god as well

this is just all of season one i’m talking about; season two has so much shi t going on oh my g o d i’m just gonna put more under the cut if you wanna read it (but there might be spoilers if you think the above is good enough)

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Lily Evans was fire.

From her dark red hair to her fiery attitude, she was just like fire.

Whenever she glared at James and would threaten to hex him, James could almost see sparks emanating from her.
He wasn’t wrong, though, because when they had their first kiss, sparks flew. (Quite literally, Sirius snuck up on them and let loose fireworks, which didn’t turn out so well, but that’s a different story).

Whenever she ran, her fiery red hair would flow behind her, making it look like her hair was fire.

Whenever she would sit by the black lake giggling with her friends, she would put out her hand and the sunset would shine on the tip of her fingers, creating the illusion that there was fire emanating from her hands.

When they got married, dying sparks from the fireworks would settle in her hair, causing her hair to catch on fire, before she giggled and mumbled a spell causing the little flame to die.

When they had Harry, she would always produce a little ball of warm (not hot) fire for him to play with when he got bored.

When she would fall asleep on the couch, James would carry her up to their room, and every time he couldn’t help but think that she was just like fire, from the way her dark red hair seemed to look like it burning because of certain areas of lighting, and to her fiery attitude; she would always win an argument no matter what.

But fire, although how wonderful and beautiful it is, dies out quickly.

And that seemed to be the case with Lily Evans.

“I have a feeling that you are going to change my life.”

Bucky was stuck doing grocery shopping. He detested going to the grocery store. There were often too many people and he always had the worse luck at the carts. He always managed to get one that made incessant noises.

He grabbed the shopping list out of his back pocket that he was given by Sam an hour ago.

“Oatmeal, apples, bananas, yogurt….” he mumbled the list out loud. Bucky didn’t know how he got stuck doing the shopping. Everyone else sort of pointed their fingers at him and told him it was his turn.

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Sequel to this drabble where Thomas proposes. There’s a third part coming - the wedding night!

The ceremony, such as it is, is brief and unadorned, although that is certainly not to say it is unemotional. Quite the opposite. It is also well-attended.

Mostly, James thinks, it is for lack of entertainment in the long dormitories in the evening. Still, Thomas has made friends here, who are happy to see him so happy, and everyone is respectful. James is glad for that.

Someone has stolen a spare dog collar from the priest. It is not quite the respectable Church of England wedding Thomas and Miranda must have had all those years ago, James thinks, but it is enough. More than enough. He still can’t quite believe Thomas is here, and alive, and holding his hand, as they stand before the priest.

They had broken with tradition (or perhaps rejected it outright) on account of the fact that neither of them can bear to let the other out of their sight, even for a moment. It has been two days since they were reunited, and the idea that seeing each other the night before they are Wedcould be bad luck, considering the last ten years, is laughable. God knows, thinks James, they have had enough bad luck for a lifetime.

They both cry when they say their vows. How could they not? Thomas is smiling through his tears, but James is solemn, serious. The vows were the only part James wanted to be involved in. Thomas had worked with the priest, another James, as it happened, to alter the marriage ceremony so that it was apt for two men getting married. He had taken great joy in it, to rebel against the very system that was currently subjugating him, by doing something so simple as proclaiming his love.

They are bidden to kiss, when they are married, and James knows that is Thomas’s doing, old romantic that he is. The men surrounding them clap and whistle and cheer, and James muses that it isn’t a million miles away from the few matelotages he’d been witness to. Except, unlike them, and unlike the vast majority of Christian marriages, it is not a match made for politics or propriety, but for purest, truest love. James feels like he is hovering above the ground, and for a moment, with Thomas’s hand in his, leading him out of the fray, he can almost forget that they are still prisoners - still slaves.

Thomas takes him outside, under the cold stars, and kisses him for a very long time. When they finally break apart, James gazes up at Thomas, and is alarmed to see him crying, silently, tears streaming down his face.

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I’ve missed you (Bucky Barnes x Reader request)

This is for @miiathelamia247 who requested a Bucky x reader where they have history in Hydra and the reader has powers like the lunars from the lunar chronicles. First I want to apologize for any incorrect power uses bcs I don’t read the lunar chronicles BUT my cousin does and I ‘consulted’ with her first before writing this fic. Enjoy!

At first, (Y/n) was shocked of the true identity of the winter soldier, even as one of the few people who ever saw the soldier unmasked. She had seen a picture of James Buchanan Barnes courtesy of Steve Rogers, and she would admit they had a resemblance, but the difference was that the winter soldier didn’t have the same spark as James Buchanan Barnes did. And on the bridge in DC, she saw that spark.
They knew each other before (Y/n) even knew her own name.
She was a mutated asset, she was called the Alpha, because she was able to control every single soldier in Hydra. Taken from her family when she was an infant, she became the perfect experiment, assuring loyalty to Hydra. They didn’t know what she was mutating her into, but it turned out she could use glamour, manipulating bioelectricity of all humans.
That was one of the reasons why she could control the winter soldier. She could manipulate his mind, making him see illusions that wasn’t real. That, at least was what Hydra thought. They would go on missions together because the soldier would go erratic in worst times. Alpha had a more personal connection with the soldier, and she didn’t even have to use her powers.
The first time they met, The Alpha was just sixteen, and the winter soldier being biologically twenty-four.
It was a simple mission to place an EMP device in Chicago’s main server. Nothing they haven’t done a thousand times before. But this time it was different. They did it together, as a team. Somewhere in the middle of their mission, the winter soldier grew erratic, unstable. That was how they made a connection.
They started going to missions together more often. The both felt something they never thought they could even feel. Hell, they didn’t think they could even feel.
They ignored it at first but their emotions kept growing, until one day, she invited him to her chambers and they… confessed to each other. Their first kiss was also her first. As for the soldier, he doesn’t remember. She remembered their first night like it was yesterday. She was only sixteen, and he gave her a taste of the world in one night.
They’d steal their moments each time they could, even in Hydra facility hallways. That was when her powers came in to good use. Manipulating human mind were no problem for her, the only problems were with mirrors and android. Fortunately, Hydra didn’t have many of them.
The soldier started telling her about glimpses of the past, about the war, about the train he fell from.
That was when they started rebelling against Hydra. They wanted to know about their origins, where they came from. They caused chaos, each of their offense worse than the last.
When Hydra had enough of them, they moved them to different facilities. Hydra even wiped the Alpha from his memories.
She never thought she was going to see him ever again.
But here she was, in the warehouse looking at the over the only person she has feelings for. “Hey, cap,” (Y/n) called to Steve Rogers as Bucky Barnes groaned awake. He could only stare at her while she looked away, pretending not to care.
“Steve,” said Bucky lifting her head up to see his best friend. “Which Bucky am I talking to?”
“Your mom’s name was Sarah,” he said slowly. “You used to wear newspapers in your shoes.” He smiled and laughed softly. It’s been a long time since (Y/n) saw that smile.
Steve’s lips parted in joy. “Can’t read that in a museum,” he said. Sam looked at the soldier suspiciously raising his eyebrows and crossing his arms across his chest. “And just like that we’re supposed to be cool?” Bucky tilted his head to look at (Y/n). He noticed her. He knew her now. She was the Alpha, and right now, from her expression, she was manipulating everyone’s mind, altering her own appearances.
“What did I do?” he asked. “Enough,” she said sternly, a little too early.
“Oh god, I knew this would happen. Everything Hydra put inside me is still there,” he muttered, “And all you have to do is say the goddamn words.”
(Y/n) breathing became irregular.
Steve moved a bit closer. “Who was he?” he asked. “I don’t know,” Bucky answered with a soft sigh. “People are dead. The bombing, the setup, the documents, and all that just to get ten minutes with you. You need to do better than I don’t know,” Steve said. Bucky shivered. “He wanted to know about Siberia,” he said, his voice slowly cracking, “Where I was kept. He wanted to know exactly what happened.” Steve kept his ground. “Why would he need to know that?” Bucky’s eyes traveled up. “Because I’m not the only winter soldier.” Then he told them everything. How he killed Stark’s parents, how he got the extra serum, and how they made more. The worst part? (Y/n) knew it all.
“Who are they?” Steve asked, leaning on a pillar. “The most elite death squad,” he answered. “More kills than anyone in Hydra history, and that was before the serum,” he continued. “And they all turn up like you?” Sam asked. Instead of being offended Bucky shrugged it off and said, “worse.”
Steve’s eyes filled with horror. “The doctor. Could he control him?” he asked in curiosity. Bucky just looked in (Y/n)’s eyes. “She could,” he answered, and he looked down, “She could control me and everybody else even without my trigger words.”
“Said he wanted to see an empire fall,” Steve recalled, trying to change the subject. “With these guys, he could do it. They speak 30 languages, can hide in plain sight, infiltrate, assassinate, destabilize. They could take a whole country down in one night and you’ll never see them coming,” Bucky explained. Sam crossed his arms. “This would’ve been a whole lot easier a week ago,” Sam said. “If we call Tony-” Steve started and Sam cut him off, “He wouldn’t believe us.”
“even if he did-”
“Who knows if the accords won’t let him help?”
“We’re on our own,” (Y/n) said, standing up. “Maybe not,” Sam smiled, “I know a guy.”
While Steve and Sam tried to contact a man called ‘Scott Lang’ (Y/n) looked on the small blood-stained mirror in her hand. She studied the dried blood trickle on her forehead. “I know I hurt you, Alpha. You can’t play your little tricks on me,” said Bucky from behind her, looking in the mirror. He can see the wound clearly now.
She recalled just a few hours ago, the winter soldier threw her across the room because she refused to fight him.
Weak, she told herself.
“Godammit, Soldier,” (Y/n) laughed a little, “Humanize me.”
Bucky sat next to her. “You know,” he started, “At first I wasn’t sure if it was you. But I- I saw you in DC and I know I can’t be wrong.” (Y/n) smiled at him. “I have a name now,” she twirled the mirror in her hand. Bucky laughed. “I know. (Y/n) (L/n). It has a nice ring to it.”
(Y/n) raised her eyebrows at him.
Bucky shrugged, “I’ve been researching.”
She smiled even wider, “I love listening to you saying my name, Bucky.” He ruffled her hair playfully. “The feeling’s mutual, (Y/n).”
He moved closer to her and whispered in her ear, “Just like the old days, huh?” She shivered at her words and slightly pushed him away. He frowned. “Bucky, I was just sixteen,” she explained, hiding her face.
Bucky gulped. “So you’re saying what we had wasn’t real,” he said sternly. (Y/n) had no answer to that. “How old are you now? Twenty-four? Just like me,” he continued. She never thought he’d still be counting her age. “I know you’d grow into a strong young woman, (Y/n).”
(Y/n) could feel the tears pooling in her eyes as she tried to use her powers on Bucky. “Don’t,” Bucky stopped her, “I don’t care if I see you cry. I’ll always love you.” He cupped her cheeks and looked into her eyes. “(Y/n),” he said softly. “I want this to be real.”
Then he lowered his head, placing her lips gently against hers. (Y/n) found herself returning the kiss, deepening it even more.
They pulled away, and Bucky pressed his forehead against hers, looking into her vibrant eyes, “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you, too, soldier.”

9 Shakespeare quotes that apparently exist, according to 'Will'

God help the drama student who learns Shakespeare from TNT.

The network, which you would not be wrong to still primarily associate with explosion movies and reruns of Rizzoli & Isles, has embarked on a fascinating new journey with its newest scripted drama, Will. It’s the story of a young William Shakespeare. It’s insane.

There are certain qualities of the life of the suddenly-a-heartthrob playwright (played by Laurie Davidson) that the show does portray accurately. For instance: Shakespeare was English. He did write plays. He married Anne Hathaway. He chilled at the Globe Theatre. He had that stupid earring. Yet from there, everything else about Will’s treatise on history reads like an episode of Chopped where the four ingredients are Shakespeare, London, playwriting, and a handful of arbitrary quotes that he won’t have written for a decade. It’s a mishmash blender of bardic trivia that doesn’t really strive to get anything too right, but gets things wrong in splendid degree.

And then you quickly start to realize, “Well, surely that has to be the point, right?” The show is created by Craig Pearce, who co-wrote Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge!, and suddenly, it all makes perfect sense why the series embeds anachronisms in its vernacular and leans in to strange modernity with its decision to coat a grunge-adjacent Elizabethan theater scene in candy colors. The Globe groundlings, already unfortunate enough as the poor theater-loving bottom-feeders who can only afford standing room, are now a mosh pit of punk rock Club Kids with smudged lipstick and neon hair. The posters for the Globe’s plays aren’t regally ornamented listicles with a dozen typefaces but hip concert flyers with Brooklyn wheat paste and the touch of an errant Kinko’s. The actors who would become Lord Chamberlain’s Men are rowdy radicals who dabble in light choreography. Richard Burbage, history’s esteemed thespian, is a horny CW meathead. Shakespeare drops mics in rap battles. Falstaff does a stage dive.

Will is truly the breakfast cereal commercial of Shakespeare — it’s sugary and colorful and very, very bad for you, but irresistible, especially if you’ve tasted something like this before. For anyone with even a nugget of leftover Shakespeare knowledge from high school, Will can be wicked summer fun. Really. Lines like “Seems like your play is quite the thing!” are so heinous, they’re genius. If you can find it in your CliffsNotes to accept that, you can accept Will’s flaws and enjoy the plucky game of How Shakespearey Is Too Shakespearey?

Pearce’s series is revisionism by way of anarchy, with timelines not worth the energy to piece together and choices of cause-and-effect that are blatantly audacious. (Why is Shakespeare rewriting Edward III while quoting Taming of the Shrew and Romeo and Juliet? Who cares!) And whereas Shakespeare in Love made a narrative point to say, “Hey, what if this romance in Shakespeare’s life inspired some of his most famous plays?,” Will’s young Shakespeare reads like a man who had a fever dream about his future Wikipedia and now only remembers 25 percent of it like some Middle Ages Memento. Young Will stumbles through his thoughts until inspiration strikes and he can conceive what he’s destined to write.

Fortunately — and this is truly the best part, or worst part, but really, the best, but actually, the worst — everyone in London somehow helps young William Shakespeare come up with his most iconic lines! There’s the drunk man in the inn whom he overhears shouting about a nunnery. There’s Alice Burbage, daughter to legendary theater impresario James Burbage, who sparks with Shakespeare and before long, they’re finishing each other’s couplets. (Surprise: She also sneaks around dressed like a boy sometimes, because at least one major female character in every Shakespeare origin story must). There’s rival playwright Christopher Marlowe, who treats his compositions like hostage assets and skeevily introduces himself to Shakespeare with a sneering botched Hamlet line — which will come into existence 10 years later, but who cares, who cares! (Credit where it’s due: Marlowe’s presentation as psychopathic villain makes smart use of his story as a shady gay secret spy who will maybe sort of possibly [?] fake his own death in the ultimate power play for the title of Elizabethan prince of melodrama.)

Other subplots are afoot in London, and they’re mildly entertaining enough distractions that help make Will less cringeworthy and more contritely silly. Marlowe helps Shakespeare hide his dispossessed Catholic family roots from power-hungry Protestants. A Gavroche-Oliver hybrid urchin named Presto works undercover for the church in an effort to help his sister escape prostitution. Burbage gets a girlfriend. That sort of thing.

The real highlights from the first two episodes, though, are purely dialogic. Will asks you believe in quotes like:

“Who would want a play by William Shakespeare?” The opening line uttered by housewife Anne Hathaway (Stratford-upon-Avon, not Devil-upon-Prada), who in one nag sets herself up as the single person in Shakespeare’s life who doesn’t immediately recognize his genius, giving the audience license to root for his romance with the historically insignificant Alice Burbage.

— “Iambic pentameter!” The category chosen for the RAP BATTLE POETRY SLAM that a drunk playwright forces Shakespeare into in a pub straight out of Pitch Perfect hell. (After Shakespeare wins, he declares his opponent “quilled,” which is one half-step less insane than if he just said, “Boom, roasted.”)

— The scene in which Will is trying to write a nice quote about the morning but has writer’s block, leading Alice to suggest a verb so that Shakespeare can exclaim, “‘But soft, what light through yonder window… breaks?’ That’s good!”

— The scene in which one of Lord Chamberlain’s Men stumbles on Shakespeare’s word “bedazzled” and complains that it’s not a real thing. “You can’t just make up words,” the actors yells at Shakespeare, who instantly cries back, “Well, someone must!” Can you even imagine.

— The general wokeness of Alice Burbage, who demonstrates accelerated awareness of her gender’s future and thereby serves as the company’s best copywriter and says things like, “Yes, I am that most useless of creatures: an educated woman!” Girl, noooooo.

— The rival dramaturg who can’t remember Shakespeare’s name and calls him “Shakedick!”

— Shakespeare casually referring to Romeo and Juliet as “something I’ve had rolling around my head for ages,” because of course there is a solid 50 percent change that his entire romantic masterwork will be written solely from things he overhears during the next eight episodes.

“All’s well that ends well.” LOL, yes, he actually says this, aloud, to a person, in seriousness, when something has ended.

Buckle up, summer.

anonymous asked:

hey hey if you're still doing prompts could you do 34 with flinthamilton??

“If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”


It’s been a long evening. Thomas had attended a dinner at the admiralty and all night James has had to watch him converse with other people, while he’d been seated at another table, stuck with the lesser officers.

It didn’t help that every time James glances at him and Thomas catches his eye, he looks absolutely irresistible.  He’s doing it on purpose; James just knows it. It’s not bloody fair.

He keeps his head down and speaks civilly when he’s spoken to.

At the end of the night Thomas finally makes his way in the direction of James, catching him near the door.

“And how are you tonight, lieutenant?”

“You’re well aware of how I am.” James mutters under his breath.

“Oh?” Thomas’s expression is completely innocent. “Has something been distracting you from the evening’s conversation?”

“I wouldn’t know about the evening’s conversation.” James reminds him. “I was at the other table, remember?”

“Oh, I do.” Thomas murmurs. “Every time I looked up, there you were.” He’s doing it again, keeping the ardent intensity of his gaze fixed firmly on James, taunting him.

James leans in, as though he’s merely commenting on the evening’s weather. “If you keep looking at me like that, we won’t make it to a bed.”

“Is that right?” Thomas smile is blithe and untroubled. “You wouldn’t dare, lieutenant.”

“Wouldn’t I?” James says. “Come with me.”

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