The anti-poverty plan uniting Clinton and Ryan
A key to the bipartisan appeal? It will help millions of poor white voters who live in GOP-held districts as well as black voters in Democratic districts. By BEN WEYL

Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan don’t agree on much — but both are lending their support to an anti-poverty proposal that cuts across racial and party lines. The result: Billions of dollars could soon flow to some of the neediest neighborhoods, regardless of who triumphs in November.

While that may sound like the kind of big-government proposal Republicans typically hate, Clinton and the plan’s creator, Rep. James Clyburn, have found the key to bipartisan appeal: a funding formula that will help millions of poor white voters who live in GOP-held districts as well as African-American voters who live in Democratic districts.

Speaker Ryan has effectively given his blessing, spurring the plan’s inclusion in several of this year’s bills to fund the government. Donald Trump, who recently began new outreach to minority voters, has yet to weigh in, effectively ceding the political benefit to his Democratic rival.

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I already talked about it here but the investigation is over and the police came to the conclusion that the swimmers were lying. Ryan Lochte, James Feigen, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz from the american swim team lied about being robbed in RIO.

Ryan Lochte, in all his “im american, kiss my ass” glory declared on TV that he and his team were robbed at gunpoint after a party, when really, it’s just been proven by footage that they were actually vandalizing the bathroom of a gas station and were stopped by security. 

All the swimmers - not counting Ryan, who’s already in the USA - were stopped from leaving Brazil; Jack and Gunnar already confessed that Ryan created the story, but stated that they were’nt complicit in it. The police plans on an indictment of false report of a crime.

I have no idea why they’d lie, but there’s already speculation regarding two girls who hooked up with the players, and they will be heard soon. It seems everything was created to cover up the hook-ups from one of the swimmer’s wives.

So, not only they created a story that worsens Brazil’s image, they caused property damage and made themselves out to be the victims on international news. Some people are still saying “he’s just a kid” about Lochte, who’s 32 years old.

If that doesn’t speak volumes about white/male/american privilege, I don’t know what does.

E é aquele ditado né: jesus perdoa mas brasileiro não

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I’m very uncomfortable with the fact that everyone in the marvel universe is extremely attractive. 

For example:

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