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Group headcannon request for being their bff from Star Trek please? Thank you❤️❤️ -cat

Jim: The two of you have a shit ton of inside jokes–some of them involving light pranks that you pull on one another. You especially like to take advantage of this when he’s on duty and can’t really do anything about it. From the way that you’re always together, acting like giggling children, or the fact that you spend a lot of time in each other’s living quarters, lots of rumors start up that you’re sleeping together. Which you, of course, take advantage of. Because of you, half the crew thinks he has several STDs and cries after sex. Though, he counters by saying he got the STDs from you, and the only reason he cried was because you sliced him in a very delicate area with one of your secret scales.

Bones: Half of your friendship is spent rolling your eyes as he bitches about how much he hates space, and then lightly smacking him upside the head to shut him up. When you aren’t bantering, you’re hanging around medbay to keep him company on slow days–aka most days. You tend to have a lot of deep conversations, and it’s pretty safe to say, you know each other better than your own families do. And yes. There is a time where he gets sick. It is only once. And it’s not severe. But he’s a big fucking baby about it, and Kirk just can’t deal with his nonsense, so you’re assigned to quarantine him and stuff him with chicken noodle soup until he’s better.  

Spock: It’s weird to be friends with a Vulcan. Like, it takes months for him to even confirm that you’re friends, and nearly a year for him to inform you that you are his dearest friend (though he does add in a “I thought my actions would have told you this by now”). He’s very good at listening, and even better at offering advice–even though a lot of the time it’s not what you want to hear. He can also read you like a book, which proves to make him a really good support system, and in turn, you’re able to do the same. You’re one of the few people he can relax around, and even let his human side come out now and again, aka, the two of you are able to be your true selves around one another, which helps you both keep each other from going insane.

Uhura: She’s one of those best friends who is just so super cool and you can’t figure out why she hangs out with you but she does and oh my god you love her so much. You are constantly giving each other shit about everything, but if someone even looks at one of you the wrong way, the other one is ready to fight. You’re thick as thieves refer to each other as “the squad”. Spock explains that a squad must consist of more than two people. You explain that he needs to stop hating fun. Uhura laughs. Spock does the eyebrow quirk thing and walks off shaking his head because what the hell when did his girlfriend become such a nerd. 

Chekov: You’re the type of best friends who did the thing where you almost banged, but after the first kiss you were both like “haha nope let’s never speak of this again.” He often comes to you for advice on women–or to break out the whiskey after a romantic encounter that didn’t end so well. You are forever playfully teasing him about his accent, often mimicking things he says, to which, he tries the same but fails miserably. Chekov is also surprisingly good at knowing what to say when shit gets real. He refuses to leave you alone until he knows you’re doing better, which sometimes, can be incredibly irritating. But over all, being friends with Chekov is like being friends with a little ray of sunshine. 

Sulu: You’re not just friends with Sulu, but his family, as well. When you’re on leave, he’ll bring you home with him, and usually you end up babysitting his daughter while he and his husband have a much needed date night. On the ship you often spar together as he teaches you the ancient art of fencing. Also, any time you’re around when members of the bridge begin to bicker, the two of you exchange glances like Jim from The Office. 

Scotty: The two of you are constantly having fun. Whenever you’re together–whether it’s on or off duty–you’re constantly chatting away about literally everything. During shore leaves, you’re typically found at a bar together being antisocial in your own little corner. Also, Keenser and Scotty are sort of a packaged deal, so he’s always around, but that just makes it more fun. Especially because they’re both always getting into dumb little arguments, which, no matter what, you usually side with Keenser because when the roles are reversed, he sides with you, and it’s just this fun little trio that likes to team up on Scotty, but don’t worry, you always hug it out when it’s all said and done with. 

The Rest of Our Lives

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by Youngblood27

This is the story of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

Live, die, repeat, live, die, repeat,
Once more unto the breach, my friend,
Where we shall live, die, repeat.

Words: 26149, Chapters: 3/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bybcm4
Amy Lee on 'Aftermath' and Returning to the Road

The Evanescence frontwoman prepares to step back into the spotlight with a new album

If you thought you’ve heard everything Amy Lee has to say, you probably haven’t been paying attention. During her decade-plus run as the frontwoman (and focal point) of Evanescence, she’s proven time and time again that she’s got plenty of opinions – all you’ve got to do is ask.

So we did. In the first part of Rolling Stone’s interview with Lee, she weighed in on the future of her band, becoming a mother and releasing her first independent album, Aftermath, due August 25. Now, in part two, she talks about putting the past to rest, creating new songs and hitting the road as a solo artist.

“I’ve got a lot to say, I guess,” she laughs. “I haven’t done an interview in a while.”

The music on Aftermath is a definite departure from Evanescence. Was that intentional, or just the result of working on a film like War Story?
I wanted it to be completely different. I didn’t want it to be like Evanescence just because I’ve flexed that muscle so much, I wanted people to see different sides of me. I’ve written music all along the way that’s just been mine that nobody hears but my friends, and I still want to do something with that at some point. But it’s one of my first chances to show another side and this definitely plays with a lot of the same emotions I played with in Evanescence, but instrumentally. It’s not trying to be mainstream; I feel like I’ve always made a point to make sure that Evanescence was true to my spirit and my heart and I wasn’t just trying to make hits. But at the same time we were on a label, there needed to be a single, radio play, all those sort of things. It was cool to be free from all those things and make a piece of art, because the songs that are on this, I’d call three of them like song songs, most of them are scores. It’s a lot more like music I listen to now. One’s like an Arabic, weird thing, one’s a sexy dance song and the other is – I don’t even know what it is, it’s electronic.

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I fall in love with this book every time I read it, and I’ve read it four times so far. It can be surprisingly funny at moments and extremely sad just a few sentences later, but at the end of the day, it’s incredibly deep and beautifully written. I cannot stress the beautifully enough.
As someone who struggles with mental illness, I understand these things on a higher level that I don’t think the average reader will be able to. I feel the sentences. And I praise Pete for writing them the way he did.
And I know that people should be warned that the book is quite dark, and it might be triggering, there were moments, as I read on, where I thought it would be triggering to me too. But as I finally closed it, after reading the last words for the fourth time, I felt heaviness on my chest because I had just read some of my darkest thoughts written down by one of my favorite people on the planet. I felt understood.
Instead of triggering me, this book pulls me up every time I feel as if I’m starting to fall. And I’m not ready to give up the relationship I have with it. There can be a million other books on similar subjects, but I’ll always come back to this one.

i can’t stop thinking about scotty and uhura making a drinking game for the whole crew whenever jim and bones are arguing

  • drink every time captain says “bones”
  • when dr mccoy says “dammit”
  • twice when it’s “dammit jim”
  • full glass for dr mccoy calling commandor spock names
  • one for captain “but…”
  • shot when commandor spock decides to end the fight by picking up every illogical thing’ve been said
  • full glass when commandor spock actually tries to correct metaphor