The gravestone and open casket funeral of pregnant 18-year-old, Jackie Wright, and her 8-month-old son, Carlos. On 18 July, 1984, Wright went to McDonalds in San Ysidro with her 11-year-old niece, Aurora Peña, and her son, Carlos. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As the family were enjoying their meal, 41-year-old James Huberty, armed with a 9mm Browning semi-automatic pistol, a 9mm Uzi, a Winchester 12 gauge pump-action shotgun, entered McDonalds and started to shoot. He killed 21 people including Jackie and Carlos. Jackies niece, Aurora, survived - Jackie shielded her from the spraying bullets. Aurora later recounted that she felt her aunt jerking and shaking on top of her - she had been shot 48 times while shielding Aurora. Huberty then turned the gun to 8-month-old Carlos, who was crying. Huberty shouted at him to shut up before shooting him in the back.

Huberty killed 21 patrons, five of which were children, before being shot dead.

Really fluffy wolfstar drabble for anon’s birthday (this was months ago sorry sorry sorry !!! enjoy lovely anon <3)

Remus hummed at the sound of the music coming out of the muggle club, looking around himself dreamily. Lily was already jumping on her spot and waving her hands in the air in rythm with the beats that made the melody. Remus chuckled when James made a comment about her being drunk and earned a slap across the head. He watched Peter point a spot above them and tell Mary that the only constellation he can recognize in the sky looks like a pan. Mary laughed so hard that it made Peter smile, and Remus had never seen him smile so widely.


Remus glanced at James with raised eyebrows.

“What? You weren’t answering!” James smirked, “Any idea where the diva is?”

“I don’t know, maybe he’s stuck in traffic?”

“Ah, I thought you’d know, since you were looking for him just now…”

“No i wasn’t. I was contemplating.”

“Sure… Ah, talk about the wolf !”

Something roared behind Remus. He turned around just as the big motorbike stopped sharp in front of them. Sirius pulled his helmet off and somehow his hair were still flawless, as his he had created a spell just for these kind of issues. He wore the kind of lazy smile James and Lily sometimes have on their face when they finally come out of their room, and there was still this glow in his eyes, as if he was constantly on climax. Everyone, everyone was looking at him, because he was a star and he knew it. 

“Merlin, Padfoot, why d’you always have to make it squeak everytime you stop somewhere?” James asked exasperatedly.

“Can’t help it if everytime i’m on top it makes ‘em squeak.”

Remus stiffened when Sirius’ gaze shifted on him.

“Alright, Moony?”

Remus nodded and swallowed hard. When the little groupe made its way in the club, Remus felt like his pants were growing tighter.

“We’d had a very good time that day and we went to McDonald’s, had chicken mcnuggets, french fries, some cokes, and we went to the zoo. We came home and he went upstairs and I was downstairs putting away the dishes. Zelia had come downstairs and told me he was messing around with some ammunition, but that’s nothing unusual. I got things cleared up in the kitchen, went upstairs, I was hot, tired. The bedroom door was closed, so I just went into the other bedroom and stretched out on the bottom bunk. While I was resting, he came to the doorway and he said he was going to kiss me goodbye, and I said okay. And he started to walk away and I just motioned for him to come back, he said ‘what?’, I said ‘well I’ll kiss you goodbye.’ He did. He made reference to he was going hunting, he said, ‘I’m going to hunt humans.’ I didn’t pay any attention to him. Well, I felt, you know, he used to do things to get me excited and figure he could make me pry or get me upset, and I just decided he wasn’t going to. And he just pointed thumbs up and took off.”

- Etna Huberty describing the moment before her husband James Huberty entered a McDonald’s restaurant in San Ysidro, California and killed 21 people, injuring 19 others before being fatally shot in the heart by a SWAT team sniper on July 18, 1984.

Untold, Unsaid, Unseen, Unheard: Part I

A/N: Hi all :D I’m starting a new series, titled ‘Untold, Unsaid, Unseen, Unheard’ which will feature a bunch of short stories and snippets from Harry Potter often based on minor characters. This first one is based off a headcanon I had on Madam Rosmerta and the Marauders. I’m publishing it today in celebration of Sirius’ Birthday :) (more like D’’:) I hope you like it, I haven’t really written properly before, so let me know what you think (plsbekind)! Sorry it’s a bit long, got carried away! 

Word Count: 2,413

Rosmerta pushed through her bedroom door, threw off her turquoise high heels and fell into her bed. She was tired, she usually was at the end of a Hogwarts visit. Mind you, she was grateful for the extra business, but the Hogwarts crowd were a hungry lot and her bones always ached by the end of the day. Today however, she was glad for the never-ending list of orders, it meant she was too busy to think and thinking about what she had heard would have left her numb. Alone in her dark room, she let out a great shaky breath and set her mind free.

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you guys LMM’s Tan Sweater was on Carpool Karaoke [x]


Marauder era characters with favourite emojis and quotes
James Potter - Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Remus Lupin -Andrew Garfield
Sirius Black - Ben Barnes
Lily Evans - Karen Gillan
Mary Mcdonald - Georgie Henley
Marlene Mckinnon - Cassie Scerbo
Severus Snape - Louis Garrel
Lucius Malfoy - Alex Pettyfer
Regulus Black - Jaco van de Hoven
Bellatrix Black (Lestrange) - Helena Bonham Carter
Andromeda Black (Tonks) - Keira Knightley
Narcissa Black (Malfoy) - Natalie Dormer

Dorcas Meadowes died bloody and fighting a war she’d never see the end of.
Marlene McKinnon went down in flames with the rest of her family.
Mary McDonald passed away gasping for air as the inside of her lungs turned red.
Lily and James Potter were killed in their homes so they could protect their son.
Sirius died with a smile on his face and stumbling backwards just like he’d had done in life.
Peter died thinking of the two friends he sent off to die.
And Remus died alone in a battle that had wore him down to nothing over the years.

James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Audra McDonald, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Jane Krakowski.

For @professorelupin (ily my little angel <3)

“…and Filch chased us all around the castle,” Sirius laughed, standing in the middle of the circle his friends were forming. “If Moony hadn’t found us on the roof of the astronomy tower, I swear to Merlin one of us would have fallen off before dawn.” He laughed at his own story along with everyone else, sipping on his bottle.

“Now the trick is to wonder which one was drunk enough to lose his balance,” Remus said, pulling the bottle away from him and taking a long sip from it.

“Didn’t it come to your mind that I could have pretended to be drunk just so that you could save me?” Sirius winked.

“Right,” Marlene laughed. “We all know you’re an alcoholic, Sirius.”

“Right back atcha, M-” Sirius was cut off by Remus’ lips.

“Get a bloody room at once, you two!” Peter said from where he was roasting marshmallows, rolling his eyes.

“Leave them alone, Pete,” Mary chuckled. “It was about time!”

“When you and Gideon learn how to use silencing spells, we’ll talk about it.” Peter faked puking noises.

“Sorry, my bad!” Gideon kissed Mary on the cheek.

“How come my brother gets more kisses than i do?” Fabian asked, sliding his hand across the grass to intertwine his fingers with Marlene’s.

Marlene smiled from ear to ear, and leaned in to press her lips against his.

James smiled to himself as he watched the scene. He wasn’t usually quiet, but that afternoon, he couldn’t help but just sit and watch. Their seventh year had just ended, and they were all together, reunited. He remembered each moment he had spent with each one of these people, and he could see how much each one of them had changed, in a good way. Sirius and Remus were happy, at last. Marlene had stopped trying to find answers in the bottom of bottles, and found them into the arms of Fabian Prewett. Mary had succeeded in passing her N.E.W.T.S, for which she had gone through sleepless nights and anxiety. Gideon had finally proposed to her, after dating her for years now. Peter seemed surprisingly confident about the coming year, it looked like he had found his own way. They had all grown up, and he had, too. And he loved them more than anything in the world. And Lily… She was there, laughing like there was no tomorrow. And she was his.

“What are you looking at ?” She asked, raising her thin eyebrow as she chuckled.

“You,” He said instinctively. “I’m just looking at you.”

“And what do you see?” She asked.

“The future.”