9.15 pm

James: I love older women. So does my friend Jake, here. Girls our own age are just so immature and vacuous, you know what I mean? Older women know what they want. They have a confidence about them that’s a real turn on.
Anita: Well. That’s very egalitarian of you, James.
James: My last girlfriend was ten years older than me. But I’d really like to go out with a woman who was 15 years older than me. Or even twenty years older than me! Man. That would be my ultimate fantasy.
He grins at her shyly. A wan smile puckers the corners of Anita’s mouth. She ought to feel flattered that this gorgeous young man is trying to seduce her but she doesn’t, she feels like a freak. She doesn’t want to be an attractive older woman, one of those embarrassing cougars. She just wants to know that she is attractive and desirable, without any qualifiers. Renee is laughing at some story Jake is telling her. She sounds a little drunk. Renee has never cheated on her husband. She and Sylvester enjoy a very energetic, Viagra-enhanced sex life, or at least they do when they are both fit and healthy. Apparently Sylvester slipped a disc a few weeks ago doing something a little too sexually adventurous. So there may be hope for Jake yet.
James: Are you married?
Anita: I’m widowed, actually.
James: Wow, I’m sorry to hear that.
Anita murmurs something indistinct.
James: Can I tell you something? You’ll probably hate me for it, but…
Anita: Please. Go on.
James: As soon as I saw you here tonight, I was imagining what you’d look like naked. You’re just extremely sexy. Probably the sexiest woman in this whole bar. I mean that sincerely.
Anita considers her damaged ribs. She may just be able to go the distance if she has another Valium. And she will have to insist on being on top to minimize any further damage. She gives James a proper smile this time, even if her voice does have a slightly condescending tone.
Anita: Fine, James, fine. Luckily for you I’m extremely easy as well as extremely sexy. Your place or mine?

James thinks he and Nat are really safe and Nat is trying to urge caution, please listen to her James! Your demise last season was when you got comfortable.



“How dare you come here, Will Herondale,” she said, a savage tone to her voice. “What is left for you to destroy? You murdered my husband and my father —“Lucie made a small whimpering noise. Cordelia clutched at her cold hand, squeezing it for comfort.“That’s James.” It was Grace, dressed all in a long white nightgown with a white dressing-gown over it. White slippers covered her feet and her blonde hair was loose, falling over her shoulders. “It isn’t Mr. Herondale, Mama. It’s his son.”

  • Sirius:That was a great party last night... just superb.
  • Remus:The headache I'm nursing at the moment would disagree with you.
  • Lily:I was alright until I threw up and lost my shoes.
  • James:Why do girls take their shoes off when their drinking anyways?
  • Lily:You try wearing six inch heels all night and then tell me you don't want to go barefoot. Try it!!

James Spader Appreciation Week

Day 2 ~ Favorite character and why

Raymond Reddington & Alan Shore: How do you choose between two perfect characters? I can’t and I’m not even going to try.

The Blacklist led me to Red who led me to James who led me to Boston Legal which led me to Alan who led me to the flamingos. I will always be grateful one thing led to another.