James McDonald and the Case of the Missing Strike Zone

In today’s game against the Phillies, James McDonald went from worthy opponent of Roy Halladay’s to experiencing an extreme case of Steve Blass disease. In his 4+ innings, McDonald gave up 3 hits, 5 walks, struck out 3, and was charged with three runs. Updated: Oh yeah, and he was charged with two wild pitches (though some of that is on Dusty Brown’s shoulders) and he did Raul Ibanez’s sub-.300 OBP a favor by hitting him with a pitch. (thanks to Seminary Dan for the catch.)

Still, look at this little breakdown: 

Innings 1-2: 27 pitches, 20 strikes.

Innings 3-5: 52 pitches, 21 strikes. 

Was he getting squeezed? Absolutely not. From Brooks Baseball


The Giants' Matt Cain threw a complete game 1-hitter.

The only hit was off the bat of the Pirates’ starting pitcher James McDonald.

According to the unwritten rules of baseball Cain may now have McDonald killed. I could be wrong.

(On a serious note: How often has that happened? A one-hitter with the only hit by a pitcher. Someone find that out.)

UPDATE: He’s the first Giant since Hooks Wiltse in 1908 to be separated from a perfect game by just one hit to the opposing pitcher. The last major leaguer with such a game was the Padres’ Jimmy Jones, who gave up just a triple to Houston’s Bob Knepper on Sept. 21, 1986.  Courtesy of Trent McCrotter, SABR

(h/t to Hunting Cows)


James Oliver Huberty was responsible for what is known as ‘The McDonalds Massacre’ in San Yisidro California. On the 18th of July, 1984, Hubert calmly informed his wife that he was going out to hunt humans. His wife did not take this statement seriously, but a few minutes later Hubert drove to a nearby McDonalds where he shot and killed 21 people. Hubert himself was shot and killed during the massacre by a sharp shooter from the SWAT team.

“In every generation, there are those who resist the sweeping tide of proscription and conformity. For New York based artist Gio Black Peter, such a reaction comes naturally. Through his work, he is able to break through the hardening shell of uniformity and tap into something more honest. While undeniably modern in his approach—often utilizing technology to offer a multimedia-fueled commentary on current issues—the artistic results are irrevocably rooted to the past.

In his bold use of color and shape, Peter’s work is perhaps most reminiscent of the French post-impressionists. Sensual and emotive, he has a Paul Gauguin style primitiveness to his art, where the everyday and the natural are fused with an almost dreamlike sense of the fantastic. Picking up from where Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat left off in the 1980s, Peter is steering the downtown New York art scene back to the unapologetic celebration of life-outside-the-mainstream that it was before complacency began to take hold.

At its core, Peter’s art is a provocation and, whether addressing issues of violence or oppression, alienation or love, it seeks to spark a reaction in its audience. While that reaction may be visceral and dejected, or ecstatic and inspired, the ultimate aim is to fuel awareness, both of the self and society. In that, Peter’s art is a mirror of his own life—the two are, at times, indistinguishable.

Like Jean Genet, there is a bit of an outlaw in Peter, a bit of a fighter—he doesn’t back away from the demands of his artistic expression. Equally willing to strip down on camera for a blood soaked orgy as he is to work through sleepless nights when in the grip of inspiration, Peter breathes a life unfettered by shame, unencumbered by fleeting notions of morality. His work is a testament to the belief that it is possible to celebrate life without being bound to the form most common. He reveals the truth that unexpected beauty and unanticipated vitality can be found by challenging the norm, by pushing past our collective comfort.” - James McDonald 2015

Ok I don’t know if someone has made this but I HAVE TO OK?? (Based off this post)

Imagine the Marauders and Lily and Mary and Marlene and Alice and Frank all roadtripping and arguing because ‘Potter that song is awful’ (Frank or Lily or Remus or Mary) ‘Marlene we have listened to that song 50 times STOP’ (Mary or Lily probably maybe Sirius) ‘PADFOOT IM THE MUSIC MASTER I HAVE THE CONTROL OVER WHAT WE LISTEN OK?’ (James or Remus) and Sirius is always the one asking if they are there yet and everyone groaning every time he opens his mouth and also when Peter needs to pee because ‘Goddamn Wormtail you sould have peed before!’ (any marauder tbh) and they are constantly changing the driver so sometimes is James falling asleep in Lily’s shoulder and Lily falling asleep at the same time in Sirius’s shoulder and sometimes is Remus in Sirius’s shoulder or Peter in Marlene’s, Alice in Sirius’s or Frank’s or whoever shoulder it is I dont’ care I’m tired and then Sirius starts snoring because he is umcormfortable but he is not woken because shh he looks so peaceful let him sleep so we dont have to listen to his ‘are we there yet?’ questions and IMAGINE everyone sleeping on everyone because they can (and because they are nine people) and even after aplying an extensive charm the car is still kinda small with six people crammed in the backseat and one in the driver’s seat and two in the frontseat (and also sorry I can only imagine a convertible like without roof and red yeah) and then when they stop they argue about who is driving next because I dont want to ruddy be the one who drives while you all are asleep and calm down we are not going to fall asleep we will be with you ok? (no they werent, they fell asleep) and then they are in a 24 hours open store and Peter falling asleep in the shopping cart and Frank trying to get him out of it but falling asleep in top of Peter and everyone is like lets get another cart we dont know them bye and when they start to drive again James holding Lily’s hand, Alice holding Frank’s one, Sirius and Remus and then Mary, Marlene and Peter hold eachother hands because just because we are single doesnt mean our hands aren going to be holded >:c (???) and oh I love this idea sorry if someone had already wrote it but I needed to :’D