How to dress for Ascot - James Sherwood and Suzi Perry

I miss these two… it’s just not the same.

Bespoke The Men’s Style Of Savile Row by James Sherwood

(description from Amazon)

A fully illustrated history of bespoke tailoring—the custom-made men’s clothing that made a small London street a globally known brand to generations of sartorial connoisseurs. Savile Row is renowned for fine custom tailoring—"bespoke" in its own parlance. The term originated when cloth for a suit was said to “be spoken for” by customers who have included generations of stylish and tasteful men, from rakes to royals. Bespokeis the epitome of male sartorial style, exquisite quality, and craftsmanship, and has been worn by a veritable who’s who of famous and important men: Winston Churchill, Cary Grant, Russell Crowe, David Beckham, and countless world leaders. Bespoke charts Savile Row’s contribution to fashion and culture chronologically and features twenty-six profiles of today’s master tailors from historic firms such as Gieves & Hawkes and Henry Poole to more recent ones like Nutters and Ozwald Boateng, who was the first Savile Row tailor to stage a catwalk show in Paris.


→ Dominic Sherwood as James Herrick in Take Down (aka Billionaire’s Ransom)

erikablack  asked:

what do you suggest are the best travel/vacation reads? thank you so much!! xx

Hmm. Okay, first I’d try to find out if there are any good books that take place in the spot where you’re going. For instance, it would be amazing to read The End of the Affair in London or The Razor’s Edge in the French Riviera. But other titles that might work well while traveling are: On the Road (for obvious reasons :D), The Thin Man (as it’s not a difficult read but it sucks you in), or The Rosie Project (light, fun, touching). Short stories would be perfect as well because you could choose stories based on how much time you have between activities. I’d highly suggest short stories by Milan Kundera (Laughable Loves), James Joyce (Dubliners), Sherwood Anderson (Winesburg, Ohio), or W. Somerset Maugham (Collected Short Stories). Have fun, and tell us which book(s) you choose!