He knew that when he kissed this girl, and forever wed his unutterable visions to her perishable breath, his mind would never romp again like the mind of God. So he waited, listening for a moment longer to the tuning-fork that had been struck upon a star. Then he kissed her. At his lips’ touch she blossomed for him like a flower and the incarnation was complete.
—  F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Young and Beautiful // Lana Del Rey
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Similarities Between Titanic and The Great Gatsby

A young man who was born dirt poor

with plans of starting out fresh in New York

who falls in love with a woman named after a flower

and pretends to be someone he’s not along the way

and his true love is already taken by a huge douche

but he doesn’t care

then he dies in water

And Leo still doesn’t get a freaking Oscar

gatsby on mtv cribs

[drives up in his bodacious yellow car] whaddup my name’s james gatz but you can call me jay gatsby!!! i’m 32 years young and i live in west egg which is a sick neighborhood that shouldn’t be confused with the healthy protein!! [quick shots of gatsby posing next to various parts of west egg] i live in this BALLER mansion next to my BEST FRIEND nick!! [points to nick who is standing at the door] say what up nick (what up jay) anyways i built this WHOLE thing just so i could impress this sweet piece of ass across the water!! her name is daisy and she’s married to some rich guy. but SIKE i’m rich too!!! i made all my money in the bootlegging business bc it’s PROHIBITION! fuck the government! (fuck em!) thanks nick! [high fives nick] let’s go inside

//I’ve honestly been wanting to write this forever and hell, I even did research for this. (And yes, I did insert a Lams quote. Don’t judge me.) This actually turned out to be a lot longer than I intended. Please enjoy a little something I’d like to call, “Gaytsby”.

Looking down at the pink pinstriped polyester of his slacks, Jay Gatsby was waiting for the phone to ring. He was expecting a call, a call from Mrs. Tom Buchanan. After a few more moments of impatient waiting, a disruptive ringing burned marks into his eardrums. He moved his hand at the speed of light, raising the golden dumbbell of a phone to his ear, “Hello?” His voice sounded more desperate than he meant to put off, a rapid amount of heavy breaths escaping from his lips.

“It’s Nick. I apologize if you were expecting someone else….”

Gatsby’s eyes fluttered shut, lowering his chin as he let out a heavy sigh. He didn’t want to sound unappreciative or like he didn’t want to hear Nick’s voice, because he did. “Oh. Hello, old sport.”

“Do you mind if I stop by for a little while? My mind is far too distracted to write and I’m far too exhausted to go any further than a few blocks.”

A tender smile showed itself on Gatsby’s features, a light laugh escaping through his rose colored lips, “Of course, Nick. There’s not another face I’d want to see more.”

This statement strongly confused Mr. Carraway. He knew without a doubt that Gatsby was waiting next to the phone for Daisy to call and that seeing her face is the only thing that matters to him. Nick wanted to argue and tell the man that he didn’t mean a word, but he closed his mouth and spoke these words instead, “I can’t wait, Jay. I’ll be over in a half an hour.”

It was now Gatsby who was flustered. This was the first time Nick had ever called him by his first name. Considering his next words carefully and attempting not to sound bashful behind the distance between them he said, “I’ll be waiting.”

In exactly thirty minutes, the exaggerated chime of Gatsby’s doorbell rang. Gatsby’s butler moved slowly towards the front door, but the man of the house stopped him insisting that he himself would do it. Nick Carraway stood outside, rocking back and forth on his heels, softly whistling a melodious tune. As Gatsby opened the door, Nick’s entire face lit up almost as bright as his sunny yellow tie.

“Come on, old sport. Come inside,” Gatsby said with that deeply warm and understanding smile seeping through again. Gatsby seemed to save that smile for Nick’s eyes only, almost in the sense that nobody else made him happier. When they both entered the living room Nick took off his hat and coat handing them to Gatsby’s butler.

Plopping down on a red fabric covered couch, Nick looked up at the man before him. Gatz, James Gatz was his true name. Handsome, kind, yet troubled. Ever since Nick had first seen him, feelings had arose that he tried to conceal but it had gotten harder to hide as time passed. And no matter how much he denied it, it hurt him every time that he saw Jay’s lips touch Daisy’s. In reality, his feelings for Jordan were painfully forced and he could never tell her that his love was false. He loved Gatsby, but he couldn’t bring himself to speak his adoration aloud due to prejudice and hate towards homosexuals at this time. And he knew that Jay would never feel the same.

Hiding his pain with a forced grin Nick spoke, “So, um. How. Are. Things. With……You know.”

A look of utter confusion and pain appeared on the tanned features of the new monied heir as he sat down next to Nick, “Not so well, old sport. She hasn’t called or visited in exactly four days, three hours, fifteen minutes, and…” He paused for a moment, looking intensely at his golden wristwatch, “…..twenty-three seconds.” Looking back up at Nick, he had such a longing pain in his eyes, on the verge of tears.

Utter concern took control of Nick’s face, body, and mind. “I’m sorry, Jay….I truthfully wish I could help you, I’d do anything.” After speaking, he covered his mouth with his hand, regretting his words immediately.

As a few tears trickled down Gatsby’s cheeks, he reached up taking Nick’s hand from his lips and holding it delicately in his own. This action only made Nick begin to weep as well. Gatsby placed his other hand on the side of Nick’s face and their bodies were exceptionally close. Nick wanted to say so much, but all he could manage to say was, “I’ve done everything for you, Jay. I can’t even finish a goddamned novel because thoughts of you run through my mind every moment. Daisy’s so fortunate to have your love.”

Gatsby didn’t know what to do. His feelings for his closest friend began to rise, and all thoughts of Daisy subsided. Words were on the tip of his tongue, but he was used to hiding what he truly felt with his persona. He had never had this burning feeling in his heart before, warm yet beautifully painful.

“Nick Carraway….you’re my comfort. You always were. Thank you for being so beautiful…yet I despise you for this confusion you’re causing me right now,” Though he spent five long and tiresome years chasing after the girl of his dreams, only a few months he felt the same feelings he felt for Daisy….except for this man. He didn’t even realize how much he felt love towards Nick until this moment.

The two men stared into each others’ eyes for a few moments in silence before Nick slightly spread his legs and wrapped his arms around Jay’s neck. This subtle movement seemed to bare himself to the one he loved, and rid the smaller man of his inhibitions. Jay showed his signature smile prior to fitting his body between Nick’s legs and kissing him deeply. This action caused Nick to lean backwards on the arm of the couch while Gatsby moved his lips to kiss the delicate skin on Nick’s neck.

Gatsby didn’t even care if his carefully gelled hair became messy and Nick was more than ecstatic when the man kissing him forcefully removed his shining yellow tie. Nick had honestly been waiting for this moment for way too long, and kissing him back was even more wonderful. Nick would constantly arch his back and try his hardest to reach Jay’s beautiful lips.

In the corner of his eye, Nick saw a group of maids standing on the other side of the room, watching them. He immediately stopped kissing him. That’s when Gatsby noticed….and his reaction wasn’t pleasant. His face grew into the color of blood and he began sobbing, screaming terrifyingly at the girls. He may have flipped a table, threw a few chairs, and fired them as well. After they ran away in fear, he slumped on to the couch embarrassed and crying violently.

Nick placed his head into the crook of Jay’s neck, speaking soft words of love to him, “We’re going to be okay…. I’m your comfort, remember?”

Gatsby nodded slowly, kissing the top of Nick’s head. “I wish…to convince you that I love you. Convince her that I love you.”

“You’ve convinced me plenty, my dearest Gatsby. You have no need to worry about her any longer. You need rest. I should go.” Buttoning up his shirt, he stood up heading towards the front door but a strong hand gripped his wrist stopping him.

“Stay?” Gatsby asked, the same desperate tone that he used when he first answered Nick’s phone call.

With a soft smile and a minuscule nod Nick turned around and sat next to him once more. That’s when Gatsby’s butler entered the room.

“Fire every maid, every cook, every single worker. And don’t take any more phone calls,” Jay told him, “No one can know.” By the way that he spoke, that last phrase was most definitely targeted at both of the other men. Before the butler exited the room, he gave a small nod.

Looking back at Jay, Nick noticed that he looked as though he was going to cry again. Not tears of sadness, but of joy. And they didn’t say another word for the rest of the night. All that Nick could remember is that both of them fell asleep on the couch, bodies and souls completely intertwined.