The problem with rewatching The Christmas
Invasion is getting distracted by Jackie Tyler. It’s such a great story and they’re such a formidably horrid monster, but they get upstaged by, ‘I'm gonna get killed by a Christmas Tree.’ Every time.
—  Big Finish writer James Goss on researching for his Sycorax story
Ianto Jones is back for Torchwood: Fall to Earth
Big Finish are delighted to announce that fan-favourite actor Gareth David-Lloyd will star as Ianto Jones for the second release in our new series of Torchwood Audio Dramas. Gareth appeared...

Gareth David-Lloyd is back as Ianto Jones for the Big Finish audio drama, Torchwood: Fall to Earth.

Jack leaned in and wrapped a big arm around the duvet and Ianto, drawing them both in. Ianto let himself be folded up, marveling at how much wet hair he had.
“I miss you, you know.” said Jack.
Ianto laughed. “I miss me.”
“But you’re still in there.”
“Am I? It feels less and less like me. This body just gets more and more perfect. I can almost sense it - it hates me. I don’t belong inside it. I’m the wrong soul in the driving seat.” He looked across at Jack.
“If the real owner is somewhere out there in your body, she’s not shown up. Nothing.”
“It’s times like this,” sighed Ianto, “we need Tosh.”
“Oh yeah,” said Jack.
“Apart from the whole science bit, she had some great jackets.”
“Oh yeah,” said Jack. He stood up and reached out his hand. Ianto took it. “Come on, Miss Jones. Let’s put on some clothes and face the day.”
—  Torchwood: Almost Perfect
‘Captain Jack Harkness, at your service!’ Boomed a very familiar voice in his head.
“Why are you doing that?”
'I’m the voice of who you most admire, Ianto Jones. Great shoes, by the way.’
“Thanks. But I wish you wouldn’t do him.”
'Oh, come on, Ianto. It’s just a bit of fun. Puts you at ease, doesn’t it? Admit it. Just a little?’
“It’s comforting, yes. But it’s not right. You shouldn’t sound like him. Not when I’m trying to work out what to… do…”
'It’s really easy.’
“Is it? Can you make everything right? Can you? Jack and that room and me?”
'Yes. Trust me, Ianto.’
“I’m not sure I can. I’ve seen what those creatures did looking for you.”
'But Ianto - all the people I’ve helped. I helped so many on that boat.’
“But so many people died. And look at me.”
'I can fix you. And Jack. I can fix him too.’
'You love him. He doesn’t love you. You saw him in there. But I can change all that, Ianto Jones.’
—  Torchwood: Almost Perfect (Novel)

“Jack hadn’t even made it out of the car. At the sound of Agnes’s words, he sank back into his seat with a groan. Ianto Jones had seen Jack Harkness shot, stabbed and shagged to death, but only now did he see the life go out of him.”

                                                              Risk Assessment by James Goss

Shagged to death

Shagged to death

I knew Ianto is a superhero! The boy has dangerous sexual powers…

Just another proof for that Jack and him were created for each other.

The universe is really unfair to both the Doctor and Donna,“  he continues.  "Donna wants one simple, lovely, happy day - and she doesn’t get that.  The Doctor just wants a chance to feel a little bit sad about things - and he’s not allowed that luxury.  You suddenly see it from the Doctor’s point of view.  It must feel really horrible, because everyone he’s ever really loved has wandered away from him.
—  James Goss on Death and the Queen

We’re finally going to find out how Captain Jack & Ianto got together in canon Torchwood!!

This summer, John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd are together again in Torchwood: Broken by Joseph Lidster. Taking place soon after the terrible events of Cyberwoman, the new story delves into Ianto’s complicated relationship with team leader Captain Jack Harkness.

‘Joe Lidster came up the with idea,’ says producer James Goss. 'He’d spotted that something interesting happens midway through Series 1 of Torchwood on television, and he really wanted to investigate it. I’m afraid to say I just went, 'Yes, yes yes. But John and Gareth together? Imagine how happy the fans will be!’ Both the actors fell on the script, and director Scott Handcock’s got some great performances out of it.’

Whenever Ianto Jones has a tough day at work, he has somewhere he can hide. And, for Ianto Jones, it’s always a tough day at work.

His girlfriend is dead, his colleagues don’t trust him, and his boss… his boss is something else. With no friends in the world, and his life in danger every day, is it any wonder that at night, Ianto Jones goes to the pub?

Ianto’s local becomes somewhere where he feels safe. Safe from his demons, safe from his life, safe from Torchwood. Until one evening, Captain Jack Harkness walks into a bar….

Torchwood contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners. (x)

I’m soooo excited!!!