Carolina - Duke: The Greatest Rivalry in Sports

The tradition continues tomorrow.

In honor of the fact that Kendall set a new single season assist record tonight (289…and counting)

Other notes from tonight’s game:

-Zeller set a Smith Center record with his 20 made free throws (I feel like Maryland set a record for most times fouling the same player…it was ridiculous)

-The move where James Michael steals the ball and does the coast-to-coast dunk is awesome. I wish that would happen more.

-They are the biggest bunch of goobers. People think they’re cool, but they’re just a big group of dorks, which only makes me love them more :)

-The game in and of itself wasn’t that exciting, and we didn’t shoot very well, but the atmosphere in the Dean Dome was incredible. Definitely my favorite home game I’ve been to so far.

P.S. Sorry for spamming you with a million basketball posts…

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Harrison Barnes was a little too casual with the Larry O’Brien trophy when he brought it to his alma mater with fellow former North Carolina Tar Heel James Michael McAdoo this weekend, and it almost resulted in a pretty big headache. (In more ways than one.)

Quoth The Black Falcon: “My bad, Larry. That was close.”

Hat-tip to Will Brinson.