Saving Private Ryan: How They React To Being Separated From The Reader

Anon:  Can I request? How would the guys from Saving Private Ryan react to being separated from you (i.e. The war is over and you go your separate ways home; one of you gets a ticket home and the other doesn’t)?

John Miller: He is absolutely devastated. You were his anchor and the only person who was able to bring him down from his panic attacks. Now that you left, he’s not entirely sure what to do. He’s a lot like a lost puppy, trying to track down his owner.

Timothy Upham: He’s actually pretty happy, because he knows that you’re safe now. That’s all that really matters to him. However, he won’t shy away from the fact that he really misses you and how much he wishes that he was with you, away from all the chaos around him.

Daniel Jackson: He heavily misses you, especially because the two of you used to have so much fun together. Now, he knows that he’s going to find you once everything is over, but that doesn’t stop him from wishing that you were still with him.

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