"Jack hadn’t even made it out of the car. At the sound of Agnes’s words, he sank back into his seat with a groan. Ianto Jones had seen Jack Harkness shot, stabbed and shagged to death, but only now did he see the life go out of him."

                                                              Risk Assessment by James Goss

Shagged to death

Shagged to death

I knew Ianto is a superhero! The boy has dangerous sexual powers…

Just another proof for that Jack and him were created for each other.


Big Time Rush Arriving at the KCA’S :)

New Torchwood Novels

'Long Time Dead' by Sarah Binborough [preorder]

Cardiff Bay. The government has ordered the excavation of the wreckage of a secret underground base. DCI Tom Cutler is watching from a distance, fascinated by the process. There are people in his dreams. People he feels he should know. The disbanded Torchwood Institute spent a century accumulating non-terrestrial artifacts and catching aliens. Who knows what - or who - might still be intact down there. But by the time they find the first body, Suzie Costello is long gone.

'First Born' by James Goss [preorder]

Gwen and Rhys are on the run. Rhys was hoping this meant a windswept cottage on a cliff top, but he’s had to settle for a miserable caravan in the isolated village of Rawbone. With the locals taking an unhealthy interest in their daughter, Gwen and Rhys start to realize that something is very wrong - something with echoes of a life they thought they’d left behind. As they uncover the village’s terrible past, Gwen discovers that Torchwood will never leave them behind, and now she and Rhys stand alone in defense of the Earth. And the children of Rawbone can only bring her closer to the secret forces that want her out of the way. 

'The Men Who Sold The World' by Guy Adams [preorder]

When Oscar Lupe appears 20,000 feet up in the air, his body is frozen solid and free-falling to earth. It shatters on impact. Soon after, a CIA Special Activities Division squad goes rogue with a cargo marked ‘Torchwood’ that they’ve been escorting from somewhere called Cardiff: a very special shipment the British government is keen to offload at almost any price! The Agency puts Rex Matheson on the case. As the strange deaths pile up, Rex realizes there must be experimental tech out there, but someone is obstructing him at every turn - each time he seems to be catching up with the rogue unit, something puts him off the trail. Rex is the CIA’s golden boy - but has he met his match in the evasive Mr Wynter… ?