How amazing are these photo’s though!? Robron won’t die, they wouldn’t kill them off. I’m really looking forward to October though, it’s been a difficult wait!

I feel so sad after watching the promo for the 44th anniversary. It was beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Laurel and Ashley dancing and Ashley disappearing (obviously symbolising his dementia becoming worse/his death). Rhona coming face to face with death and Aaron and Robert just missing it pass through them. Marlon holding the watch (could that mean his time is almost up?). None of them are safe.


January 1937 issue

Robert Leslie Bellem, “I Am a Monster"

James A. Lawson, “Werewolf’s Bride"

Charles A. Baker, Jr., “The Door on the Stairs"

Willis Vachel Keith, “The Yawning Graves"

Rex Norman, “The Stone of Ageless Evil"

Cary Moran, “Manor of Madness"

Colby Quinn, “Hearts from the Half-Dead"

Jerome Severs Perry, “Fetters of Fear"

Arthur Wallace, “Macabre Gold"

Seattle Mystery Bookshop  

The reaction to the first Transformers gay couple was amazing – overwhelmingly positive. To be honest, I thought most people would be pretty cool with it, because most people are sensible and decent, but it was still encouraging to see. Hooray for Transformers fans.

James Roberts on the fandom’s reaction to Chromedome and Rewind.


(you can read the interview here)