into the woods: a summary through music (movie soundtrack cos i'm lazy)
  • prologue: the solo audition piece
  • cinderella at the grave: this was a song?
  • hello, little girl: starring johnny depp as a 20s wolf, basically himself
  • i know things now: fairytale revival annie gets high as fuck
  • a very nice prince: you're running from chRIS PINE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU by emily blunt
  • giants in the sky: aw look at fairytale gavroche
  • agony: manpain, the anthem
  • it takes two: james corden is a giant ball of fluff
  • stay with me: mother knows best but slower
  • on the steps of the palace: high note holy shit
  • careful my toe: you mean she put the slipper on after it was all bloody? gross
  • witch's lament: you had it coming but poor meryl streep
  • any moment: kirk yoU CHEATING SCUMBAG
  • moments in the woods: you gon' die
  • your fault: why were you slowed down damn it
  • last midnight: meryl streep could sing binary code and i would cry
  • no one is alone: wow teenagers can harmonize

Into the Woods (2014) [x]

Sometimes people leave you
Halfway through the wood.
Do not let it grieve you,
No one leaves for good.