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  • Sirius Black who shakes when the sorting hat is placed on his head, and asks for anything but Slytherin, and he doesn’t know, but it was never even a consideration.
  • Eleven year old Sirius who gets bad dreams about his parents, and the sorting, and his family, and his little brother, and dark magic, and crawls into the dorm bed next to his own, because James doesn’t mind and rolls to the edge of the bed to make room.
  • Twelve year old Sirius Black who finds Remus Lupin crying in the library and sneaks him into the kitchens instead of going to class, because he knows talking to James makes him feel better than crying alone, and he wants to be somebody’s James. 
  • Sirius Black who takes care of Remus Lupin, because he knows what it’s like not to have anybody to take care of you.
  • Thirteen year old Sirius who’s boggart is his own parents, with words like Mugglelover and Bloodtraitor heavy on their tongues, their wands at the ready. 
  • Thirteen year old Sirius who’s Head of House gets a visit from his defense teacher because of his disturbing boggart. 
  • Sirius Black  who starts having weekly teas with McGonagall and has a positive, loving, close, authority figure for the first time in his life. McGonnagal understanding Sirius and listening to him, and teaching him, because a boy who grew up in the toxicity of the Black house had a lot to unlearn about the world.
  • Fourteen year old Sirius who starts spending more and more time with the Potters’ until he comes to spend a week and the guest room has become his room and it has posters on the wall and it’s newly painted with matching sheets and  he thanks Ms. Potter over and over, because he doesn’t have to keep his door shut here to keep anyone away here and he feels safe for the first time in a longtime.
  • Fifteen year old Sirius who still  flinches the tiniest bit when people shout and has hands that shake when someone lectures him too harshly.
  • Sirius Black who still gets the nightmares every now and then, and wakes James up and sits at the end of his bed and talks to him until they both fall asleep again.
  • Sixteen year old Sirius who gets a common bug and has to spend his break in bed, teasing Ms. Potter that all this pampering is why James turned out so spoiled. Ms. Potter’s heart breaking because she had only made him soup and brought him extra blankets, and this kind of love was something foreign to him.
  • Sirius Black who wears James clothes as much as James wears his, because they’ve been living together in and out of school for a majority of their lives, and they’re not really sure who the original owner of the Weird Sisters shirt was, but now it’s whoever’s hiding it in their closet at the moment.
  • Seventeen year old Sirius who graduates, and his parents aren’t in the crowd, of course, but the Potters are and McGonnagall is, and James is next to him, and Lily has gotten him a leather jacket like the Muggles wear, and Remus is crying, and Pete is talking about the future like it’s covered in gold.
Sirius knew.

When James stuck eye of newt in Lily’s hair in second year, and charmed her books to sing whenever she opened them, Sirius knew he fancied her.

When Evans responded to this by hexing James Potter, Sirius knew she needed some convincing.

When she burst through the portrait hole in sixth year laughing, with snow melting in her hair and James Potter at her heels, Sirius knew. He isn’t sure what he knew, but he’s sure he knew.

When Lily blushes a bright red after James talks himself in nervous circles about how pretty her eyes are, Sirius knew she was coming around.

When Lily gives James a hard time at dinner some nights, Sirius knows it’s because he’s sitting next to Susan Spinnet and not, as she tells him, “Because he’s being an arrogant prick today.” 

When Sirius found the two of them asleep on the couch, the notes they had stayed up reviewing still open, James’ glasses crooked, Lily with her head on his shoulder, Sirius doesn’t wake them up. He knows. Even if Lily and James don’t know it yet.

When Edward Remus Lupin’s name is on Hogwarts list of first years, Professors see the surname and think about his studious - if a little mischievous - father. They remember a student who was quiet and polite in their presence and more rambunctious with his friends.

Then Teddy Lupin shows up with turquoise hair and a lop sided grin and is sorted into Hufflepuff, almost as if to remind everyone that he’s as much his mothers son as he is his fathers. He arrives late to class and always runs in the corridors. If his hair’s not turquoise its untameable jet black and the way he speaks his mind just screams Ginny Weasley sometimes, reminding everyone just who helped to raise him.

When James Sirius Potter’s name is on the list of first years theres a collective groan in the staff room because honestly, with a name like that he can be nothing but trouble. They remember James Potter and Sirius Black and the havoc they wreaked . They think of Remus Lupin too, since Teddy’s here and grew up alongside James Sirius, and can’t decide whether to give him the benefit of the doubt or to be worried about what the pair of them together will be like.

Jamie Potter shows up with his wide grin and maniacal energy and is sorted into Gryffindor. He lives up to his namesakes and he gets detention within the first week. He’s always late to breakfast and he’s often caught out of bed in the early hours. He’s blasé and loud and he and Teddy are thick as thieves, despite the age difference. Even though he has his own group of friends, when he’s in the company of Teddy, Victoire, Molly and Fred, trouble tends to be afoot.

When Albus Severus Potter’s name up on the list of first years, there are murmurs because they knew, but it’s still odd seeing Severus as the middle name of a Potter child. More of the Weasley cohort have started Hogwarts and even though Teddy Lupin has left, the influx of children growing up in such a tight knit family as the Weasley-Potter family results in some rowdy gatherings and the beginnings of disregard for house tables.

Al Potter shows up all nervous energy with eyes as bright as his fathers and the paternal grandmother he never met. He’s reserved and soft spoken until he’s in a room with his family and he becomes loud and almost as brash as his brother. He rises early and spends a lot of time in the library, and almost as much time being dragged out of it by Rose Weasley.

When Lily Luna Potter’s name is on the list of first years, there are four other Weasley’s on there too, bringing the Weasley-Potter clan up to eleven currently at Hogwarts. The professors just sigh wearily because if last year was anything to go by, this year is going to be twice as boisterous.

Lily arrives grinning and holding a shaking Hugo Weasley’s hand as she walks proudly into the Great Hall to be sorted. She goes to Gryffindor while Hugo trembles as he walks to the Ravenclaw table alone a few names later, only the be joined immediately by his cousin Louis. Lily is lively and energetic. She throws herself into her classes and skips down the corridors. Her family and friends call her Li-Lu affectionately and she snaps at people she isn’t close to who think they’ve earned the right to refer to her so. She stands fiercely against Jamie’s tendency to be overprotective and she punches a second year Ravenclaw for having the audacity to think he could get away with bullying Hugo (this is succeeded by a string of other mishaps her brothers and cousins adamantly deny having anything to do with).

When Lily, Louis, Hugo and Lucy leave, the professors daren’t even begin to think how much larger their family is going to grow, nor do they have long to wait before twins Remus Harry and Dora Andromeda Lupin begin their first year.