Erykah Badu Released A Mixtape Because She Wants The World To Be A Better Place.

VIBE writes:

Fully aware of the social and racial climate in the world, Erykah Badu released a mixtape over the weekend appropriately titled, “Feel Better World, Love, Ms. Badu.”

The self-proclaimed “analog girl in a digital world” curated a list of songs that she describes as “carefully and lovingly selected high frequency tones for the soul.” Listeners will be immersed in sounds of vintage jazz, funk, soul and a bit of Afro-beat, as soon as the press play on the hour-long collection. With tracks from Earth, Wind & Fire, James Brown, Eddie Kendricks and of course Ms. Badu herself, the freebie project proves to be a well-needed venture from the norm.

Badu writes:


LOVE, ms. badu

Find the mixtape here.

What if, in the Burn Notice series finale, Mike uses up all the bullets in his gun but one. About to make a final showdown, he checks his weapon. He has a single bullet left. He steps out from behind some sort of obstacle, ready to shoot the last bad guy (whoever they decide that’s going to be). He aims, then pulls the trigger. The villain does the same. But Michael’s gun doesn’t fire because his last bullet is the FAKE TRACKER BULLET FI PUT IN HIS GUN. AND MICHAEL GETS SHOT AND DIES AND FI HAS TO LIVE WITH THAT.

The journalist's dictionary guide to CES

James Kendrick:

This fantastic gadget is our reference design. We call it that because we’re a component maker, not a device maker. We can’t get device makers to buy enough of our chips, so we built this pretty device to show how smart we are. Since we don’t sell devices and nobody is buying our chips, you won’t see this after the show, ever.

James, the evil mirrorverse image of Mike.

Alright. So as I understand it James is a more horrible, more blackened, more polluted version of Michael.

Both started out as loyal soldiers. Both got betrayed by their country (though in sorta different ways). Both are willing to go to extremes to ‘save innocent lives’ and 'right unjust wrongs’.

The difference (and it’s a major difference) is that where Michael is willing to risk his own life for the bad guys’ arrests James is just all 'any evil done for the greater good is justifiable and even admirable’. And I’m not sure his 'greater good’ picture is all that nice anyway, because I think he has a very, very narrow view of who counts as an innocent person.

This story scares me. Because James has shown more power over Michael while asking him to disagree with him over that whole 'it’s not wrong to shoot the man that almost got Fi killed’ moment than even Larry managed to have in his hands at his worst. It’s terrifying really.

And it makes for a good story. Makes for a good villain really (obviously I can’t wait till he dies however). Especially for the last season. This is basically gearing up to be about Mike staring in the face of the darkness Sam and Fiona and he himself have been fearing would show up in his mirror one day since forever ago.

And he’s toeing the line so close already

How Microsoft will fight its way back to the top of the industry

Over the past several years, perhaps even longer, it’s been far easier to poke and prod at Microsoft’s mistakes than it has been to celebrate its successes. Those successes have seemingly been few and far between, but were mostly just overshadowed by the catastrophe that was Windows 8. But it’s a new year, Microsoft has a new CEO and the path forward has suddenly taken shape. DON’T MISS: 3 stunning iPhone 6 cases that are perfect for people who hate iPhone cases There are plenty of development to keep track of, but James Kendrick wrote a great article for ZDNet summarizing the three reasons that Microsoft is going to be a force in the technology industry this year. First: Microsoft’s newfound speed. http://dlvr.it/8VN5rM

James Kendrick’s “The World’s End” Is a Gentle, Bittersweet Tale of Loss


3.25 stars for James Kendrick’s 873‑word review of “The World’s End” on Q Network Film Desk


In less capable hands, James Kendrick’s bittersweet “The World’s End” could have been a crass, obvious retread, yet another entry in the usually dreary genre of the good—but far from great—review. But from its opening paragraph it grabs the audience with its passion, its dedication to clear exposition, and the unmistakable love Kendrick has for the characters he sharply brings to life.

The review opens on Edgar Wright, the hot shot director, a once-steady hand who’s grown a bit shaky of late. Actors Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are skillfully introduced as faithful sidekicks, tasked with helping to re-create the magic they’d shared in years past.

Kendrick boldly explores the triumph of the trio’s past glories, while dramatically setting the stage for their new adventures, a road fraught with high expectations, odd choices, and an unmistakable whiff of despair. Thus begins a journey into the bittersweet territory of  the mixed review, during which Kendrick conveys a genuine sense of loss and heartbreak when The World’s End goes awry and follows a path that steers it away from a perfect five star rating.

Despite the occasionally maudlin moment, Kendrick’s The World’s End’s is a tearjerker in the very best sense of the word.

Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet: Not quite as open as we thought

As Jim points out, what people didn’t expect was that the Kindle Fire would close off users access to competing apps. Well - that’s not a problem anymore - from the Xda-developers forum member Jolleyboy has posted a guide for installing the Android Market on Amazon’s tablet. It’s not necessarily for beginners, since it requires you to root the tablet and change the the permissions of the /system/app directory.
And I am certain that very soon you’ll be able to have your Ice cream sandwich on a Fire pretty soon.

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I just posted 'It's You Again' on Wattpad!


For some of you guys who might be interested with Wattpad and reading some stories. I’ve just upload a new story call It’s You Again. Go check it out if you might be interest. Just follow the link. 

This is what the story is about:

Isabela Romero is no ordinary girl with simple dreams and goals. She sees the big picture and has big dreams and goals. It’s what got her to Harvard in the first place. No matter what, Bela is determine to have the time of her life with her newly freedom without her parents. That includes big party…with boys and alcohol. She doesn’t care that she’s still seventeen cause that’s just what fake ID are for right. On top of that, she doesn’t what her parents suspecting so it’s crucial for her to keep up her grade. James Kendrick is just what she needs to stay focus. That is until she realize just how hot her tutor is. It’s difficult to concentrate when her tutor is freaking Greek God himself living on Earth. 

Isabel Romero sure is going to have the time of her life at Harvard. At an Ivy League school, it’s time for Isabela Romero to shows everyone how it’s just not about the books and study cause we can all have fun too.