How do you spend $500,000 and not deliver any reward to your backers?


How does a half-million dollar Kickstarter fail? And why would another company step in and spend six figures to raise it from the dead? Chaosium, Inc. is one of the grand old ladies of the role-playing game industry. The company was founded in 1975 by gaming mastermind Greg Stafford, creator of…

‘This Merchant-Ivory production conveys all the power of an outraged liberal conscience … [The] social comedy and serious passion of the original are beautifully evoked … The performances are excellent, the period trappings, like the love scenes, in the best possible taste. A humane film which will leave only the most ignorant of homophobes unmoved.’

Maurice (James Ivory, 1987), review by Mark Sanderson, Time Out, 4–11 Nov 1987

Several passages in this review have stayed etched on my memory ever since it was published: no exaggeration.