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Via NerdistAlan Tudik and Nathan Fillion announced some of the actors who will join their upcoming Indiegogo-funded web series: Battlestar Galactica’s Tricia Helfer and Michael Trucco, The Walking Dead’s Emily Kinney, Terminator 2: Judgement Day’s Robert Patrick, Austin Powers’ Mindy Sterling, Uncharted’s Nolan North, and Supernatural’s Samantha Smith are among the first actors confirmed for the cast of Con Man.

If you missed their first announcement, Sean Maher, Gina Torres, Seth Green, Felicia Day, Amy Acker and director James Gunn are all set to guest star.

Not only is tomorrow Tuesday…. but it is a very special Tuesday regarding the posting of “The Open Secret”.… find out why ….. tomorrow!

A song of praise to Javier Bardem

A song of praise to Javier Bardem:

What an incredibly good actor. Yesterday I saw James Bond: Skyfall. I don’t watched it for the first time, I think it was the third or fourth time. But the performance of Bardem puts me into his spell every time I watch it.

This man is so diverse, full of charisma, just one of the best actors I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen many. Whether he plays the antagonist of Bond (Skyfall) , a psycho killer (no country for old men), the best lover Julia Roberts ever had (eat, pray, love) or a gay writer in Cuba (before night falls) he’s absolutely amazing. I believe what he plays; I take it from any role he plays. Hopefully we’ll get much more to see from him.

Drawing gift for James Roberts

Illustration that is related to his current work,
More than meets the eye issue 37. 
And yes we forgot Riptide there, I admit my double mistake O<-< =3