If you know anything about me, you would know that when it comes to LeBron James, I’m probably he’s least favorite fan; however, even I know when to give credit when credit is due, and with the way the Cavs played the game last night, that win was definitely no easy feat. Both their defense and offense was locked down and they were making buckets left and right. Although there were a few times I might have had a few choice words to say to him, when it was all said and done and the final buzzer echoed inside the arena, I loved how LeBron was the first player to go congratulate Kevin Durant on his 1st NBA title. That shows sportsmanship and respect to a player who deserve nothing but that. Now speaking of KD…..HE FINALLY GOT THE RING AND TITLE HE DESERVED! I’m so proud of him and you will probably never see anything more humbling and sweeter than KD hugging his momma and giving all the credit to her. This is love and everyone knows how much this meant to KD. I just hope now that he won with the @officialwarriors it will prove all of the naysayers wrong about his decision to move to Golden State, and how it would never work with so many big players on one court; because, news flash, that’s what this team is: people who are insanely talented and unselfishly so that they are able to play together on one court without getting in each other’s faces or stepping on any toes. From the harsh defeat last season and the heartbreak that followed, nothing made me happier than seeing so many smiling faces last night, along with the look of pure relief and redemption. The boys played their hearts out and they brought Larry back to the Bay! Now I just have a few things to say about a couple of these players. Starting with Green, this man is a very crucial part of this team and how they function, so having him banned last season from playing in the Finals for a game was a disaster. Thankfully he kept himself in check this time and made a huge impact that was able to cement this title for us! I’m so happy we got to see him be a part of the ultimate victory this season, and I know that this was a moment of redemption for him alone; as it was also a huge celebration for everyone who played that fateful game last season. You could see the pure joy and how much it meant to those boys when the clock ran out and they knew they won. Steph, Klay, Iggy, Dray, Shaun, Clark, Looney, and McAdoo all knew what they were fighting for, and they didn’t let the pressure of one loss keep them down. This is why we are the Warriors, we are resilient and we will continue to fight until the very end! Although there was a few hiccups along the way, we capitalized in the end and made the whole season count! Going 16-1 through the Finals was just one of the many records achieved along the way. I don’t think I can say this enough, but I am beyond proud, astonished, and mesmerized by what this team– at one time the underdogs with no chance–has transformed themselves into and how unselfish they all truly are. With the help of an amazing coach Steve Kerr, these boys have been shaped into one of the best families I have ever seen in sports, because their camaraderie is on a level all of its own. The thing with the Warriors is that they don’t care about who has the best stats or who has the most points in a game, what they care about is making sure to pick each other up when they’re down, and to always receive credit as, not simply individuals, but as a team. This was displayed in the previous season when Dray was banned from playing because of a technical, which arguably is why the Cavs won; then also after KD became a member and injured his knee pre-Playoffs; and yet again when Steph and Klay, the Splash Bros, known for their complete annihilation of opposing teams with their deadly shooting ability, both hit a slump and couldn’t get one basket to fall. No matter the adversity, you know when it comes down to it, these boys will have each other’s backs and will overcome the obstacles thrown their way. So here’s to the Dubbs, one final congratulations on becoming the NBA 2017 Champions and bringing the trophy and title back to the Bay once again! You did it boys, now go enjoy and celebrate all your hard work! 🏆🏆💙💛


Carolina - Duke: The Greatest Rivalry in Sports

The tradition continues tomorrow.

In honor of the fact that Kendall set a new single season assist record tonight (289…and counting)

Other notes from tonight’s game:

-Zeller set a Smith Center record with his 20 made free throws (I feel like Maryland set a record for most times fouling the same player…it was ridiculous)

-The move where James Michael steals the ball and does the coast-to-coast dunk is awesome. I wish that would happen more.

-They are the biggest bunch of goobers. People think they’re cool, but they’re just a big group of dorks, which only makes me love them more :)

-The game in and of itself wasn’t that exciting, and we didn’t shoot very well, but the atmosphere in the Dean Dome was incredible. Definitely my favorite home game I’ve been to so far.

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Harrison Barnes was a little too casual with the Larry O’Brien trophy when he brought it to his alma mater with fellow former North Carolina Tar Heel James Michael McAdoo this weekend, and it almost resulted in a pretty big headache. (In more ways than one.)

Quoth The Black Falcon: “My bad, Larry. That was close.”

Hat-tip to Will Brinson.